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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • Submitted: Jan 04 2016 01:04 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 04 2016 01:22 AM
  • File Size: 5.76MB
  • Views: 45789
  • Downloads: 4,883
  • Requires: XMPSE2 Skeleton, NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+

Download Gangmen Nurse for 7BO 1.0

- - - - -
7bo gangmen conversion


== About the Mod ==
This is a conversion of Godspeed0022 's "GangMen Nurse" outfit for the 7BO body.


The package consists of 2 simple variants of the outfit (as seen in the screenshots)


Note that I converted this outfit from Minou's CBBE Bodyslide conversion here:
since I can't find a live link for the original. So, thanks a lot, Minou !


Another note is that I'm not experienced with NIO High Heels, so please report if the height is too much. Thank you !


== Updates ==


v1.0: Initial Release


== Requirement(s) ==


XMPSE 2.0 Skeleton.


NiOverride 3.4.4+ (http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/37481/?)


== Check List ==


Weight slider support: Check


Clipping-free guarantee: Semi-Check


== Installation ==
Just use any mod manager to install the armor.


Or manually, you can just drop everything into [Skyrim Directory]\Data


== Obtaining the Armor ==


Option 1: Use this wonderful mod AddItemMenu: http://www.nexusmods…im/mods/64905/?


Option 2: When ingame, press “~” to bring up console, type "help "GangMen." Add them into your game
using player.additem [Item ID] 1


== Uninstalltation ==
Deactivate in mod manager


Or delete the following:


Data\meshes\\Minoumimi\Minou Armors\Minou GangMenHS
Data\textures\\Minoumimi\Minou Armors\Minou GangMenHS
GangMen Nurse.esp


== To-do List ==




== Credits ==


Godspeed0022 for the original meshes and textures.


Minoumimi for the CBBE conversion.


Remimartin1986 for the 7BO body meshes.


== Permissions ==


If you decide to make a conversion of the outfits, please credit the original authors properly. That's all I ask.


== Tools Used ==


3DS Max 2012 Student Version.




Outfit Studio




If you have any problem with the outfits, please notify me through private message.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 01/03/2015 11:53 PM: Initial Release


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots