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The Fallout 4 Extended Lore Project Continued

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Fallout 4 Extended Lore Project v0.0011

NOW With Voiced Holotapes!

(Or ELP in short)..




What this project aims to do is the following


- Add a personal touch to each location by providing stories about people that were there at the time, both pre- and post war by:

- Adding history and lore about locations, places and people in the form of notes, holotapes and extended terminals.

- Make 'new' lore identifiable in a lore-friendly manner, e.g. by placing candles near any new lore item. This will help players identify new lore in the maps (sometimes notes can be very hard to find) and it will also allow players to distinguish 'true' lore from 'unofficial' lore.


As I don't work for Bethesda this is not official lore in any way, it's stuff that I wanted to read about in the game in the first place.


Uploaded to Nexus.


Current build (sort of nightly) V0.0011


Please note that now that audio files are being added to the mod, it will quickly become too large to upload here and Nexus will be the only place to download it.

If you install through NMM via Nexus, you should get updates if you check via the GUI.


Please report any bugs or typos!


CREDITS / References used so far:

- http://fallout.wikia.com

- https://fallout.gamepedia.com

- Oxhorn's excellent and entertaining videos on Fallout 4: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClassyManIAm

- Maybe I can contact him and find him crazy/nice enough to voice some holotapes for the mod. :smile:

116 Lore Items added so far:
24 LOCATIONS finished
(See contents below location names)
- Hundreds of lines of new lore text so far!
- 4 Audio Holotapes
- 12 Text Holotapes
- 86 Notes
- 8 Original Terminals (containing 14 new entries in total)


Easy Instructions

  • Create a clean save before testing the mod, then return to your clean save after testing.

  • Drag & Drop 7zip file into NMM and activate/install plugin.

  • Unzip 7zip file in your data directory (overwrite any existing files, due to naming convention these can only be files belonging to the mod, no vanilla files or settings are changed with this mod).
  • Activate mod through your favorite means
  • Delete the esp after testing.


Current content (obvious spoilers):



(O) = Original  Media (Text or chapters were added to original in game terminals, holotapes or notes)
(H) = HoloTape
(N) = Note
(T) = Terminal.
(P) = PreWar (Otherwise post war is assumed)

(A) = Audio


For instance:

(HP) = Holotape Prewar
(OTP) = Original Game Terminal Prewar
(NP) = Note Prewar, etc..


(O) = Original  Media (Text or chapters were added to original in game terminals, holotapes or notes)
(H) = HoloTape
(N) = Note
(T) = Terminal.
(P) = PreWar (Otherwise post war is assumed)
(A) = Audio

For instance:
(HP) = Holotape Prewar
(OTP) = Original Game Terminal Prewar
(NP) = Note Prewar, etc..

Lore items:

- DN102_2FAccountingTerminal (HalluciGen, Inc. - Accounting)
- DN056_AnalysisLabTerminal (Greater Mass Blood Clinic - Analysis Lab)
- BoS_DN017_MainframeAccessTerminal (Repair Department Terminal - Here There Be Dragons / ArcJet)
- DN009_LobbytTerminal
- DN020_StudentTerminalRustySub "Student Terminal" [TERM:0001F988]
- DmndMayorTerminal "Mayor McDonough's Terminal" [TERM:00065F7C]
- DN009_LobbytTerminal "Terminal" [TERM:000B9AE5]

**** 35 Court
- (NP) For Sale
- (NP) Turret Installation

**** Andrew Station
- (NP) Martha's Diary Pt 1
- (NP) Martha's Diary Pt 2
- (NP) Martha's Diary Pt 3

**** ArcjetSystems
- (NP) Your time is almost up.
- (NP) Scott's note to Mary
- (NP) Dear Scott
- (NP) Marketing Notes
- (NP) Gross!
- (HP) Notes to self
- (NP) Poor Bertha
- (NP) Laws of Robotics
- (NP) Work Scribbles
- CEO Terminal's
- (OTP) Repair Terminal

