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Winterhold and the College of Winterhold



Winterhold – The College of Winterhold / Die Akademie von Winterfeste

The cursed ring / Der verfluchte Ring


During one of your visits to Birna, she shows you a magical ring of unknown origin that she got from a Khajiit pedlar for a reasonable price, because the pedlar was in desperate need of money. He promised her that the ring would prove itself quite valuable. Birna accepted the deal intuitively in the hope that she would make a good deal, but now she regrets her decision, because she is not acquainted with magical things. Therefore she offers you the ring for almost the same price that she paid (with a small reward for her).

  • Accept.

  • Ask for more information.

    • Birna tries to allay your suspiciousness and dodges the issue. If you question her intensely, she gives in and reveals that she has not the slightest idea what the ring does. Nevertheless she can tell you that the pedlar was in a hurry and eager to get rid of the ring. First she thought that he was hounded by someone, but now she thinks that she was fooled by him.

  • Haggle with her (persuation; available after you informed yourself about the ring).

    • Peruade Birna of the dangerousness of the ring and offer to dispose it in a good and workmanlike manner for her in the College of Winterhold.

  • Haggle with her (intimidation).

    • Speak with Birna about the problems she might have to handle if a concerned townsman informs the jarl about a possibly dangerous magical artifact in her possession (Available after you informed yourself about the ring and the resentment to mages and magical things in Winterhold.).

    • Threaten her with taking an additional physical (carnal) compensation if you really have to pay such a high price for the ring. There is a slight chance that Birna calls the guards and has you arrested for this.

  • Decline for now.

    • Birna will not bother you with that for some time before she asks you if you changed your mind.

  • Decline for good.

    • Birna will not bother you with that anymore. Some time later you hear people spreading gossip about a shameless woman who insists that she is not immoral but cursed.

    • Only available for college students:

      • You can search for that woman and bring her to the college or wait a very long time unttil she is brought to the college by Brelyna Maryon.

      • After an analysis of the ring and the removal you are tasked with the search for the creator of the ring.

      • If you decline again Brelyna Maryon is tasked with the search and gets all the glory for the successful completion. When you visit the college some weeks later, you can witness a scene between her, Sergius Turrianus and J'zargo.


You bought the ring and infom yourself about it.

  • All mages can tell you that the ring is surely magical and obviously cursed.

  • Ancano is dead certain that the ring is enchanted with fire magic. From his point of view the ring affects only the bearer. At the moment he cannot identify any other harmful magic than the adhesive force, but he warns you nevertheless that the ring remains a dangerous mystery that was either created by a quirky genius or a careless and overly zealous dabbler.

  • Arniel Gane is positive that the ring is enchanted with fire magic and assumes that the ring could offer protection against fire or cold to an unknown extent.

  • Brelyna Maryon can only tell you that the ring seems to be sloopily enchanted with the obvious adhesive force and some sort of fire magic that she cannot characterise in detail.

  • Colette Marence identifies indications of fire magic, but most importantly something dangerous in the enchantments. Due to the overall poor and faulty workmanship, she is sure that the ring was made by a boastful or even malicious dabbler. Therefore she warns you to put on the ring.

  • Drevis Neloren tells you that the enchantment of the ring is faulty and of poor quality, because the magical energy that was focused for the creation of the enchantment was rather polluted and far from being pure enough for such a purpose. So the ring was most likely made by an apprentice.

  • Enthir is quite amused about the ring. He is pretty sure that the ring could have been a valuable artifact, if the creator had been more careful. Alas the enchantments are faulty and poorly implemented which indicates that it was made by a rather smug apprentice. So the ring seems to be an odd collectible at best. Despite this Enthir offers a fair price for the ring – at least his version of a fair price.

  • Faralda recognises an odd mixture of beneficial and possibly harmful effects. In her opinion this could be either a result of the sloppy and flawed enchanting process or malicious intent. In part the enchantment seems to be related to fire magic.

  • Hamal [Temple of Dibella in Markarth] is quite upset about the creater as you show her the ring. First she needs to vent her anger about fools who discredit the enchanting business by mischievous behaviour and the creation of shoddy goods. Next she examines the ring carefully and analyses the enchantments on the ring to tell you about the enchantments. First she mentions the obvious curse, but she also can say that the fire enchantment partly absorbs fire spells and tries to transform the energy into something benefical like keeping your body temperature at a normal level. Unfortunately the creater was foolish enough to forget some safeguards and some ways to release an abundance of magical energy properly. After some more outbursts of anger and rage she continues to analyse the ring to find a way to lift the curse. Even more outbursts of rage follow before she starts to unravel the magical strings of the enchantments, though she cannot complete the procedure.

