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The Rift – Faldar's Tooth



Slut or not

You awake fettered in a dark and soiled cell without any knowledge how you got there. Obviously it was not a good idea to sleep alone in the wild of The Rift. The sound of a gloating voice brings you down to earth and slowly you realise that you were caught and incarcerated by some bandits. All your belongings – including keys to your houses – have been taken off you. Your captors even went so far as to strip you naked. Leastwise they gave you a bedroll so that you can keep yourself warm at night.

Something happens in the darkness beyond your viewing range and it does not bode well. Dogs bark, voices echo through the darkness and then you hear footfalls. Soon after you are dragged in shackles to a large cage in which two pretty dangerous wolves fight to the death while the spectators in this makeshift arena bet on the outcome.

Subsequent to the fight and a quick cleansing an block is brought into the arena. Your captors lead you towards it and bring you into the proper position. Then they walk a mighty dog in and a bandit reveals to your uttermost worry that the dog is trained to mount females on command and shall mount you now for the amusement of the audience. You have to choose between the devil and the deep blue see.
Are you bold and randy enough to let the dog mount, rape and thereby humiliate you again and again before an audience to save your life, or do you want to preserve some honour and dignity, but lose your life?

  • You get down on all fours and wait obediently for your animalistic paramour. The audience stares with wide eyes as the dog mounts you and makes thrusting movements. At his and your obvious peak of pleasure most spectators gape in astonishment. Some of them look away and cover their mouth to hide their discomposure. Others show their fascination or giggle in embarrassment while they bashfully watch how the dog zealously pumps his sperm into you.
  • You announce loudly that you let all people in the arena have their way with you if you don't have to wiggle your bum for the dog. While the bandits are speechless with surprise, the audience goes wild and the males side with you for obvious reasons. So you are instead ordered to prepare yourself for a sex orgy, while the male audience undresses. Finally they form a line at the entrance and masturbate to keep their members stiff while one by one is called on to have sex with you until each of them is satisfied. Should you bear up against this, you are beheaded after the eager dog raped you. Should you endure all this, you are auctioned to the highest bidder in the audience. Should you pass out or beg for mercy, you are dragged to the block and repeatedly raped by the dog before you are sold as nude as you are. Captive for sale starts.
  • You fall on your knees in front of the audience and beg for your life. First the audience is completely puzzled than it chuckles as the announcer grants you pardon under certain conditions. All spectators are invited to line up at the cage door. You have to go down on them, bring them to a climax and let the males either fill your mouth or stain your face. Should you refuse to please them, you are beheaded after the dog raped you.
    • Since your life is at stake, you decide to obey and endure the humiliation. The spectators cheer and mock you while they slowly line up one by one until the whole male audience waits for you.
      • You manage to fulfil your duty: After the performance you might be sold.
      • You pass out before you can fulfil your duty: You are awakened by the bandits and bound in such a way that you are easy prey for the wanton dog.
    • You refuse to do this and decide for a hopefully merciful death without resistance.
    • You refuse to do this and decide to defy your captors without success.
  • You refuse to please the dog. Without resistance you lay your head on the block and wait for the lethal blow of the axe. The audience and most of the bandits fall silent out of astonishment and still a bit respect for you.
    • Soon you are beheaded and your head falls on the ground.
    • [Optional] As one of the bandits loses his temper and tries to molest you before your execution he is clamoured down and the spectators riot. At once you are dragged away from the block and he is executed without further ado to calm the audience. Afterwards the bandits give all spectators the opportunity to buy you at a slave auction. Additionally people may buy your equipment. Captive for sale (see below) starts.
  • You defy your captors. Since you cannot escape your bonds, the bandits have enough time to overcome you and tie you up to the block before the dog mounts and defiles you. The audience mocks you for your foolishness while the dog brings you against your will to a climax. Once you have calmed down the executioner raises his axe and at the moment of your beheading the audience gasps for breath. As your head falls on the ground while the dog is still stuck in you an agitated murmur goes through the audience.



The bitch of Faldar's Tooth

You degraded yourself by your own choice as you submitted to the bandits and adapted to the way of life in the keep. Meanwhile word has spread in The Rift about your doings and the bandits inform you with undisguised gloating about the change of your reputation (-20 on Speech and appropriate comments for 70 days after leaving Faldar's Tooth). Now you can …

  • escape (and leave The Rift on your run from the bandits until the matter is dead and buried). Your escape from the keep will be easier, if you leave without your equipment.