**** ArcJet Engine Core
- (NP) Cleanup

**** Backstreet Apparrel
- (N) They kidnapped me
- (N) She's mine!
- (N) He did it

- Talke to the doc

**** BeaconHillAppartments
- (NP) Just smoke and Ashes
- (N) I'm freaked out
- (N) Can't sleep
- (N) Many Good Food!
- (N) Good place to rest up

**** BeaconHill Prost Bar
- (NP) Cheers
- (NP) Black Rain
- (NP) Poor Baby

**** Beantown Brewery
- (NP) They're stuck in there
- (NP) On brewing
- (N) Jackpot
- (NP) Forget it

**** BigJohnsSalvageCar
- (NP) He's dead

**** Boston Bugle
- (NP) Buster is nuts
- (NP) Last pack
- (NP) Found the Holotape
- (HP) Vault Tec Case Files
- (N) Break your face
- (NP) Todo

**** Boston Airport Ruins
- (NP) You're safe now
- (NP) Going to mom's
- (NP) He tricked us
- (NP) Groceries
- (NP) The silence
- (NP) Found more food
- (NP) All the exits are closed

**** Boylston Club
- (NP) Don't slip up
- (NP) The Bohemian Club
- (HPA) DARRYL History A.I. program report 78 - ND0: The Bohemian Club
- (NP) This watch
- (NP) The strongest

**** Boston Mayoral Shelter
- (HPA) DARRYL History A.I. program report 78 - NC9: Fallout shelters
- (HP) Staff Instructions
- (NP) Riot Notes
- (NP) Stealth Boy
- (NP) Wilson's message
- (NP) Jake's message
- (NP) Sam's message
- (NP) Everyone is shouting

**** Boston Public Library
- (HPA) DARRYL History A.I. program report 86 - DF2: Boston Public Library
- (N) We went to Concord

**** Copley Station
- (HTA) DARRYL History A.I. program report 93-DF3: Copley Station
- (NP) When I wake up

**** Dartmouth Professional Building
- (NP) Goodbye
- (NP) I'm sorry my love
- (N) Cram

**** Fort Strong
- (NP) Charles Jones 1
- (NP) Charles Jones 2
- (NP) Charles Jones 3
- (NP) Charles Jones 4
- (NP) Charles Jones 5

**** Hawthorne Estate
- (N) I wish you were here

**** Old North Church
- (NP) Shelter
- (N) Supplies
- (NP) Broke my hip
- (NP) Old North Church History
- (NP) Speech Queue Card

**** Sentinel Site
- (NP) Locked In
- (NP) Targeting us
- (NP) I'm changing
- (NP) Bulky Menace
- (NP) Eggheads
- (NP) The Darkness

**** Red Rocket
- (HP) Red Rocket History & J's Note
- (NP) Red Rocket Service Guide
- (NP) Red Rocket Sales Flyer

**** Wilson Automatoys Corporate HQ
- (N) I think they killed them
- (NP) Can't seem to duplicate
- (HP) Super Mutant Case Files 1
- (NP) The ultimate in equestrian robotics

**** Vault 75
- (HP) History of Vault Tec 1
- (HP) History of Vault Tec 2
- (HP) History of Vault Tec 3
- (HP) History of Vault Tec 4
- (HP) History of Vault Tec 5
- (NP) History of Vault Tec
- (NP) Is this a vault?


A *lot* of new screenshots (obvious spoilers for the mod):



























If you like this idea, you are welcome to provide input! I will try to keep sort of a dev diary here in this thread so you guys can follow the process. I will share the ESP's as I work on them, with anyone that's interested in testing things out so far. Especially any typos or weird grammar/sentence building found will be highly appreciated!


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This prewar lore is fascinating. I've been reading up on black (soot) rain and fallout. Then wrote this note and placed it in the Prost Bar (The Cheers reference bar near Boston). It will be added in V0.0003 of the build.


After the black rain starts, a family tries to find shelter in the Prost bar, near Swan's Pond.



We found shelter here after the fallout started. Black soot is everywhere. We could hardly breath. There was a man here in the bar, he was huge. But I think Steven killed him so we could get in. I think he may have killed more than one man, I'm not sure. I wasn't paying attention during the chaos. Sarah and Jayce were clinging at me while I was making sure they were safe. There's bodies everywhere here, most of them look as if they died in the initial blast. We pretended for the children that it was a game but Sarah's not buying it.