  • J'zargo is convinced that the trinket is enchanted with the obvious adhesive force and an obscure fire magic effect by an ambitious student of elemental magic. He suggests to rely on learning by doing and encourages you to put on the ring despite the curse.

  • Mirabelle Ervine is absolutely sure that the artifact was created by a bungler. The magical energy that was used for the creation seems to be impure and the implementation itself is sloppy. Fortunately – for others – it affects only the bearer in a largely non-determinable way. The adhesive force is conspicious. Besides that the artifact is also related to fire magic. A more profound analysis and determination is impossible due to the sloppy work during the enchanting process. Therefore she warns you to put the ring on and advises you to speak with Urag gro-Shub or Sergius about the artifact.

  • Nelacar found out that the ring is enchanted with fire magic and seems to affect the bearer only. Besides that he found a possible harmful magical effect – a curse – in form of an adhesive force. Hence he warns you to play around with unknown magical objects and advises you to gather information about the ring in the College of Winterhold.

  • Nirya can only tell you that the ring seems to be sloppily enchanted with an adhesive force and some sort of fire magic in a way that she cannot describe. She warns you to slip the ring on your finger.

  • Onmund is pretty sure that the ring is cursed and an artifact of dark nature. Since he is a Nord speaking about magic, he might exaggerate a bit. Apart from that he mentions the obvious adhesive force and has a hunch that the artifact is related to fire magic in a destructive way, but just to a vanishingly small extent.

  • Phinis Gestor mentions the sloppy enchanting technique, the conspicious adhesive force and the relation to fire magic in a possibly harmful way. For lack of further information by the creator or seller he warns you to activate the power of the ring and reminds you of the value of life. Finally he sends you to Urag gro-Shub to gather information about the destruction – after the removal – of the deceitful trinket.

  • Savos Aren, archmage of Winterhold immediately rants about unknown magical artifacts in the hand of dabblers before he criticises the use of impure magical energy for the creation and the sloppy implementation of the enchantments. He is a bit surprised at the technique by which the nature of the second enchantment is hidden, but he qickly puts it down to a mixture of a carelessly implemented crafty idea and absolutely pure coincidence. The first enchantment of the ring is obvious as you – maybe – already discovered the adhesive force of the ring. Furthermore Savos reveals that the hidden second enchantment, which is related to fire magic, seems to be able to channel heat, although the creator made a lot of serious mistakes. Fortunately he can make out that the artifact affects only the bearer. As you try to get more information from Savos, he suddenly rants about foolishly forgotten safeguards and a reckless dealing with magical energies. Obviously his professional pride as a responsible magician is injured. Therefore he asks you to find out more about the ring by speaking with the seller. He adds that perhaps Sergius or Urag gro-Shub could provide information, but most importantly he warns you to use the artifact without further knowledge. Instead you shall bring the creator of the ring to account for his sins.

  • Sergius Turrianus tells you in exchange for a filled Grand Soul Gem that the ring is a newly made and sloppily enchanted artifact that casts a curse in form of an adhesive force over the wearer and channels fire magic in an attempt to create an useful effect. Sergius assumes that the ring should absorb heat to protect the wearer of the ring from cold. He has an outburst of anger and fury about the disparagement of enchanters by such foolish dabblers before he continues with his explanation.
    Most likely an extremely silly novice was not able to create two enchantments on the same object and attempted to circumvent the rules. So he created an object that should absorb heat and transmute it in a shield that protects the wearer from cold (and heat) by keeping the body temperature at a normal level. Stupidly the dumb creator forgot to add necessary safeguards to release an abundance of magical energy properly. So the ring channels heat without cease and thus harms the wearer in the end.
    Consequently he
    explicitly warns you to put on the ring. If you already wear it, he calls you an utter fool and rants about foolish students who do not think before they use magic and magical objects.
    Finally he agrees to help you and analyses the sloppy enchantment technique. After bounteous outbursts of rage and a lot of warnings that the process might hurt a bit he begins to unravel the tangled magical strings, though he cannot complete the procedure.

