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Future Erotica



The speakers made an almost silent cracking sound as the music system was turned on. While most bars nowadays relied on musical entertainment services that streamed their playlists through the internet for a small fee, this particular one also had this old piece of electronics that many concidered as outdated already. Yet the owner insisted that it added a special flair to his bar, and surprisingly it really did. The old CDs he once found in his basement were a strange sight for many people, and every time he stopped the streamed music in order to play one of these CDs all patrons in the bar shortly stopped and watched him until the music started. This time a relaxing yet bass heavy jazz song was played.


Dante smiled slightly and nodded with the beat. He looked to his side and raised his drink, smirking broadly at the woman next to him.

"Cheers, sweetheart."

The woman dressed in a light blue cocktail dress replied the smile, her full cheeks slightly blushing. The warm feeling of relaxation tickled the back of his mind, the combination of the lovely sight of the girl and the alcohol in his veins made him feel good. Slowly she moved her hand towards Dante's robotic arms. They were cold and she wasn't sure if he even could feel it, yet she stroked his arms anyway in hopes that this slowly would arouse him in the same way he aroused her with his gentle touch. Since weeks she hasn't seen such a handsome man, let alone was so close to get laid with one, so she wanted to try anything to share some pleasure with him. The woman's eyes were fixed on his chest. The muscles beneath his casual outfit showed clearly though the fabric of his shirt. Lustfully she raised her eyes and took a deep breath in order to make her breasts appear even bigger as they already were. The shine in Dante's eyes as they wandered over her cleavage excited her, it was an almost exhibitionistic desire to present herself to him and making him crave for her body to fuck.


The seat next to them was pulled back and a noise that almost sounded as if glass got shattered resounded as the person sitting down slammed the drink on the bar's counter. A female's voice dragged Dante's attention to the person next to them.

"Yet again a bar filled with jerks and sluts. I don't even know why we came here in the first place."

He looked over his shoulder and saw Lulu, his closest friend and comrade, staring into her drink. Her long dark hair fell down over her shoulder, emphasizing her curves that were only barely hidden beneath the skin tight bodysuit she loved to wear. Without moving her head she shortly glanced towards Dante and then picked up her drink again. Much to the annoyance of the woman who got his unshared attention until now, Dante turned around and looked at his friend. Anger arose in her, so she spoke up while trying to sound not too annoyed, yet her wording caused her to rather fail at that.

"Do you know this bitch, Dante?"

Immediately he turned around again and gave her a dirty look, almost punishing her for insulting Lulu with his eyes. Quickly though he replaced the sharp stare with a warm smile. "Look, sweetheart, you should be a bit nicer to people. This is Lucretia, a good friend of mine. Besides..", he winked seductively at her: "..aren't you more interested to know what caliber rifle I'm packing?"

With a grin on her plum lips Lulu finished her drink.

"Caliber .09 Hallow Point isn't that impressive, you know?"

The woman stared daggers at Lulu before facing Dante again, hoping to make her turn away so she and him could have some time for themselves. "You know, I am interested in seeing your 'rifle', but your friend is kind of..distracting, you know? Couldn't we go somewhere so we can be alone for a bit?"

While giving another short disapproving glance to Dante, Lulu tapped with her finger on the counter in order to make the barman come over and fill up her drink yet another time.


Dante could clearly see the frustration in Lulu's eyes and felt sorry for her, after all it was rather difficult for her to find a one night stand that suited her needs. Or rather one that didn't got scared by her quickly. But the erection in his pants from the constant flirting with this woman caused him to desire sex rather badly, so he relied on her understanding that he'll mainly focus on the girl next to him now. With a gentle pat on Lulu's shoulder he smiled.

"Come on, Lulu, you know it's more like a 50. cal."

Before drinking her new glass of beverage in one go she slightly nodded.

"Still HP though."


