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Dawnguard Retold - Part 5: Uneasy Alliance





Come onScreenShot676.png.a2857a340fb19e4818775dbf68f9928c.pngI'm getting you out of here.


Follow me.



Thank you.ScreenShot677.png.3b75aef3977a4926fe5dae0cc936b922.png


ScreenShot721.png.a219203d4df859d92d62c635aad32eca.pngScreenShot722.png.7b8911f02d2c5d448539dca23f5fffe1.pngScreenShot723.png.b17033550cd03c09abe571ca41fc015b.pngThat looks good on you.ScreenShot724.png.344ca0fbbbf95bb33b0e4b43b1133aba.pngAnyway, lets get moving. I have a friend waiting for us.


ScreenShot715.png.155a638c628444aa0c0797f30260487d.pngAnd by the way.ScreenShot717.png.4566f51012428106b6f61b326d6a2d6c.pngJust because I believe you about the elder scroll doesn't mean I trust you, so stay behind me.ScreenShot718.png.21146cef41c7469d4fb6ebc9a82b1dbb.pngThere you are Anya. Is this the girl?


Yes. Her name is Serana.ScreenShot680.png.18fa442612631c3f64a9014aa593d758.pngSerana, this is Agmaer.




Nice to meet you. I'm glad to see that I have allies around here.






Are you sure Isran is okay with working alongside a vampire?ScreenShot719.png.e8c254fa44f443d3561bef3854bc1ebe.png


Of course he is.


ScreenShot683.png.c7a7938f66fee32dda4dcb2c721fab4a.pngHe gave me the order.

















Now that we're out what's the plan?

You said there was a prophecy about that scroll.ScreenShot684.png.965ee39973043a2910de5a2ee292e392.png


We may not be able to read the scroll, but we can read prophecies.



Freeze.ScreenShot685.png.7a735b43ae3d96103b635a5a43f0d411.png   I know we have an alliance but if you try to betray me I will not hesitate to shoot you. Understood?
ScreenShot688.png.c1387f07d889f066cc0d7ce26d4e7834.pngScreenShot687.png.2ccfc0e24bde31216b863830b58774f2.png   I understand...   but...ScreenShot689.png.2bef99e0d4c39ff3b56afa1e3e119aa5.png...Where will we find the prophecy? The only people who I know have heard it are my parents. 










ScreenShot686.png.a31af783ddf2d63af99f77534322704f.png    I know a place to start.



ScreenShot952.png.17bcbe607a6f3c03fa69fc87e9d38ba2.pngThank you all for coming.ScreenShot961.png.efe9fdac0e2e5ac6167fbb3cd4a605aa.pngEach of you are here because you are the most important members of the Dawnguard. You're here because I trust you. ScreenShot957.png.77e7b47783693712f61681516fa7f5b0.pngThanks to Anya and Sofia's discovery we have come into possession of an elder scroll and a vampire named Serana.ScreenShot953.png.e21e0120058e893969ba10f8017d86af.png
After the scroll was found I sent a patrol to do a search of the area.ScreenShot954.png.1a61d494abf4baad085d9673de868b2f.png



Every member of that patrol is now dead.











Where is Anya? Don't you think its about time to include her in these meetings Isran?

ScreenShot959.png.81e7d34e687df974668bbfc8eef8b0aa.png   I agree with Beleval. I think its time she gets included.




That's the other thing: Anya and Serana are missing.ScreenShot962.png.dfe295dcb9ad86ab406930321afa18be.png



Should we go looking for them sir?ScreenShot963.png.08781864a00159e1c5eca0db5df5bbcb.pngNo. I don't know what they're looking for but Anya wouldn't have left with that vampire for no reason.ScreenShot956.png.9ea4e12b678903d5e31412e3d11fc64a.pngOur main priority now is to defend and learn about the elder scroll.

ScreenShot958.png.7175a7f764dc95abf8fb7fc108cb64f4.pngUntil then... ScreenShot955.png.5a413ea0013be091dffff2ec50f6b006.pngStay vigilant.







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ldyMRSUy_o.png « I don't wanna be meany, but that black hair gal with the yellow eyes ; someone needs to tell her she forgot her panties.

                 Plus the gals in the castle forgot their armor.


                They all look like they're in need of expert advice, uh. :classic_ph34r: »

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