  • stay in the keep (including fail to escape) and defy the bandits. Alas, you are severely punished for this.

  • stay in the keep, commit yourself more or less to submission and …

    • give the visitors head and make them ejaculate in your mouth or on your bare body.

    • get down on all fours for the dogs, other inmates or visitors in the arena.

    • suggest an even more lewd show to the bandits and suck a well-hung stud off – literally.


In between you are incarcerated and exposed to the whims of the guards. Their behaviour towards you depends on your actions. The more you fulfil their sexual desire the better you are treated.

  • Refuse to go down on the guards at their command and endure either punishment or rape.

  • Give in to sexual advances by guards to maintain tolerable relations to them.

  • Make overtures to the guards and offer to go down on them to improve your relations to them.

  • Ask the guards for a cellmate to keep you company and let him/her have his/her way with you while the guards watch and comment on it.

  • Ask the guards for a dog to keep you company and let him mount you while they watch. Since they comment on it and brag about you in public, you become known as a sodomist in The Rift as time goes by.


Depending on your submissiveness you are …

  • sold as a sex slave after one of your shows in the arena if you obey the wardens and entertain the audience like you did before. You have no chance to recover your equipment right away on your own. Most likely you end up in The House of Purchasable Affection, even though it is possible to be sold to a merchant, who forces you to become a travelling whore.

  • able to persuade the bandits to make you their slut. You have to cook for them, hunt, buy new goods (armours, weapons, potions, etc.), bow down to them and satisfy their sexual needs. Of course, outside the keep you have to wear a magical keyless slave collar that forces you to come back after some time.

  • warned if you are just submissive enough to bore the bandits and be unattractive for the spectators in the arena. The event An embarrassing situation starts.



Captive for sale

Alas, the spectators did not come to the keep because they are righteous or kind people. They all have to some degree a liking for more or less illegal activities and some spectators are absolutely up to no good.
Randomly a male or female spectator buys …

  • you and your equipment. You are unfettered and escorted to Rifton by your new owner, who randomly romances you along the way. You can give in to the advance and learn that he is a sex-hungry smuggler with connections to the thieves guild and merchants in Solitude and Windhelm, who wants you to become his new sex kitten.

    • If you give in and obey him, you might convinve him of your other qualities and become one of his smugglers or a bandit whore in the smuggler's hideout. A smuggling slut or whore has of course some benefits, because she could use her talents to distract guards and make them look away.

    • You can also resist and try to escape. A failure results in a short or quite lengthy spanking session. A successful escape makes him take revenge by spreading the word of yor indecency in The Rift, The Pale, Whiterun Hold and Haafingar. This will inevitably and very significantly increase your presumed lechery in the mentioned holds.

      • Short spanking session: You can give in and tell him, that you enjoy a spanking session from time to time. You gain a reputation as a masochist

      • Quite lengthy spanking session: You are beaten until you lost all stamina and almost all health.

  • you as long as you are not known to be homosexual and emphasises strongly that you shall accompany her home before she cuts your bonds outside the keep and gives you some basic equipment (tavern clothes and fine boots). Now you can decline (, ignore her well armed guards) and dart off in the wilderness or obey her and dive unknowingly head first into an adventure with the madam of a quite respectable brothel. The event The house of purchasable affection starts.

  • you, gives you tavern clothes along with fine boots and asks you to accompany her home. On the way she attempts to seduce you. Should you give in to the seduction, you could enjoy a semi-romantic and repeatable sexual adventure at her home. She is a quite dominant woman, who enjoys to humiliate her servants (or slaves) and playmates. Hopefully you like big butt plugs with bells and such stuff.

  • you, gives you just a harness along with fine boots and leads you away in bonds (yoke). As time goes by you learn that you fell into the hands of a sex monster with an insatiable desire to humble you secretly again and again.
    He either tries to rape you on the way or makes you drunk at his home before he tries to rape you. In response to this you can …

    • comply and let him have his way with you.

    • fight him, make him your slave and seize his home. He might be able to free himself and call the guards.

    • fight (, rape) and bind him, take some equipment and leave or deliver him to the guards.

    • fight (, rape) and kill him, take some equipment and leave.

  • you, gives you miner's clothes along with boots and takes you bound with him to make you a mine slave in an allegedly abandoned mine someqhere in The Reach.

