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  1. Hiya!


    insert trailerparkboys - that's one nice fuggen kitty right there
  2. neat! i'd love to see a story at some point ^-^
  3. such a nice wholesome story, i loved it! <3
  4. wholesome stories are so neat, when nobody gets killed
  5. i love the more wholesome stories ❤️
  6. ooh i'm curious on who the newcomer is 😮
  7. Hiya!

    Chapter Twenty: Dejection

    i love it so much ❤️ Super excited for the next one
  8. Hiya!

    Dangers in Delusion

    this was awesome! ❤️
  9. Hiya!

    Watchers in the Pine

    this is amazing! ❤️ I read on the comments you made other stories - but on flickr those links are broken, could we maybe see them in the future on here? *wink wink nudge nudge* XD
  10. is there a way to change the amount some foods take up after the fact? Water takes up like 3x as much as wine and i'd like to change that :x Same as an entire sack of wheat only takes up as much as a steak.... Is there like a file i can edit? : )
  11. ooops, my bad XD I kinda spent all the time on drawing and eyeballed all the text stuff ^^
  12. i'm still super excited for the next chapter ❤️
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