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More rotating text



Here's the activation sequence. That's a bit grand for what it is, but you get to see the words light up when she gets on teh cross. (also she gets stuck on the collision for a second or two, but that happens with normal crosses as well.



Here's the big ground text, plus the ankle words



Here's the hands. I'm starting to feel quite fond of the Orc Princess in this shot. Not that it's going to help her much...



Different girl.



And a shot of the pair of them.



Those ankle words could stand out more, I think. They might just be getting drowned in the general light levels.


Speaking of which, I want to see about proper ENB lights for these things - or at least have the lights come on when the cross is activated. (Currently I cheat). And I'd still like get some particle streams on the rings and cuffs.


Or failing that, I could stop fussing over the eye candy and actually get on with making the mod I suppose...




Way too much dead time on the end of one of those clips. I don't suppose anyone knows a decent video editing package. All the ones I've tried are either useless, incomprehensible, or both.


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The old windows movie maker was great. Simple, intuitive, quick. The replacement is crap.

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I used either Shotcut or OpenBroadcasting Studio about 2 months back when I had to join together two video clips someone took with a cell phone (app only did half hour long vids we found out later).  I think it was OBS that worked out best, and for the clipping part wasn't too hard to figure out.  It was the joining of the clips and the conversion and shrinking of file size that gave me fits.

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Yeah, I'm using OBS for the recording, and it's wonderful. Does it have editing features too? I've looked but not been able to find them

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I thought so, but if you've looked then I'm not sure.  It seems like something it should have, with its multi camera options (that I never used since I only had one stream) and all of the other things it says it can do to make it the best in the business (and from what others say, it is).

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