  • Urag gro-Shub listens to your request and asks for all gathered information or asks you to gather infiormation from his colleagues. Then he invites you to stay for a brief and general lecture in enchanting magic (be careful, etc.). During this lecture he tells you that he recently consulted some books about the art of artifact creation respectively enchanting.

    • If you ask him about details he summarises some content from (perhaps already known) books.

    • If you ask more precisely why he consulted those books, he informs you that another student asked for such reading matter lately. Ask again for more details and he tells you that it was J'zargo, who asked for books about artifacts, enchanting techniques and elemental magic.

      • If you ask him for help, he tells you that the ring is not an artifact of old. He can safely say that it is a newly made artifact with sloppy enchantments that consist of an adhesive force and a fire enchantment that affect only the wearer of the ring. Like the other mages he cannot go into detail and advises you to look for Sergius or a master enchanter.

    • Farengar [Dragonsreach in Whiterun] inspects the ring thoroughly (and confirms all previous assumptions). At first he can say that the ring is neither an ancient or famous artifact, but to the best of his knowledge a quite recent creation of dubious quality. The adhesive force is the most obvious enchantment. The other enchantment seem to be more or less concealed due to a faulty enchanting procedure.
      If asked about this second enchantment, he refers to it as a faulty protection against cold. Ask him to go more into the details and he explains that it indeed protects against cold by generating warmth, but at the same time it seems to be harmful. Alas, he cannot detect the exact principle of operation. So he strongly advises you to refrain from putting on the ring.


Finding the seller

  • Speak with Birna about the seller of the ring again. She repeats that he was a Khajiit pedlar, whereby she assumes that he belonged to one of the Khajiit trading caravans. She adds that he called himself Dar'Sinder.

  • Speak with the people of Winterhold about the Khajiit. To the best of their knowledge a Khajiit caravan has never been in Winterhold, but some of them are quite sure that one of the students in the acadeny resembles the pedlar. Then again, all Khajiit look almost the same for humans. You can ask J'zargo about that anyway.

  • Speak with J'zargo again and mention the observations of Urag gro'Shub and the townspeople. As a result J'zargo either lies to you or – if you wear the ring – boasts about his cleverness. You can fall for his lie or tell him that it is quite stupid to lie about such an obviousness. It is just a minimal delay on the way to reveal his machinations. In the end he admits that he sold the ring, because he made a mistake during its creation and did not want to test the ring himself.
    As long as you do not wear it, he asks you to test it in the field for him, since you already have some experience with fire magic. It is up to you if you believe him or not. At last you are either the proud owner of a possibly dangerous magical artifact or serve as his guinea pig.


You put on the ring wilfully or unintentionally.

  • The ring behaves like a quest item and cannot be put into a stash.

  • After a certain time (sooner or later) the possessor feels compelled to put on the ring.

  • The ring sticks to the posessor like a locked devious item if it is worn.

  • When you are hit by fire magic ten times you get a slight feeling of warmth and therefore a resistance to cold of 25%.

  • When you are hit by fire magic twenty times the warmth increases moderately and you get a resistance to cold of 50%.

  • After fourty hits with fire magic the warmth increases even more and the resistance to cold reaches 75%. At this point you begin to sweat heavily within your armour and have to put it off unless you want to lose health. You may still wear the bikini-like fur armour, thin clothing, gloves and boots without drawbacks.

  • The final stage (after 80 hits) is permanent. Due to the ring your resistance to cold is 100%. At the same time all fire damage is increased. Whenever you get hit by a fire spell, half of the spell damage is dealt over time in form of burn wounds.
    You even lose health (2 LP per 5 seconds) if you are inside buildings with a fire source, rest near a campfire or wear any kind of armour or clothing (apart from underwear). If you wear armour while you are inside a building with a fire source you lose 20 LP per 5 seconds. This lasts for a while after you undressed or left an area of heat. An ice bath shortly after you left a builing or the area of a heat source stops this instantly.

  • Fortunately there is still a mage of huge knowledge in the college. Seek his advice or speak with any living high-ranking mage in the college to learn about the Augur of Dunlain.

  • You might also look for a master trainer for enchanting and ask them for help.

Make your choice and take a step forward in terms of removing the ring. It might be easier for you to visit the Augur of Dunlain than walking barely clad through Markarth.


Destroying the ring

Now that you have the ring in your hand and not on your finger, you can choose to destory the damned thing, which is quite difficult, because the ring cannot be destroyed in a normal smelter or forge. It has to be a really hot forge that overloads the magic of the ring. That must have been the prime reason why J'zargo chose to sell the ring.


