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A Bumpy Journey~ Episode 1



It all happened so fast, one moment Elizabeth was making her way past Rorikstead towards Solitude and the next everything she knew and loved was being destroyed. Without a second of warning her carriage was ambushed spells whizzing through the air the sounds of her dying servants loud in the night.













Succumbing to her wounds she woke many hours later in a bed unfamiliar to her, realizing suddenly that the nightmare she had just lived through wasn't a dream. That in fact she was really probably the only person left alive in her little party of adventurers from Highrock, and that she was very much afraid.

















ScreenShot39.png.83119899120fc850a4457c7f7db06668.pngScreenShot40.png.01de434b7b7077ae4d98bb250e1caa18.pngScreenShot41.png.9dcfae55249cdbe235b00651a3e9e5a5.pngSneaking through the musty room she found herself in, the barely clothed woman spotted a fairly brutish looking man carefuly watching him from afar as she tried to size up her options. Will she find an ally in her time of need, or is the man a member of the group that attacked her in the wilderness. 


To Be Continued.



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