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Angela at the Docks - Unfinished Projects and Tests



AngelaDocksPreview2.jpg.79ff21177f492d391c56fc3253739354.jpgIts been years, right? Well corona virus has given me some time on my hands. Life is (hopefully temporarily) less sexy than usual. So I returned to some of my old habits. I've been keeping up on many of you over the years but haven't been sharing because it takes a long time to decide which ones are the best to upload. But that doesn't mean I haven't been loading up Oblivion occasionally and continuing my character's story.

Anyways, here's some things I made over the years that I'll (almost certainly) never finish, or were never intended to be anything other than a proof of concept in the first place.  And some of those are what's been put here.


I uploaded the entire gallery to EH about a week ago and it looks like there's even a torrent for it now... that's nice! Could use some up-dotes though.


Here's the entire gallery: https://e-hentai.org/g/1686479/d04f2c4d4a  If you don't have points to download the images, just use the torrent link they provide.


Here's some clickable preview images:


4e393e48d2634f2cd9d98c6174a254164faa29f2-983821-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg c9c0b5a5f57b940bd95bf1b57a63c65e1304bb0a-1163645-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg 936941bbf6a831cf29305e2cf38e9b06230cf392-1216847-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg a29316705c621755cb449e8086bb69c236e343e4-874320-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg


a981a5c127eedfc84f7a1ed78a203c8fab9f6530-993207-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg c1f9c5b25dc6fc69142c031cc7e9786371255c7b-899458-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg 7a22d0ee4bb00b21f397cb5913dacb4242c2a6a1-1152957-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg 33388c70216c92402afcefd5d566b4889bf2a217-1140463-1920-1080-jpg_l.jpg


Unfortunately I lost my meme image from my previous blog post in a hard drive crash, but I had the unmanipulated originals backed up.  For the first time you can see that meme from many angles :P !

Here's what I wrote on EH about this gallery:


Over the years since my last upload, I've taken new screenshots when I've felt the inspiration and opportunity. Here are some of them. I've filtered each pose to the best 10 screenshots of each. This set has in common that they all take place at the Imperial City docks.

I have a couple other projects I might actually finish, and I know Angela's overarching story. But telling it with a game engine as antiquated as Oblivion is time consuming and I'm really not sure I'll ever actually do it. ?

000-009 is my take on the popular but now years-old meme.
010-068 is basically just proofs of concept on how I could manipulate poses.
069-158 Angela walks past a couple enjoying the docks, is noticed, and is invited to join them.
159-288 Angela runs into a very attractive red haired woman while walking through the docks and allows herself to both be seduced by her and seduces her.

Unfinished because I realized I could do parts better. If I applied dialog to these, Angela is a sort of woman-whisperer, able to deduce in the moment how to seduce women she meets, even those who wouldn't ordinarily swing that way, or realize that they do. Think Marina seducing Jenny in the very first episode of the L-Word. The reason why Angela can do this is explained in her origin story, another series of pictures I still might finish and upload some day.


I do have quite a bit more (again that I'll probably never finish) but this one has the Imperial City docks as a central theme.  The others that I'll upload later are more scattered.


Take care everyone, and I hope you like it!

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Love it, Chaisy! I don't do much screenarchery anymore, either, but I do still play Skyrim, and I do lurk here and on Nexus, looking for mods and keeping up with the times. It's great to see some posts from old friends like you from time to time! 

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