Due to the faulty magical enchantment neither mages nor priests can easily remove the ring, as the ring is tied to your vitality. Even J'zargo, the creator of the artifact, is clueless, but happy to see the effect of his crude work. All possible helpers demand a price.

  • Hamal informs you that you have to receive an extraordinary blessing of Dibella to weaken the unnatural magical bond that was forged by the ring. Due to that you have to serve them for some time.

  • Sergius: […]



Apprenticeship of a mage (optional) / Lehrzeit eines Magiers (optional)


Urag gro-Shub is about to delve into several fields of study to test some theories and needs help. This is your choice to improve change your status within the college by becoming his assistant for some time.

  • Regular work: You either have to acquire rare books for him, appease the students in the library or prevent the theft of books. It is helpful to be quick-witted and able to defend yourself, because there will be times when you need either a quick tongue or a good weapon. You might be molested by troublemakers in the college or attacked by bandits during your journeys.

  • Magical bonds: After he examined books about forbidden knowledge, Urag wants to examine the usefulness of old fashioned bonds, fetters and chains as a punishment for unruly students. You shall experiment on yourself while you try to fulfil your study plan. During the test you might encounter students who are more or less eager to exploit your situation.
    You can decline to test the bonds yourself and suggest to fetter the unruly students to learn about the usefulness. Thereby you have the chance to monitor the study, partake in the exploitation of that hapless victim or safe the victim from the offenders – for a price of your coice.

  • A special course of study: After the initial test and his study of forbidden knowledge, Urag comes to the conclusion that such magic might be helpful in specific situations. As a consequence he plans to persuade the other mages to lift the ban and found The Institute of Sexual Magic to put the rediscovered knowledge to good use. Your job is to find ways and means to persuade the other mages.

    • Colette Marence:

    • Drevis Neloren:

    • Faralda:

    • Mirabelle Ervine:

    • Phinis Gestor:

    • Savos Aren:

    • Sergius Turrianus:

    • Tolfdir:

  • Troll studies: Urag gro-Shubs tells you about his studies about trolls to verify the information in a new book he had acquired. You shall interact with an almost tame troll (via dialogue) under his instruction and supervision, while he analyses the reaction of the troll in question.

    • You followed his instructions perfectly and learned how to …

      • fend off a troll (or more) with almost no fighting. – The latter only by completing the event successfully more than once.

      • appease a troll (or more). – The latter only by completing the event successfully more than once.

    • While you went through the instructions, you made a mistake and angered the troll. He sought revenge as well as relief and mated with you. Of course you suffered severe injuries from that. Urag gro-Shub disciplines you by using you as a bad example and illustrative warning during his next lecture about wild beasts. As a result you are constantly confronted with your mating experience in form of curious questions or snide remarks by your fellow students. Depending on your answers you might soil your reputation and be called a troll bitch.

  • Urag accepts your candidacy in a quite devious way. Since you are obviously a whore at heart, you shall act like one and go on the game for the benefit of all college members.

  • During your work you have to submit to various kinds of sexual magic. You might be exposed to new spells and field tests of magical artifacts and potions that cause transformation into animals, breast enlargement, breast reduction, lactation, an exaggerated sex drive, sexual addiction, love for animals or other beings, sexual fantasies of nudity or sex in public as well as a longing for submission and humiliation.



Magic and machines of the Dwemer / Magie und Maschinen der Dwemer


At the suggestion of Arniel Gane (before Arniel's Endeavour), Phinis Gestor and Sergius Turrianus the mages begin to study Dwemer mechanics. In Markarth Calcelmo and Aicantar delve into own studies and the recreation of Dwemer automatons. Therewith two groups compete with each other for the first new construct and make contact with you to enlist your support.

  • Accept the offer of the mages OR Calcelmo (and become an ordinary henchman / saboteur / spy).

  • Accept the offer of the mages AND Calcelmo (and become a double agent).

  • Accept the offer of the mages AND Calcelmo and persuade both sides to cooperate.


Consequences of failures (punishment by the employer)

Whenever you have failed to accomplish a task or whenever you claim to have failed, you have to mend matters.

  • 1 to 2 times: Your actions are reviewed, but you are not punished unless you raise suspicion. Afterwards you have to commit sabotage in the college or Understone Keep to make up for your failure.

