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A trip back home



Carries on from



We rejoin Aerina & Astrid in Falkreath.


Aerina suggests they pay a visit to an old family friend first.





Aerina: Mind if we pay a visit to an old friend first?

Astrid: Of course not.



Aerina: Hey Lod you old bastard.

Lod: Aerina! How are things.

Aerina: Could be worse I suppose... Don't suppose you've seen my Dad around have you?

Lod: Bad timing there... He's down in Cyrodiil, probably wont be back for another month.

Aerina: Ah shit... well there's someone I would like you to meet anyway... 






Lod looks at Astrid and pauses for a moment... as if he has seen a ghost

Lod: For a second... I thought she was your mother... she looks just like her...

Lod: So you must be Astrid.

Astrid: You know who I am?

Lod: Oh yes! Though you were only a baby last time I saw you.

Astrids cheeks go red... Aerina seeing she has gone shy suggests going to the inn

Aerina: Anyway... I think a drink is in order... It's been a long few days

Lod: Well thanks for stopping by... it was a pleasure to meet you Astrid.

Astrid: Likewise Lod.









Aerina & Astrid head over to their fathers house

Aerina: Well... this is where he lives... looks like we might be waiting a while...

Astrid: Good to know... I might just head over to the Inn for a few drinks though... need to try this mead out.

Aerina: If you're the same blood as me... you'll love it!

Aerina: I'm going to do some digging on this resistance... see if I can find out where their hiding.

Aerina: You okay to start on the drinks without me?

Astrid: Sure thing! Let me know if I can help with anything.





Astrid heads over to the Inn alone while Aerina heads back over to Lod's forge


Aerina (Thinking): I could really use some new gear if I'm going to be tracking those resistance guys down...

Aerina: Hey Lod... I have a favour to ask... Mind if I borrow your forge for a while?

Lod: Sure thing... I was about to head off for a break anyway... Can I ask why though?

Aerina: Just an... errand... that I need to armor up for....

Lod: I see... Well remember what I taught you... Mobility over weight....

Aerina: Thanks Lod.







Aerina takes the new gear she's made and heads over a quiet place to get changed
Aerina: Ahh that's a lot better...






Aerina: Right... I wonder where I should start first...

Aerina: I wonder if the guard captain knows anything... maybe I should check with him first.






Bit shorter than usual... Just using the rest of the screenshots that I took for the previous chapter.


So here's some bonus shots ;)






Thanks again guys







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