The woman pushed herself closer to Dante and tried to get his attention by subtiley caressing the bulge in his pants with her soft hands. Immediately she felt how his cock was throbbing through the fabric; this handsome lad really didn't joked about his size and that only filled her with even more lust. With clear arousal and hunger for sex in her voice she whispered.

"How about we two go into the bathroom and you'll let me polish your rifle a bit?"

Right when Dante was about to agree in order to get releaf for his rising desire he heard a loud slap. A big man stood behind Lulu and grinned lustfully while his hand groped her ass.

"Let me buy you a drink, hottie."

Without saying anything Lulu simply raised her glass, showing that she already got what she needed. Again the muscular man slapped her butt, this time even harder.

"Come on, don't be so sh.."

His words died out in the middle of his sentence as a loud bang filled the bar's smokey air. Everyone silenced up and looked at the man's body falling backwards to the ground with a huge hole on his forehead. As the blood began to flow out of the deadly wound, Lulu put her glass on the counter and holstered her gun again. She looked at Dante. Her purple eyes were shiny from the alcohol and Dante immediately got cought by them like a deer in an open street at night.

"I want to go home", whispered she and Dante nodded, grabbing her hand as he got up from his chair.

"Hey, what about me? Didn't you want to show me your rifle?!"

With a smirk on his face Dante led his friend outside.

"I am sorry, sweetheart, maybe next time."



The air outside felt wet and refreshing. Dante led Lulu towards their bikes, but shortly before they reached them she pressed her hand on his groin and squeezed his member with an uncomfortable pressure.

"You really like to waste your ammunition on sluts, don't you?"

Before he could reply Lulu already backed away from him and sat down reversed on his bike. Obviously she wasn't in the condition to drive on her own anymore, so it was better to ride on one bike. Well aware that he'll have to take care of her and deep inside actually glad to rather be with her than with anyone, Dante approached her bike and linked the driving systems to the one of his own bike. He looked up and stared again into Lulu's eyes. The dim lights of the street made her dark hair look almost black, yet the reflections of the light on her face and body clearly showed what type of gorgeous woman she was and reminded him how happy he was to be that close to her. Every man would cry to see her like this, her big and full breasts pressing against the fabric of her bodysuit, her curvy and perfect waist line and her long, sexy legs. The thigh high heels not only caused her to move her hips sexily while she walked, for Dante they even more caused Lulu to be the most desirable female he could think about. And his insticts agreed with his mind, his cock pressed more against his pants, struggling to find more room for his big manhood. Like a wolf spotting an innocent lamb he licked his lips. Even if he had to rape her once they reached their appartment, tonight he'll feast on the sexual pleasures that Lulu's body had to offer. And the thought that she wouldn't even mind if he forced himself on her aroused him even more.


Dante sat down on his bike and grinned lustfully at her. With her shiny eyes fixed on his she embraced him, pressing her chest against his. Her ample breasts felt soft like a pillow, and while Dante gently licked her lips, he started the engine. With a few pulls on the throttle the engine screamed loudly, revealing the power it was able to transform into speed. Slowly Dante gave it some gas and the two bikes were set into motion.

The speed caused Lulu to press herself more against him, but the warmth of his body was all that she wanted now anyway. Even though she was forced to get a fullbody prosthetic after a serious injury, her body still felt almost completely like a normal human. Even many body funtions that weren't necessary anymore were immitated rather well, her chest gently moved up and down as if she'd still need to breathe. The slight rubbing of her breasts against him aroused him even more, he barely could help himself anymore. If it had to be Dante would rape her even at full speed on the bike.

He moaned slightly in relief as he felt Lulu's hand caressing his muscular chest while she also started to rub her lower body against his. Even though the fabric of his pants and her bodysuit he clearly felt that her pussy lips were slightly swollen and drenched from her juices. Almost on it's own his groin moved in order to rub itself more against her wetness. Slightly she shivered as the lusty sensation filled her body and mind until she fully gave into her instincts.


