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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Submitted: Feb 04 2013 05:34 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 19 2014 04:13 AM
  • File Size: 20.25MB
  • Views: 148247
  • Downloads: 137,479
  • Requires: NVSE, NVSE Extender, SexoutNG

Download Sexout Common Resources Stable Version (SCR) 20140625.1

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SexoutNG Sexout Fallout SCR New Vegas

Welcome to Sexout Common Resources


The aim of this produce an ESM that holds all the common assets used by SexoutNG Plugins like NPC's, Drugs, Creatures & Clothing, Weapons etc so that other plugons can refer to them without needing to have each other as masters. It doesn't include meshes or textures themselves, merely point to them. it will have minimal scripting, only scripts required by the objects and plugins it contains. The DataPack provided is only some of my additions and minimum requirements of SCR itself.

To explain in detail how it works, there are 2-3 parts to most outfits, the first is the Item ID which contains all the Armor ratings, weight, value, etc of an outfit and also where to get the mesh model and textures from, that is what I have copied from the original mods into SCR. The other parts are the model mesh and optionally textures for which the original download is needed, because I don't have permission to add other peoples work to the SCR download and it would be too big. Doing it this way gives users the option to not install Ghost suits etc. The Item ID itself uses next to no space in SCR compared to meshes & textures, but having outfits in there means that outfit can be incuded in formlist groups of SCR, this means a plugin can just check if the player is wearing something in the "Heavy Armor" group formlist and then change their dialogue or sex options based on that. Optionally people can also add their custom outfits to those lists too.

it contains a percentage of Lore unfriendly assets but they should be only added to the game world by plugin modules calling them, mostly SexoutStore.
Before you install Sexout use the Steam Backup function and backup your game as there's a good chance new users will completely screw their game on the first attempt of installing Sexout because they didn't read something properly and install things they shouldn't. If you aren't using Steam then you'll find Sexout won't work for you anyway so give up here or buy the game.

There's a few changes here:
SporeData is only required for the SporeRace in Breeder.

HalstromsData contains a few textures & meshes I've modified for some content, like the Camo, Vault69 & Nun Textures for the Mantis suits, most people won't need it, they were in the original Data pack, I just split them to save download & installation space.

SCRDebug.esp just makes all the SCR tokens visible, only install it if you want that for debugging, it doesn't do anything else.
SCR Integrated Plugins:

Sex Cum Effects: Visual cum is WIP by Loogie & myself, Smells from having Sex mean a lower or higher Charisma Buff & some creatures will behave friendly to you till the smell wears off. Their durations can be set in MCM (WIP)

Sexual STD's: SexoutSTD's is a separate plugin for SCR that adds the possibility of catching a STD, The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider. SexoutWearAndTear by Odessa is a better Option

Drugs: SexoutDrugging is now a separate plugin for SCR. The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider.

Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. You will also need to download the clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore.

RitualClarity has written a great installation guide in the link below for installing SCR.
I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab
Russian Translation: http://gamesource.ru...indpost&p=51428


FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version)


NVSE ScriptExtender
You Need SexoutNG:

And Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton from here:

You will need MCM to change any settings

Assets used in SCR you really should install before reporting red diamonds, and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing:

Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game:

The file version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2.

When reporting issues please state what version of SCR you are using. If you can please post in font size 14, it's a lot easier for me to read too

Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab...mmon-resources/

What's New in Version 20140625.1 (See full changelog)

  • Update 20140625.1:
  • Added more DLC outfit support
  • Removed some old Quest variables
  • Added some Android Pregnancy assets
  • Removed Enclave Power Armor
  • ReAdded 25% VaultSuits
  • Removed Damaged Outfit Swapping into it's own plugin (plugin untested) only on VaultSuits, Combat Armor & Corset Dresses
  • Update 20140620.1:
  • Added some of the Formlist Support for all the Fallout DLC outfits as supplied by Securenym & Tomm434
  • Deleted unused 25% & 75% damaged variations of Vaultsuits & Enclave power armor (no meshes were made)
  • Some extra Debugging for Companion & Race adding from 3rd party Mods
  • Added Support for Daughters of ARES Android Race So Android Offspring are possible later
  • Support for ARES Project Companion Andrea in Companion lists
  • Fixes to StartCounter timer for Pregnancy & OffSpring
  • Changed BodyType selection from Tokens to NX Variable
  • Update 20140616.1:
  • Fixes to adding of Fallout 3 Companions to companion lists for TTW
  • Added more checks for change of Refs for 3rd Party actors.
  • Disabled some Quest references for Actor Refs as there's a potential for big issues reading them from SCR.
  • Update 20140610.1:
  • Fixes to Half Masks to use better icons as per AJ's esp with improved descriptions and repair list added for masks
  • Update 20140608.1:
  • Added support for Sunny Companion mod to add Sunny's outfit & Kirina's Outfit to Pregnancy swapping (swapped Kirina to Veronica's Robes)
  • Added WastelandDoctor02 Preg variations,
  • Trimmed main script back a bit smaller
  • Added Formlist SexoutSFLMaskOkForOral
  • Deleted a few disused Outfits
  • Added Mask Assets to go with T3589's mask porting [url=http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32423-extravagant-half-masks-fnv/#entry812705]http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32423-extravagant-half-masks-fnv/#entry812705[/url] (no esp needed)
  • You need to active 3rd part stuff in the MCM for them to be added to Sexout store in the Clothing Vendor
  • Update 20140606.1:
  • Fix for OffSpring Dialogue not working
  • Added Support for FNV_StarFox replacing KrystalPAS, [url=http://starfoxparadise.webs.com/]http://starfoxparadise.webs.com/[/url]
  • Update 20140603.1:
  • Removed some unused SporeHybrid semen tokens, the Spore Hybrids have always used the Spore Carrier Semen
  • Some minor works for Spunk support but not yet activated.
  • Update 20140526.1:
  • Added missing JillBSAA Gloves
  • Removed MCM SexoutSounds option as SexoutNG has a Sounds on/off option.
  • Fixes for some outfits missing from formlists
  • Added 3 new quest scripts activated in MCM menu to add 3rd party companion and outfit content by BuildREF,
  • One for DLC, one for Fallout/TTW, one for 3rd Party (still got a lot of companions and outfits to add in them yet). SexoutCRExtras && SexoutCommonRecoursesDLC are now obsolete replaced by these.
  • Update 20140522.1:
  • Added Pregnant & Damaged variations of Vaultsuits 77 ,87 ,92 ,106 ,108 ,112 for FO3/TTW support
  • Added NX flags to try prevent Pregnancy & Damaged Clothing from operating simultaneously
  • Fixed Change of REF for JT in Latest Willow update
  • Split 3rd Party Companion support (Willow, Kirina & Krystal) into Separate esp called SexoutCRExtras/esp so if a formref changes it will not make SCR unuseable. It just occurred to me that I may be able to just make this a toggleable MCM option if I do it all in a separate quest :)
  • Update 20140513.1:
  • Removed Pregnant body swapping for CombatArmor & VaultSuits out of the Damaged clothing swapping system into Pregnancy
  • Requires SexoutCommonResourcesData-20131227.1