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Photo Session 18/10/2019



Zeriel and I have a long history of photoshootings in Skyrim, especially in the Arch Mage's chambers. The lighting is perfect on many spots to capture amazing pictures. That in addition with the ENB does most of the work for me. After that, the screenshots merely need Estetik's magic touches...


This is my "big tiddy goth gf" set with Zeriel. I hope you enjoy. 





I took around 50 pictures and scrapped most of them, keeping the best ones for you to see. Spent around 3 hours for the few pictures I ended up with, but I am happy with the result.


Soon I will make (if my schedule allows) an in depth tutorial series about character creation, taking pictures and editing them. My entire process! I had many requests in the past and I still get them, I guess it's time.


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3 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

She is beautiful. I like the "Asian" touch of her face. Compliments.

Thank you very much!

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