I don't think that Dad will make another night. He is just moaning now from the pain of the sores and he doesn't respond to questions. It's like Steven doesn't even care anymore. My father is dying but I think he's drinking alcohol in the backroom. All of us are coughing up blood and the sores are excruciating.

I don't know why Sarah is not being affected by the radiation like us. Jayce got sick this morning, but she seems fine. Poor baby! What if I die? What if all of us die? Why isn't she affected like us? She has sores but they look dry. And she's skipping about as if she has more energy than usual. She's been complaining about the light since this morning though. When I checked, her eyes looked strange. I've never seen pupils dilate this far. I've asked Jayce to look around and find her some sunglasses. He's young enough to treat searching the bodies as a game, not the nightmare that it is.

I need to talk to Steven, I know he's upset about what happened. But he had no other choice. He needs to man up and get us out of here. I won't leave my baby behind alone in this broken world. I'll put her to sleep before that happens!

Damned communists! I hope they burn in hell! I hope we bombed them into oblivion! I hope their children are dying like ours are. And I hope they burn for what they've done to us, those Chinese bastards!


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Added 3 new locations today:


- 35 Court (2 Lore items) 

- Old North Church (5 Lore items).

- Dartmouth Professional Building (3 Lore items)

- Fort Strong (5 Lore Items)

- Fixed typo's and grammar issues in Andrew Station diaries.


12 New lore items in total.


Reworking most notes to use a different model for pre-war notes v.s. post-war notes, this should make it easier for players to make the distinction between pre-war lore and pos-war lore.


Will be uploading v0.0004 in a couple of hours reflecting these changes + what I get done in the meantime.

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This is actually what every Bethesda Fallout needs. But I have to ask if you're using the rather flimsy lore that Bethesda introduced as a basis for things, the older Interplay-era Fallout lore that was a bit more in line with the 1950's sci-fi schlock feel and somewhat more consistent, fan-created lore, or a combination of the above? Or none of the above? I'm a bit of a Fallout purist and really miss the grimmer, sometimes cheesy ideas from the original ideas (a giant mole rat called the Brain who tasks the Chosen One with finding him a box of Cheesy Poofs in FO2, for example).

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18 hours ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:

This is actually what every Bethesda Fallout needs. But I have to ask if you're using the rather flimsy lore that Bethesda introduced as a basis for things, the older Interplay-era Fallout lore that was a bit more in line with the 1950's sci-fi schlock feel and somewhat more consistent, fan-created lore, or a combination of the above? Or none of the above? I'm a bit of a Fallout purist and really miss the grimmer, sometimes cheesy ideas from the original ideas (a giant mole rat called the Brain who tasks the Chosen One with finding him a box of Cheesy Poofs in FO2, for example).

I try to incorporate several things.


- Original Fallout Lore

- 'Flimsy' lore as you call it, expand on it.

- Fan created lore (my own but always fact checked)


But: (And this is important): I am open for texts from anyone. As you can see I already did a lot of writing, but more is always welcome. If you have an idea for a lore item (HT, Note, Terminal) somewhere let me know and I will add it to the specific location (Unless the location was already done in the locations list in the original post. I generally don't want to revisit locations until I've done all of them).


The mod so far is focusing on 3 things:


- (History) Incorporate a background on each location, make parallels to real life. For example you can learn about the real brewing process of beer inside Beantown Brewery.

- (PreWar) Tell as much as I can about the story RIGHT after the bombs fell (many of the notes are written by survivors in the aftermath of the nuclear war)

- (PostWar) Go more in depth of existing lore > Add characters to raider, gunner and other factions by incorporating them into existing terminals and notes, then giving them notes and terminals/HT's of their own.


I do try to incorporate less known things. For example you can find lore about the Secret Vault, a lot of information about FEV. (e.g. At least five different variations of the post-Great War FEV are known to exist, plus one rumored, F87, Mariposa, FEV Curling-13, Eden, VT and The Institute strain). As an example, you can follow the notes and holotapes of a member of the Enclave that inspected the Institute FEV strain, thus giving me an opportunity to write a lot more about it than is known in game.