As Lulu softly moaned looked Dante directly into her eyes, focusing her like his prey. The lusty shine in her eyes drove him crazy, and as she whispered with clear arousal in her voice, he felt how his cock almost bursted out of his pants.

"Let's fuck somewhere special."

Quickly he looked around and grinned.

"I know just the right place."

"Good", moaned Lulu as she moved her finger down his body until it reached his pants. Elegantly she slipped her hand into them, eagerly reaching for his erect manhood. Once her soft skin touched his cock it started to throb even more and the anticipation left him unable to think about anything than sex. And he loved it.


Lulu's sweet lips pressed against his own and she opened her mouth a little, letting his tongue conquor it. She submitted with her tongue to his dominant kiss while her hand started to slowly stroke his thick penis. With his eyes on the street Dante pressed himself more against Lulu's body, his tongue kept dominating her mouth while her hand tightly gripped around his member, her thumb rubbing the tip while the other 4 fingers gently stroked the shaft. It was an amazing feeling. He always asked the sluts he usually fucked to give him a handjob just like Lulu gave him, but they never were as good as her. Her hand just wrapped around his cock perfectly and the way she rubbed the precum on the tip ensured that it was perfectly lubed for her hand. All in all he had to be thankful to the jerk who slapped and groped her ass, after all now he got Lulu to fuck and not that simple cumdump he was about to hook up with.

With one hand Dante pushed Lulu's groin against his own. A light clicking sound echoed in his head as she pulled her pistol with the safety off and pressed it against his head. Her purple eyes stared at him and her lips softly moved.

"We'll have sex the way I want, understood?"

Dante grinned and turned his head in order to lick the barrel of Lulu's pistol. Slowly he moved his tongue down the gun until it tickled her fingers on the trigger, making her fire two shots into the dark night.


While Lulu was blushing from arousal a soft moan of excitement came over her lips. The sound of a gun being fired in the combination with peril often aroused her heavily, another reason why it isn't unusual that Dante and her start to fuck during a gunfight. One of her most satisfying orgasms was while she pinned down a group of other mercenaries who protected a drug lord with surpressing fire. While Lulu pulled the trigger and mowed down the enemies, Dante rammed his massive cock right into her ass. Thinking back to these situations always made her crave for more, just like right now she hoped that a similar situation would open up.


Lulu could feel how her pussy juices dripped out of her cunt and her bodysuit stuck firmly to her wet body. Filled with passion Lulu started to kiss Dante's lips, fully enjoying the feeling of the wetness between both of her pairs of lips. In between this wild exchange of body fluids she whispered into Dante's ear who eagerly listened to every word.

"I want you to fuck me roughly into my arse."

Dante shoved her slightly away from him in order to see her expression and grinned.

"Only if you let me cover your cute face with my cum. Deal?"

With a lewd smile she quickly nodded, loving the idea he shared with her.



Dante focused Lulu with his eyes again, lustfully licking his own lips. He hardly could resist her when ever she had that slutty look on her face. While she usually keeps her conversations to serious yet whitty comments, Dante knew what kind of woman she could be in private. None of his prior livers was as close as kinky as she was, a fact that he loved about her. In fact by now she became his willing slut; and he himself was her's.


He wrapped his arm around her waist as he hit the brake of his bike. He himself barely could think straight out of arousal anymore, so he better made sure that if Lulu already forgot everything because of her lust that she won't fall down from the bike. She though braced herself for the stop with her own arm already, Dante felt her gun at his back while her other hand kept stroking his throbing manhood. Without saying a word he grabbed her hand as he got off the bike, making her follow him towards the building. Obediently Lulu followed him, but once they went through the front door she moved past him. As Dante stared at her curvy hips that she seductively showed off to him he let go of her hand. Again his cock felt almost painful, begging to gain relief from Lulu's teasing. The incredibly sexy sight caused more of Dante's precum to drip out and lustfully Lulu teased the tip of his penis to wipe it away while she called the elevator with her other hand. Dazzled by the pleasure his eyes followed her finger. His breath got heavier as Lulu spread his precum over her mouth. With a lewd smile Lulu licked the cum off her lips and then entered the elevator, gesturing him to follow. And so he did a few secounds after realizing he'd only get sex and his desired relief from her if he stepped inside now.


