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Current Buglist



Current Aylis version: 3.06 (this list is reset each time I "true up" with Aylis--see below for gory details of history).


  • Here's a fun one: in Chillwood Depths, right after you kill the initial spiders, going down the corridor causes a CTD. Instead of chasing it down mod by mod, you can avoid it by ... wait for it .... walking backwards.
  • SmoothCam freaked the fuck out. Cannot get 3rd person to reset, even changing between different presets doesn't help.
    • Jettisoned it to the BadList.
  • Some weapons show a damage of 0 when looted. Unsure why.
  • Need to make sure quivers and pouches unequip for SL scenes.
  • Find a working multiple rings solution. Or not.
  • Just ran into 2 Mira's. Blonde warrior type. Not sure why she is twinned.
  • Sha is nekkid.




As always reproducibility is the key. Get a full save before it happens, start removing mods.

  • Backup both your modlist and plugin list in MO2. This makes the routine
    • Disable an entire section (you'll learn to make better guesses as you go as to the cause)
    • Load game, load save, move to the CTD and either shrug and move on or celebrate that you found the right section.
      • Once in a while, you will get a SAVE FILE IS CORRUPT message. Don't panic--this generally just means you deleted too much. Exit, restore your mods and plugins, disable fewer things, try again. You'll figure out what mods are so foundational they cannot easily be disabled en masse.
    • If you didn't find it, 2 clicks restores both the modlist and plugin list from the backup, move on to the next section.
  • Once you find the section
    • Do the "by half" thing--enable half of them, try again.


Recommended Comments

One mystery solved. I had been trying to solve something where Lydia kept going bald. I now think this was related to the Ebony Helmet that Adrienne gives Lydia at the end of the Amorous Adventures quest where she (Adrienne) crafts her (Lydia) a suit of armor.


I took the helmet from her. Works for me.

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If you aren't concerned about seeing multiple rings in first person, Immersive Jewelry, among other things, adds a simple way to equip multiple rings, up to 3 plus the Bond of Matrimony.  It works for the included bracelets, too.

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14 hours ago, digital_dovah said:

If you aren't concerned about seeing multiple rings in first person, Immersive Jewelry, among other things, adds a simple way to equip multiple rings, up to 3 plus the Bond of Matrimony.  It works for the included bracelets, too.

Don't use 1st person, so not an issue. Thanks for the rec!

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The large bridge S of Windhelm. There is a road sign and a CTD at the start of the bridge. About to start mod section removal. Here is where the CTD is




201124 Update. Puzzling. Unable to isolate so far--a couple of false positives, as it turns out the CTD sometimes takes getting most of the way across the bridge. Still eliminating mods. Odd behavior of the day: disabling all active followers also send me back to T-Body, so at least one of them must have custom animations. That might ring a bell, actually.


201124 Second Update.



This was the culprit: VickusDickus' Khajiit Apex Armory. Which is a little odd and sad. Odd, because I had a prior save where it worked, and sad because Inigo looks great in the light armor. It is possible there is a deeper issue--that the problem is actually with the specific Khajiit/caravan that stocks the armor. I may try to re-add the mod at a higher level, but for now, I'm across the bridge and playing again.

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4 hours ago, mknn said:

Don't use 1st person, so not an issue. Thanks for the rec!

@digital_dovah (or anyone else), can you tell me more about your experience with immersive? It adds a lot of other stuff as well--I don't use CCOR, for example. I do use HonedMetal as a way to purchase enchanted stuff, and I don't see compatibility there. I don't use a mod that adds weight to septims, although I guess with the pack of followers approach, I have lots of available storage ... it feels like a mod that really changes some core operations of the world, so I am a little cautious about it.

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The main features of the mod are the vastly expanded amount of jewelry and bonuses/penalties to enchantments based on material, Honed Metal should be compatible, and CCOR/Exchange Currency are not hard requirements, but IJ does add weight to septims and changes the weight of crafting materials which can be reverted with this mod.  CCOR is only recommended because of how many crafting recipes IJ adds to the blacksmith's forge.  The new ingot sizes are only used for crafting IJ items, but vanilla gold ingots use one of the new models due to the mod adding a larger, much more expensive gold bullion using the vanilla model being added.  Swapping rings to your left hand is as simple as equipping a weapon or spell in your left hand.  The enchantment power adjustment based on material is, at most, 125% base strength but the penalties for using the wrong material go as low as 5% base strength(meaning a 20% resist enchantment would only give 1% resistance to that element), however penalties that high are few and far between.

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The Lydia thing was complicated. There bottom line is the interaction between High Poly NPCs, Improved Companion Dialog, and the Lyanna replacer got complicated.


I ended up deleting two rows from High Poly that affected her head (allowing the Lyanna head with warpaint to come through) and the line about her voice from the Lyanna mod so the custom voice from the Companion mod could come through. All done in zEdit. I have yet to confirm the body tattoo came through). Body tattoo appearing fine!

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Crash is on the road to Solitude, just past the turnoff for that heads down to the stables (?). You pass Thaer's carriage, then the fence on the right hand side of the road indents slightly and CTD. Here





Time to do the ole mod disable tango ...


OK. This was very bizarre. The bottom line is that the MFG Fix was causing the crash. Which really doesn't make any sense to me to be geographically linked, but there you go. Ma'dran's caravan was just ahead, so perhaps there is some interaction there?


As a side note, this also generated a list of files the game would CTD on load if it didn't have (only a couple got to the SAVE CORRUPT message, most CTD'd during the loading itself). I need to work through whether I should do anything about those files. For the record, here they are, by mod section


  • Landscape Fix for Grass Mods
  • Parallax Farmhouses
  • Practical Female Armor, Royal Armory, peaceckeeper, light ebony armor
  • Real Bows
  • Footprints, Lawbringer
  • STAC
  • SL Framework, all things Flower Girls
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Bugs Cleared > Aylis 3.06


  • Recorder won't wear her skirt.
    • Seems a known issue without a solve. May be related to her memory scenes playing with the skirt, but without a shirt--seems like she can only wear one or the other.
  • Cum showing on AA, but not on SLENPC scenes.
    • Seemed to resolve itself with changes in 3.06.
  • There are 2 Matasans.
  • There are 2 Cecerias.
  • Lydia is the Bijin, not my preferred mod of her. The new Darkfacefix may let me replace with the preferred Lydia version. 201124.
    • A Jordis replacer mod is overwriting the preferred Lydia face. Need to remove Margery from my merge. That didn't work.
    • Whoo Hoo! We gotz Lydia back. See below for gory details.
  • Massive performance hit in Windhelm, nowhere else. JK Skyrim. 201124.
    • Removing Windhelm from JK Skyrim via zEdit didn't work, so removed KJ AIO entirely.
  • CTDs, FNIS Suspected. 201122.
    • Not 100% sure FNIS was the cause, but the initial crashes stopped on disabling the animation category, then narrowing that down to FNIS. No crash on T-Body after reactivation, no crashes after uninstall of FNIS Spells and Creatures.
  • Remove Lacey. 201123.
    • Characters need to not just be hanging around nude. I've had her follow, given her clothes, come back to Ivarstead and she's all nude again. Attractive, but immersion breaking.
    • Removed from Followers Merge.
  • CTD. Removed Khajiit Armor from merge. 201124.
    • See below for detail
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