Doctor Monsano has asked me to follow and study a group of Super Mutants for several days; in order to find any means that can help further our projects. So far the stealth suit has held up and has allowed me to study the subjects from up close in their natural habitat without any risk to myself. I am confident to have identified a new strain of FEV in the mutants here in Boston. The differences are immediately apparent through the more greenish skin that these Super Mutants have, but deeper study revealed a large divergence in the way that they evolved here v.s. the other sites that we have investigated.



Each location has at least 4 sets of lore for me:


- Prewar lore (Some notes on what happened at that location prewar)

- Postwar lore (e.g. notes from gunners, raiders, minutemen, etc..etc..)

- History of the location in REAL Life

- History of the location in FO4 Lore


For instance, you can find a cheat sheet of the real speech that Ford gave at the real life Old North Church (guess at which location heh).

Here's some examples on 'personal lore'. I wrote this while using documentation on real fallout effects that people experienced in the aftermath of Hiroshima, for instance (e.g. people applauding after the bombs fell was a real thing).


Part of Mary's log, inside Andrew Station. A 19 year old girl who got stuck in the underground metro with a group of people, right after the bombs fell:



Day 1
The bombs fell and now I'm stuck underground with about 50 other people! I was rushing home when it happened, most likely just like the others stuck down here with me. I don't know what happened to mom or dad. I guess they're gone now.

It all happened so fast.
It started with a huge low thumping sound from outside. It just reverberated through the metro station. I never heard anything that scary in my life. Then everybody just stopped what they were doing. People were looking around in disbelief. Some of them fell to their knees, crying and wailing. Then a swash of dust blew in when the entrance way collapsed.

At first there was a strange sort of calm, it was like everybody was resigned in the fact that it was bound to happen anyway. People seemed to be happy that we somehow survived, some even applauded, stupid people.
I can only imagine what's going on outside. We can feel the heat, even down here. And the smell!

Then the power went out and it went dark. Everybody just went nuts, trying to get out. But we're completely stuck, there's a lot of rubble.


Day 2
There is still rumbling outside, and the rubble blocking the exit is hot! No one dares to come close after what happened to Mr. Stewart. He panicked and tried to claw his way out. But then he just collapsed.
His hands were completely burned.

People are getting sick.
Parker says it's radiation and I believe him. He's been acting like the leader of the group since last night. I trust him.


Day 6
Most of the others are dead, including Parker.
I think we started with about 60 people but there's only 8 of us left now. Almost all of us are sick now. And one by one people started dying. We've pushed the bodies besides the tracks so they're out of the way. But the smell is overwhelming.

The darkness is very unsettling, even after so many days.
We have oil lamps, but the oil is running out so we're rationing.

Sebastian has been nice to me. He's a lot older than I am, but he treats me like his little sister, in the way that he takes care of me. I know I'm only 19, but I've been through a lot in my life. He thinks I'm innocent, but I've seen my share of shit.

Both of us got sick, but it's affecting us differently than the others.


Day 23
Our eyes have now completely adjusted to the darkness. I can see as well as I could with daylight. The oil went out about a week ago. I'm also not thirsty or hungry anymore, even though I've not eaten or had a drop of water for 5 days now. That's good. But my skin has never been this bad. I'm happy I don't have a mirror here. I can feel it peeling off. If I look anything as Sebastian does now then I won't be happy.

We tried exploring the station but the rails are still electrified. It must be running on a different circuit than the lights. I can't explain it, but I somehow feel content, safe here. It's just a small group of us now, but it feels safer than it did before.


Day 63
Shit, so much has happened.
Where to begin?
We're leaving. We want to go deeper into the station. The radiation is growing worse and it's affecting the others differently.

The others are just staring at the walls, shuffling about. They're not responding to us anymore. We tried to convince them to come, but they just look at us with empty black eyes. Do we look the same now? Are my eyes black as well? Sebastian said we can't wait any longer, otherwise we might become like the others.
My skin feels wrinkled and broken.
Will I lose my mind like them?