  • 3 to 5 times: Your actions are reviewed. If you do not raise suspicion you are only spanked in front of the other members of the college or workers of Calcelmo, before you go on your next mission and sabotage the plans of the other side.

  • More than 5 times: Your actions are reviewed and you are either punished for your inability to perform or for your betrayal if you raise suspicion. For the former you are dismissed and another student (college) or mercenary (Calcelmo) takes over from you.

    • During the official announcement of your discharge you also receive a spanking in fron ot all members of the college or in front of the workers in Understone Keep.

    • In Understone Keep you might also be forced to walk around in the nude for the following two weeks as an additional humiliation.

    • In Winterhold you might be displayed stark-naked in the Hall of the Elements to illustrate the other mages the male or female anatomy. You even might have to demonstrate the proper functionality and use of newly made magical artifacts like sex toys, indecent clothing or special fetters like armbinders.

    • Of course you are forbidden to work for the other side. If you disobey that order, you are expelled from the college or banned from Understone Keep. You even might be cosidered as a betrayer.


Consequences of failures (punishment by the sabotaged side)

There are times, when you have to infiltrate the other side to acquire information, but what happens when you are caught in the act?

  • In most cases your punishment is humiliating and sometimes even painful. The exact punishment depends on your bad deed. It may happen that you are sexually abused by the opposing side. The workers and guards in Understone Keep as well as the students and teachers in the college might treat you like a cheap slut.

  • Generally you are sent back to your employer afterwards.

  • In some cases you get an offer to change sides (and work as a double agent).


Consequences of revealed betrayal

Betrayal is a serious if not capital crime. Therefore you should be prepared to face dire consequences.

  • You supported the opposing side as you were threatened: You are pilloried in the college or the marketplace of Markarth for two hours each day during the following two weeks. Whenever you are put in the pillory you receive ten lashes with a switch / crop. While you are pilloried anyone may pelt you with rotten fruits, spank you or abuse you.

    • In Markarth you are brought back to the prison, where you have to wait for the next day while the prisoners are encouraged to abuse you.

    • In Winterhold the mages turn you into a dog and send you to the kennel, where the other dogs might try to mount you.

  • You supported the opposing side on your own initiative: You are fettered and sent to the gallows.

    • You are led stark-naked through the town to the gallows before the town gates (Markarth) or into the cold wilderness (Winterhold). On the way the people may pelt you with rotten fruits. At your final destination you may speak your last words to the audience before the executioner does his job.

    • Randomly some events may happen:

      • Necromancers might steal your body, revive you and force you to serve them as a sex slave.

      • You become a ghostly being and necromancers curse you, so that you can drain vitality from mortal beings. From then on you have to kill other people and enslave their souls for the necromancers by forcing them to orgasm before they die. As a side effect you are revived once you managed to harvest enough energy, but from time to time you have to repeat the procedure. Of course you are cursed by the gods for your sins and cannot use shrines anymore and all passive effects from godly sources fade away.

      • You become a ghostly being that will be over and over raped by horny or malicious ghostly beings.

      • You become a ghostly being and a follower of Sanguine sends you to a pleasure pocket , where you have to work as a sex slave. If you have proven your worth (and humbled yourself extraordinarily) and managed to win the favour of Sanguine, he might grant you a new life in exchange for eternal servitude or the promise to be forever highly sexually active along with the curse of endless sexual desire. When it is too strong, you can only talk about sexual topics. At the top of your arousal you cannot help to walk around in the nude, ask people for a hard fuck or suck them off and make them shoot their load into your mouth and all over your face and bum.

      • Pray to Sanguine and vow to be a loyal sex slave in his realm to win his favour and be revived as a mortal in his service (as a slut with an compelling sex appeal and sexual desire).

If you forget this, you are cursed with a compelling sex appeal to a wide range of people and creatures alike, so that you are constantly haunted and molested by them.


Stage 1 – Construction plans

Both sides need construction plans that are stored in a random Dwemer ruin.

  • Search the location (and kill some falmer if necessary).

  • Kill the guardians (Dwemer centurions) and size the documents.

  • You are waylaid by a raiding party that was hired by the other side.

    • Defend yourself successfully.

    • Hand over the plans and head back to your employer.

    • Hand over the plans and attack the raiding party afterwards.

    • If you are defeated, you are left for dead by the attackers, whereupon you have to reclaim the plans or admit your failure to obtain the plans.

    • If you failed to bring back the plans, you are tasked with sabotaging the other side.

