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Big oofs



Finally after 10 years someone made a male body worth looking at - HIMBO

Don't let the pictures on the Nexus fool you the body is not horrendous if you take your time in Bodyslide and use good assets with it.


I am gonna have to spend like a whole day in nifskope removing torso's from all the armors just so I can enjoy this properly ?



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I've been really enamored with the Daddy preset. Gives heavy-armor wearers especially a really bulky, "fatstrong" look that just gets me all weak in the knees.

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Its really nice to finally not be like "hummmm" at the male bodies in Skyrim, HIMBO is a vast improvement on the situation. SAM has never been something I could warm up to as its too puffy and weird in my opinion....but with HIMBO you can really take the more "default" Skyrim kinda look and really super hero it, I'm so happy rn srsly.

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