Part 1 of 5 of the history of Ensign Charles Jones, who was part of the first field tests of a new prototype Power Armor designed to be catapulted towards enemy territory (no falling damage, yeah right). Poor Charles got stuck inside a suit, his limbs crushed, and was kept alive for over a month behind enemy lines by the medical systems in his suit as he suffered and hallucinated (that he was already back home).


This in turn prompts the military to instruct their contractor to remove the 'auto-stimpak' feature in combination with Stealth Boys as it can result in soldiers suffering unknown extents while invisible and being kept alive by their suits but unable to move.



Dear Staff Sergeant DeVries,

These 5 letters were found in enemy territory, 16th November 2069. All dates in the letters correspond most likely to entries made in 2067 during one of our first drops in Alaska. They were written by Ensign Charles Jones. And, well. It's best if you read it for yourself, sir.

X.O. Reinhardt

First letter follows:

20th February
Dear Jesse,

The war is over for me, I'm being shipped back home in a transport that's seen far too much sorrow, even for a medical transport. They dropped us in coffins, not real coffins but metal bullet shaped penetration pods. Attack pods they call them, designed to penetrate the hull of enemy vessels. But we just call them coffins. Base ship distracts them with barrage fire and we drop in undetected to board the ship using Power Armor.

But the drop didn't go as planned for me, I got clipped with shrapnel and made a nose dive into what might be their cargo hull. It took them 16 hours to get me out of there. My legs are busted beyond repair, doc says, but I'll be fine he says. They'll replace them. I hope you like scars, because I've earned a few fighting those bastards, I'm sure I killed a dozen on my way in, my coffin was littered with their blood when they finally rescued me.




Or, what did the two scientists think that were stuck inside the Sentinel launch rooms?



I'm stuck. At first we thought there was something wrong with communications. But when the blast hit, it was clear to everyone that this was not a drill or glitch.

It seems the Chinese targeted Sentinel site on purpose. The blast was literally right above our heads. Where did they get their Intel? No matter, it's too late now.

Blast protocol is not disengaging. I authenticated the launch order myself but it won't budge. Now the blast doors are stuck and the facility is in a launch loop. Just another contingency they failed to anticipate...

I see Sarah at the main door, trying to get out together with Fred.
But where would she go? We've been pounded into the ground! Judging from the first readings coming in, nothing will survive there for hundreds of years.

I hope they get me out of this cubicle soon.



Part 2 of 5 holotapes on the history of Vault Tec (to be found inside Vault 75)



Even though Vault-Tec's high ranking personnel had a better chance of being slotted for stay inside a vault during any type of crisis, they designed and created their own private shelter for emergencies. None of them had any intention of ending up in any one of the badly designed vaults and experiments of the general vault network. Designated for top employees and their families only, this facility was kept secret even from the U.S. government. It is now promptly known as the 'Secret Vault' by a select few.



As a last (future) option. I want to design a quest in which the user can restore the 'general database network', that many terminals in the game say is offline. By activating a set of terminals across the network, the player would be able to restart the 'general database network' and grant access to all prewar records. But this is something for later.

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Development of this project has begun again.


April 7 - 2019 - Development Update.
I've restarted active development of the mods, first by stabilizing it, then by removing all bugs, then by starting to slowly add content.
Today quite some work was achieved and slowly the mod will be developed further:
- Laid the groundwork for the Companion EyeBot named D.A.R.R.Y.L. it doesn't count as a real companion. You can ask it to follow you around. It will cower during battle. You can talk to it to ask about the lore and histories of the locations you visit. Lots of work still to do there.
- Changed all the Holotape WAV versions to properly quested and subbed holotapes as I  should've done in the beginning.
- Added Kendall Hospital (5 new notes, 1 new Holotape, 1 new voiced Holotape)
- Fixed all notes and holotapes to not be havok enabled so they don't jump around during fights (or fall through the floor). I found many notes missing after a fight in some areas, due to notes being 'blown away' by weapons fire and explosions.
- Fixed the position of all notes so you can actually pick them up and you don't have to noclip to get them, half stuck into the ground.
Lots and lots more coming.
I'll upload the current build soon for a taster.