  • Deliver the plans or do something else.

    • Offer the other side a copy of the plans and deliver the plans to the proper client.

    • Hand over the plans to the other side and pretend to have failed.

      • As a consequence you are tasked with sabotaging the other side, which you can do or not. You even may lie about this as well.

      • All of this may backfire if your employer gets wind of your betrayal by chance or during a later cooperation with the other side.

    • Switch your loyalty and hand over the plans to the other side.


Stage 2a – Working for the mages: Dwemer mechanics

The mages want to study the mechanics of automatons. You shall acquire some parts, two working dynamo cores and a depleted or new dynamo core.

  • Search a random location for these parts.

  • Break into the museum in Markarth to get (some of) them.

  • Haggle with Calcelmo.

  • Spy on Calcelmo and inform the mages about his advantage before you suggest a cooperation.

  • Switch your loyalty and inform Calcelmo about his advantage.

  • Inform Calcelmo about his advantage before you suggest a cooperation. Of course the mages are not amoused about that and you have to make amends or bear the consequences (punishment).


Stage 2a – Working for Calcelmo: Animation spells

Calcelmo created his first own inoperative automaton. Furthermore he analysed working dynamo cores and created his own. Alas, he is unable to put it into operation, since Aicantar lacks the proper spells. You shall acquire these spells.

  • Travel to Winterhold and try to get the spells from a dubious college student.

    • Pay Enthir to steal the spell scrolls for you.

      • 5.000 Septims: He refuses to steal them.

      • 10.000 Septims: He tells you were the scrolls should be (damn liar).

      • 15.000 Septims: You get forged scrolls and a dressing-down by Aicantar as he realises that.

      • 20.000 Septims and more: Enthir reveals that there are no such scrolls in the college.

    • Blackmail Enthir into stealing the spell scrolls for you and prepare to be lured into a trap by him. As you meet him to take delivery of the scrolls, you are overwhelmed by bandits. Once Enthir and his partners got their rocks off, they put you in a ragged robe and in bonds. Then they rob all your stuff and send you away.

  • Travel to Winterhold and try to steal the scrolls from the college.

    • Even as a member of the college the laboratory is out of bounds for you. Nonetheless you can look for clues in the library and ask Urag gro-Shub for help.

    • As you break into the laboratory, you are caught red-handed.

      • You accept the punishment for your despicable deed, switch your loyalty and work for the college.

        • If you are not a member, you lose all Septims and receive a whipping while you suffer public humiliation in the pillory for two hours. During your time in the pillory all college members may molest you.

        • As a member of the college you receive a whipping while you stand in the pillory for two hours each day in the following two weeks. The rest of the time you have to wear a yoke as long as you are in the college. All college members may molest you, whenever they want.

      • You stay loyal to Calcelmo.

        • If you are a member of the college, you are expelled from college.

        • The mages take all your Septims and leave you in the hands of the college guards who put you in the pillory for two hours and leave you to the mercy of the (other) students.

        • After you were molested, insulted and ridiculed, they put you in a yoke, whip you out of the college and send you back to Calcelmo to tell him that the college is henceforth unwilling to cooperate.

        • Consequently your client is not pleased with your failure and whips you as well. Despite that you are stuck with him, because you cannot switch your loyalty and he wants the scrolls, but cannot cooperate with the mages anymore.

    • You manage to get into the laboratory without being caught, but you cannot find the scrolls.

      • Abort your plan and leave the laboratory immediately.

      • Look for clues and leave before someone comes in. Alas, there are no clues and you just risk to be caught red-handed. How about looking elsewhere, maybe in a place where clues are more probable?

      • Stay there until you are caught red-handed, because you are a masochist and incompetent thief.


Stage 2b – Working for Calcelmo: Keeper of Secrets




The Apprentices / Die Lehrlinge


The quest starts not before Arniel Gane and Phinis Gestor have given lectures on „The conjuration of ethereal servants“ and „The conjuration of ethereal fetters“. Furthermore Tolfdir must have lectured on „The transmutation of ethereal materials“.
As two cocky and complacent student aka pranksters perform own conjurations and experiments without faculty supervision, things get out of control.

They ask you for help. You accept and act as their guinea pig.

