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It puzzles me.



Codsworth. If he’s supposed to be ‘British’ then all I can say is ‘Je suis un Frenchman’.

Why does he call the female character ‘mum’ when she clearly didn’t give birth to the bucket of bolts, but the maggot like creature in the cot. (I realize that ‘mum’ could be a corruption of ‘m’am’, a corruption of ‘madame’. But where’s the humor in that.))


He floats around on a low powered rocket or jet engine, so why doesn’t he set fire to the floor?

Would you trust him to change your son’s nappies/diapers when his ‘hands’ look like a circular saw blade and a pair of tin snips. How long will it be before your son is accidentally circumcised or joins the church choir as a castrato.


The raiders at the museum were sent by Jarred to get Mama Murphy, because she was psychic and he wanted to know how?

But why, raiders are psychic anyway? They know if your character is male or female even when they are dressed in a steel suit. Raiders always call my female characters ‘bitch’ before they’ve even see her. All I can think, is that she’s pumping out pheromones like crazy.


Oh and Codsworth’s geraniums look more like white roses when you pass them on the way to the vault. But white roses don’t grow that way. Perhaps American geraniums are different to British ones.



I bowed to the spell checker and spelt some of the words wrong.  ?


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