    • Obey him.

    • Try to escape. Should you be successful, you have to find a way to get rid of your bonds. To fail in your escape for the first to third time results in lashes. You are killed if you attempt to escape again and fail.

  • you and demands that the dog rapes you several times at his/her private pleasure before he/she takes you bound with him/her to introduce you to his/her own dog.

    • Obey him.

    • Try to escape. Should you be successful, you have to find a way to get rid of your bonds. To fail in your escape for the first to third time results in rape. You are beheaded if you attempt to escape again and fail.

  • nothing! Since nobody in the audience bought you, you are raped by the bandits after the spectators have left the keep. (Then you are given a last change to change your mind before you are beheaded as you requested.)

  • you if you are Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, Argonian, Khajiit, Breton, Imperial or Redguard. On his demand the bandits drive you in leathery bonds and stark naked out of the keep. Your new owner loads you into a cart, blindfolds you and transports you to a secluded place near Windhelm, where you are bound in chains again. As time goes by you learn that this place is the headquarter (and singular base) of The Order of Nordic Blood, a Nord order that is even more xenophobic than the Stormcloaks in and around Windhelm. Slave of racists (→ Eastmarch) starts.




Transition of power in Faldar's Tooth

Once you are free by whatever means, there is work to do. With some basic equipment in your hands you should earn some money, reequip yourself and take deadly revenge on the bandits or size the keep, become the new leader of the surviving bandits (after you killed your tormentors) and host the fights yourself. As the new leader you can negotiate bandit treaties with the Mistwatch bandits and Fjola after you met her or start a campaign of conquest to establish a fourth power in the East besides the empire, the Stormcloaks and Maven.

The good girl way:

  • Rebuild Faldar's Tooth and convert it into a trading outpost (for the Imperial Trading Company).

  • Bargain with Maven for a friendly coexistence.

  • Transport goods or protect traders within the range of your keep for a share or a small expense allowance.

  • [Optional event] Begin negotiations with Grelka and persuade her to sell your home-made weapons and armours as well as weapons and armours from your expeditions or begin negotiations with Balimund and persuade him to become your partner.

  • [Optional event] Begin negotiations with the Khajiit and convince one of their caravans to create a permanent trading post in your keep.

The not so good girl way (available as a supplement for the other options):

  • [Optional event] Try to take care of the poor prostitutes in The Rift and offer them shelter and protection from assaulters. Become known for your promotion of nudism in the keep and establish a brothel (for desires of a darker nature).

    [Optional event] Speak with poor lasses from the country and convince them to work for you as servants / whores in the keep or streetwalkers / whores in Rifton.

    • Send some of them as whores to camps, fortresses or allied keeps (and accompany them).

  • [Optional event] Begin negotiations with the madam of the house of purchasable affection for the employment of new guards and porters for her mansion.

  • [Optional event] Free Threki from gaol and make her your steward if you are still neutral or sided with the Empire.

The Dr. Evil way:

  • Rebuild Faldar's Tooth and hire loyal bandits and mercenaries.

  • Negotiate treaties with other bandit keeps or conquer the keeps and take them for yourself.

  • [Optional event] Begin negotiations with the Thieves Guild for the presence of a specialised fence (potions or blacksmith goods – success difficulty: average) or a general fence (general merchant – success difficulty: hard) in Faldar's Tooth.

  • [Optional event] Begin negotiations with Maven for the save transport of goods past your keep for a substantial share.

    • Assassinate Sibbi Black-Briar to clarify the change of power in The Rift with an example. By this you will get the attention of the Brotherhood. Inform Svidi / Lynly about his demise for an additional reward.

    • Ward off attacks of the Brotherhood on your keep and strike back.

    • As a member of the Brotherhood get warned by Astrid that Maven plans to deal a hard blow on you with the help of the Brotherhood.

    • As the leader of the Brotherhood you have to ward off several attacks by mercenaries.

    • Persuade the Jarl that Maven is up to no good and offer her to resolve the problem (by killing Maven) or persuade Maven to cooperate with you.

      • Gather evidence to reveal Maven's recurring activities to evade taxes (accounting book).

      • Gather evidence to reveal the recurring smuggling of alcohol (orders signed by Maven).

      • Gather evidence to reveal Maven's knowledge about murders (payment instructions).


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