  • Daedra Seducers and Nocturnals, both male and female, appear, while conjured leg irons, handcuffs, collars and even an iron yoke close tightly around you on their own. Since the pranksters are not qualified for such a conjuration, they make mistakes such as accepting gifts from the Seducers. Eventually the Daedra can move freely, while the conjured fetters develop a life of their own and behave like wild animals whose only purpose is to fetter their prey and keep them under control while they are constantly raped by the Daedra.


They ask you for help, but you decline. So they ask other female students to be their guinea pig while you just watch.

  • While the apprentices do their thing, you can walk around and have a look at the scenery. A moment later hell is breaking loose as the animated fetters and Daedra break free. Since you are in the hall, you are inevitably among their first victims. Afterwards they escape from the Hall of the Elements: The fetters capture people, while the Daedra behave indecently and molest them.


They ask you for help, but you decline. So they ask other female students to be their guinea pig while you walk away and get yourself into safety.

  • While you walk around in the college you suddenly have to defend yourself against lascivious Daedra and magically animated fetters that play havok in the college.

  • If you are in Winterhold, you might see the servants and animated constructs cross the bridge, overrun the town and molest the guards and other townspeople.

  • If you are elsewhere you might hear rumours about the incident. If you visit Winterhold you can see the Daedra and constructs walking around like wardens. They assault any man and woman who walks around in the open. Those who are already trapped in chains and fetters are either publicly displayed in their bonds like criminals (on the marketplace or in the taverns) or become prey of constantly horny Daedra.


Winterhold is just the beginning of a magical plague and at last whole Skyrim has to adapt to the new situation.

  • Since lascivious Daedra Seducers and Nocturnals conjure more and more animated fetters, they spread like wildfire across Skyrim. Furthermore the Daedra rather molest than help bound people.

  • You can destroy constructs that are not tied to someone. Whenever you do this, they leave cursed fetters of any kind behind that tempt the finder to put them on.

  • Evil mages lay traps for thoughtless travellers. In battle they conjure animated fetters and rape their opponents afterwards to humiliate them.

  • Good-hearted mages utilise the constructs as wardens and bounty hunters.



The Student Circle


If you speak with Enthir about secrets of the college, he reveals that there is a clandestine impish student circle, but only those who pass an initiation ceremony are allowed to join. If you tell Enthir that you are interested, he responds that he will inform the members about your wish.

Within the following three days you will find a note on your bed in the Hall of Attainment that gives you a line about your first task of the initiation ceremony.


The Initiation Ceremony – Task One

The first quest takes place within the Hall of the Elements during one of the lectures.

You are challenged to prove your cheekiness during a lecture. So attend a lecture of your choice, keep aloof from the teacher and pleasure yourself without drawing his attention.

Be careful, because you are punished for indicent behaviour if you draw his or her attention. According to the law of the college you are chained stark-naked to a columnar pillory for a whole night in the college yard for indicent behaviour and kept from freezig to death by magic. During the night the other students might abuse your current state and chastise or molest you.


The Initiation Ceremony – Task Two

The second quest also takes place within the Hall of the Elements during one of the lectures.

This time you shall pleasure another student without drawing the attention of the lecturer. Unfortunately there are several students and only one of them is privy to the scheme. You have to either find the right one or persuade another one to let you wank him off.

Both options make you appear very sluttish. Furthermore you are punished if your indecent behaviour is revealed to the lecturer.


The Initiation Ceremony – Task Three

The third quest begins with a riddle:

Are you ready for your test?

Then look for a silent place in the hold

where people are young and things very old.

Show up when the warden of time takes a rest.


Once you found the place, you get new instructions depending on your success.

Welcome to this place of old,

Where we study long-lost lore.

Drop your garb despite the cold

On the chilly floor.

When you wear your birthday suit

Bend forward and shake your ass.

We want to taste forbidden fruit

Of a bonny lass.




Once you failed to win a game.

Once you have been in disgrace.

So put on the mask of shame

To display your loss of face.

Twice you failed to win a game.

Twice you have been in disgrace.

So put on the mask of shame

To display your loss of face.

Once you raised your lovely bum
We will have some fun with you
For the college
is so glum
And we are horny through and through.

Since you acted like a whore,

You shall get what you deserve.

We swear you to do that chore

for the students pleasure.

You may serve them at your leisure

but do it with some verve.

Since you acted like a whore

You shall get what you deserve.

Bow to us for evermore

and do not refuse to serve.






Vow to be a willing whore.

Spread your legs in Winterhold

Let the townsmen fuck you sore

For a fair amount of gold.





Edited by Veldon


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