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In the beginning...



Yesterday evening I found myself on a page that has made a mod for skyrim I absolutely adore. And I saw they needed animators. For a new version of the mod they had been making. I love to animate and so I made mention of this to them and was quickly contacted with the line: "So you can animate?" LOL

Yes I can animate, however... Bringing the animations IN Skyrim is a totally different matter, for that is something I have no clue about how to do. In my days that I learned to animate and began doing this I was a very steady visitor of another digital plane and animated there. For that I did not need many programs nor much trouble to go through to do the actual animating. Skyrim is different though. Not so very strange since that is a very well developed game and yeah I still have not even finished it.

Anyways, I am given a month to do the job and make a two person animation for the project. Excellent! But my enthousiasm did not realy make me realize that I now needed to hunt down each and every program that I need to get the job done and.... more over, I have to learn them all from scratch! One month and half of one day is already gone as it is. *Deep sigh and shakes head* What on earth did I let myself into this time?


Ah well the good side is that if I can do this... I can make animations that I want for my little video stories as well ofcourse... And that would then make my vids better too. So the entire setup works more then one way :)


I wrote to someone on the LoversLab grid, hoping that that person is able to help me out. Or some one at all for that matter LOL All I need is just a clean cut, non technical jabber about which programs I need to download, a pointing finger to where I can find directions in writing how to work with the programms and I should be able to work this all out. Found a written piece on LoversLab too, so it should really not be any form of high level rocket science... I hope... For me, being unable to take in all that english tech talk in such a speedy mode is just hard to do. Now if there were som dutch people that do animations for skyrim and can talk me through it all in dutch, that would even be better!


Oh and in case some one ever wonders if I will be payed for the animating I am going to do (if I ever will be able to figure the programs out) the answer is no. All for good fun and joy. And if you want to know what the project is that I have volunteerd for, well, I can tell you. Maybe you can offer service too and are even better then I am. It is ofcourse always possible. :P


Well, time for me to set myself on the search for the programs. Have found one already, so I am already on my way... The second one was, as usual a bit of an "Uhhhhhh okayyyy... which one do I need?" situation. Wish me luck, I may blow up my own computer this time... Wouldn't be the first either LOL Already have set fire to at least one computer in my past.


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