Once inside Dante pressed all buttons at once, causing the elevator to stop at every single floor before it finally will reach the roof. Immediately after this prolonging "accident" he pushed Lulu against the wall with his body, placing his hands left and right of her head, pinning her against the elevator. Again he felt her soft synthetic breath. In her mind every of Dante's gestures and the very way he looked at her made her filled more and more by desire. As he grinned at her and slowly moved his face towards hers she couldn't help herself but to moan softly.

"How clumsy from me, now it will take a whole lot longer until we are up."

While he eyed his trapped prey, Lulu raised her leg, rubbing her thigh against his fat cock. Slowly she increased the pressure until it almost was painful for Dante. He bite into his lip and pointed towards his crotch.

"If you want anal then you better get it wet. We don't got any lube."

After a few moments Lulu eased the pressure and went down on her knees eagerly to finally get to taste his manhood. She sticked her wet tongue out and looked up. Each drop of salvia dripping on his penis felt like a wet kiss from an angel and he shivered slightly in rising excitement. Gently she started to stroke over the full length of his penis with her palm, spreading the salvia further. With a horny smile Lulu lowered her head further until her lips touched his hot tip, causing him to moan in lust. Playfully she licked his member, spreading more of her fluids on it before taking his full length into her. As her nose poked against his groin and the his wood reached down into her throat, Lulu looked up into her lover's eyes in order to see his passion. And she was rewarded with his heavy breathing and grunts. They were indicating that her tongue and throat did a marvelous job, even so good that Dante was at the edge of a powerful climax really fast already. But she didn't intended to push him over the edge just yet, he still had to take care of her own lust. Slowly she backed out, letting her tongue slide over the bottom side of his cock and Dante grunted out of lust, loving each part of this pleasure he recieved. As his penis left her mouth a wet string of salvia sticked to his tip and her tongue, keeping them connected in a lewd way. Lulu chuckled and Dante ran though her hair with his hand before pulling them with a gesture for her to get up. His lover really enjoyed this kind of treatment and the shine in her eyes got more lustfully the more he treated her like his cumslave. As she nodded and got up Dante grabbed the zipper of her bodysuit on her back, opening it while she stood up and pressed herself against him. He caressed with his metallic hand over the nude skin of her back. In this very moment he wished he could feel the warmth and softness of her skin, but due to the rather bloodthirsty first time they have met it now was impossible.

"You remember this place, right?", asked Dante, trying to surpress his lust in order to last longer once they started to have some real fun. Lulu gently kissed his lips.

"Of course I do. You changed my whole life back then when we met here."

Dante looked down at her gorgeous and sexy body and grinned.

"Losing my second arm in exchange for having you..more than just a worthy."


The mechanical voice of the elevator announced that they had reached the roof top and the doors opened. Lulu strutted outside first, letting Dante stare at her exposed back and her round yet still covered ass. She stepped towards the edge and stared at the beautiful view on the cold and dark night of the city. Dante on the other hand though had his eyes still fixed on the body he'll soon fuck roughly. Yet again he got reminded why he fell in love with her and how much he loved the passion they shared during sex. Almost he missed the fact that the elevator doors were closing already and he quickly slipped through them, cursing the robotic voice.

Dante looked up and his eyes met Lulu's while she undressed, only leaving on her overknee boots. In a quick moment Dante moved behind her, rubbing his eager cock against her soft thighs while his hands groped and squeezed her busty chest. Passionately his tongue licked over her neck, his hands and manhood kept claiming her body for himself. And she gave herself to him, submitting to not only his but also her own lust.