April 8 - 2019 - Development Update.
Development on the framework of the D.A.R.R.Y.L. eyebot has been completed. It functions as basic follower but DOES NOT COUNT AS A COMPANION. So you can recruit Darryl while traveling with your other companions.


Darryl is functioning beautifully as designed. He's a small eyebot (60% scale) that will follow you around at a discrete distance. When combat ensues, it will hide away until the combat is over, then it will return. It is invulnerable and cannot be hurt due to it's self repairing systems.
Once recruited, you can approach Darryl at any time and ask him either about the current situation of a certain location (which will provide insight, lore and secret locations) or you can ask him about the HISTORY of that location, at which time he will proceed to tell you about all known lore that it has in its memory banks about a certain location.
This lore will be based on FO1, 2, 3 and 4 and nothing else.
Now that the basic framework is done I will start adding the lore of all locations.
I expect Darryl to eventually have around 2000 lines of dialogue when I'm finished with him.
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256 Idles (short) and 16 situational dialogue items (long) were added to Darryl today. I've been working on the framework so I can transplant it into Ivy, then go from there.


I like working on this mod when I don't have a lot of energy for Ivy's more difficult stuff as you can just pump out idles and dialogue without too much hassle or thinking, often using the Fallout Wiki as basis for the information that Darryl provides about locations.


I've learned A LOT about camerawork and dialogue scenes that I will put to good use for Ivy, therefore I'm happy that I have this mod to try out things first.


Also, DARRYL is cheeky as FUCK! :D


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Tweaked more on Darryl as I was performing double duty for work. These long shifts have a lot of staring at progressbars, granting me the opportunity to work on this mod as it's much easier and lighter to work on than Ivy. I managed to fix some issues with Workshop mode and added 35 location dialogue lines for Darryl. Speaking with him, upon entering an area, can really help to make the area more alive as you play it and Darryl will likely know about secrets you may have never even heard about.


All in all, despite the hundreds of new lore items such as notes and holotapes, Darryl is a HUGE mod in itself...

Darryl offers THREE sets of dialogue:



Every once in a while, Darryl will speak a random Idle from his thousands of lines of Lore information. These can range from one liners with info about Super Mutants, to easter eggs, jokes and other amusing dialogue lines you might expect from a mod like this.


2 - Situational / Tactical information

Approach Darryl when entering a new location and speak with him. Ask him about the location. He will tell you information about the location, hidden items and notable loot in the area, and he will inform you on which types of enemies you may encounter.


3 - Historical and Lore information

Approach Darryl and ask about the history of a location. Darryl will then proceed to tell you about any history and lore it knows about this location, giving you unique lore and information some of which is very obscure and hard to find should you want to look for it yourself.


There's a long list of locations I'm working through and it'll take a while before I have each and everyone documented.

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6 minutes ago, helgen_has_fallen said:

Any chance of interaction between DARRYL and Ivy? I'm not sure how you'd do it but Excelsior2000 did it with Recorder and Ambriel in Skyrim so it seems like it should be possible in Fallout. I just have this hilarious mental image of Ivy wondering about the things she could do with DARRYl's microphone.

Yes, in fact I am working on integration between the two at this moment. If I can set it up (remember, I'm not nearly as good a modder as for instance Flashy is) then I should be able to kick off random chats between Darryl and her (and other companions as well of course).

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Added a warp system to Darryl for when he lags behind. Transplanting it to Ivy. Fixed Darryl's Idles (he uses the same idle chatter routines as Ivy) so he doesn't chat when the player is sneaking. Did some research on Fo4 lore for locations I need to add. There's still so many that its mind boggling and I'm wondering what I got myself into. There's about 130 locations in the game and I decided to give two sets of dialogue for each location. Basically I want Darryl to be able to say something about the current situation AND the historical lore about any location that you visit in the Commonwealth.


This is a pretty big undertaking but I'm determined to finish it. It'll take a while though as I'm prioritizing Ivy above the Extended Lore Project, using it as playground to test things out I want to use in Ivy.

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