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LOLA Extension Development: About/Roadmap/Download



This is a devleopment Blog entry of my planned/ongoing dev project of a Lola Extension. It's an own ESP and as a goal it should never break something in general lola functionality

The Blog entry is mainly for trakcing and planning purposes :)



Currently the development is FIXED at Lola 2.0.38. No other Lola Version is supported (temporary Script changes in Lola directly)


Features Ideas:

  1. Lola want's a friend
    • Functionality to add a second pet to the Lola Adventure.
    • The Pet will mimic the player and perform it's own Tricks the player might be involved into it
    • New Tricks which takes use of the new pet
    • For the start there will only be a debug start, Later maybe a visit to Riften can trigger a visit on the Slavemarket to buy a second Pet
    • The new pet is jeallouse 
    • For the Start you need to select a follower and later i maybe try to replace the AI with something own to make any NPC possible without a Dead Soul (just running behind master and not doing anything)
  2. Lola is a slave to beauty
    • A beautiful slave results in better whore prices ;)
    • Integration of YPS Modevents
    • Either integrated as a Trick or a background quest after a trigger
    • Master selects Nail Polish, Lipstick and Eyeshado for the player
    • Master demands that Pussy and Armpits are shaved
  3. Lola is a slave to fashion
    • System to track the players location and equips with outfits
    • Master automaticly strips/equips predefined outfits based on submission score and location (jarls place in soplitude needs a different outfit than windhelm)
    • Locations can be high level (like Wildnerness, dungeon, town, player home) or detailed like (Windhelm, Riften, specific Jarl Places)
    • Outfits are defined in JSON
    • Stripping and equiping will be done automaticly
    • If Check if nudity rules are active, else player has to disable the feature temporary by it's own
    • Outfits will not be stored in the players inventory, will be removed after unequipping by the script
    • Potential cheat by selling the given armor (but rly ... if you do this you should rethink your way to play lola ;))
  4. Lola learns new Tricks
    • Add a set of new tricks to Lola
    • Naked Bodies are a great place to practice "art" - Trigger Rapetatoos Event
    • Want does master/mistress needs for a fresh coffee? OFC a little bit of milk. Did you ever wonder that there is no milk in Vanilla Skyrim? ? Glad there is a full mod enviroenment dealing with this issue - integration of Milk Mod in different Tricks (from getting milk from somwhere to produce your own)
    • Master/Msitress needs some time for themself this night. Trying to sleep in the beed in a playerhome in one of the big holds can trigger SL Surrival Kennel Sleep
    • Lola needs it ... Forcing Lola to drink cum (SL Surrival Cum addiction) or the hard stuff (Skooma Whore Integration)
    • Master is taking control
      • If ideling to long in a town master might take some quests/tasks to perform in a certain amount of time (most likely just taking radiant location quests)
      • New Location -> If questing to long in one area Master is getting bored from the same town/loacations -> reach in a certain amount of time a new hold/town


Next Release:



  • Technical Stuff:
    • Base Architecture
    • Awarness of Lola state (Start of Lola/End of Lola)
    • Master busy or not
  • Lola want's a friend:
    • Add Follower as Second Pet
    • Pet asks every X ammount of time for Sex (duo with partner or Lola / threesome / solo)
    • Pet mimiks Player for selected events



  • Base Architecture Done
  • Init Pet
  • First Pet Trick



Currently no stable function available



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