Dante grabbed his lover's arms and tacked them tightly behind her back, capturing them and making it impossible for Lulu to break free. She now was fully his little fucktoy. And in order to show her even further that he is in charge now he shoved her closer to the edge until she barely was able to stand on top of the roof without heavily relying on him holding her back. The thought of dangerous sex felt exciting for both of them, they often involved their weapons with the safety off into their game of passion. In this very moment though the peril was not caused by a cold barrel but the heights of the skyscraper instead.


With his free hand Dante led his member towards Lulu's pussy. Gently he pressed the tip against her, causing her pussy lips to slightly open and welcome the massive meat. A soft moan escaped her as her legs started to shiver slightly due to the massive rod pushing inside her eagerly waiting wetness, rubbing it against her rich pussy juices that started to drip out of her, on his wood and down her legs.

Dante grinned and backed away again, obvserving the eager slut in front of him with great excitement.

"Sometimes you are the most pathetic whore I could imagine", chuckled he as he led the tip of his penis towards her asshole, rubbing it against her in order to spread her juices as lubricant on her. Lulu's lusty moans were cut off and replaced by a lewd cry of pleasure as Dante pushed into her ass and shoved his whole shaft into her until his balls slammed against her moist pussy. Her limbs shivered more and more, caused by the incredible sensation like an electic shock through her skin.

Dante nodded at himself as his cock kept thrusting into her tight asshole. No body felt better in these intim moments than Lulu's, she was the one and only woman he fully enjoyed sex with. And he was surprised yet again how he even considered to hook up with that girl he met in the bar. Her hole clenched so closely around his throbbing cock that it just had to hurt her, but that thought just made him wild and almost crazy for pleasure and passion. With each thrust deep into her his testicles kept smashing against her clit, causing her to moan like a whore.

More and more ecstasy filled their bodies, the carnal lust evoked almost animal insticts, they lost themselves in the intense pleasure of sexual desire. Like feral beasts all they had in mind was to mate. The whole world could turn into ashes by the flaming heat of the sun around them, due to the sexual connection they shared neither of them would realize anything around them.


Their moans and cries of pleasure paired with the heavy breathing of the rising sensual frenzy. Every second of sex almost felt like an eternal bliss of passion and Dante couldn't tell anymore if he fucked her horny backdoor since minutes or hours already, all he knew was that he was about to reach his climax. The immense pressure he built up over the last minutes of fucking started to feel painful, his cock felt sore from Lulu's asshole clenching around it.

With a deep grunt Dante pulled his cock out of her and dragged her with his arm away from the edge. He released the grip as he forced her to get on her knees in front of him. She understdood immediately and presented her cute face and ample breasts to him. The mere sight of her obediently offering herself to him was enough to push him over the edge of pleasure, he moaned loudly as the streams of his cum splashed on Lulu's face, spreading over her sweet cheeks, flowing over her plum lips that were made to suck cocks and dripping down on her busty chest. The relief rushing through his body was immense, and so was the amount of his semen. And more than anything he was even more glad that she enjoyed it equally, her limbs turned numb as her own orgasm rushed through her body like a spread fire on dry wood.

Heavily Dante breathed while he looked pleased at the cum dripping off his lover's body. With her hand Lulu wiped away most of the cum off her lips as she dragged Dante down to her. Lovingly he kissed her lips, ignoring the slight taste of his own sperm, before he whispered.

"You are the best cumslut I could imagine, Lulu."

Softly she panthed while licking some of the cum, tasting his salty yet sweet semen. The satisfaction of her recent orgasm laid on her face and spread over into even the tiniest of her muscles, giving them sweet relief and relaxation. The lewd smile on Lulu's face revealed how much the inner fire of passionate lust still was burning inside of her as she dragged him closer towards her while she stroking his cock that still was as hard as a diamond.

"Lets have some more fun."


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