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Anyone Know Any Good, Up-to-Date "Skyrim" Load Guides?


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Looking to get back into Skyrim, but SUPER out of date!  The list of mods out there is so massive I don't even know where to start!  On the Fallout Nexus site, I stumbled across an INCREDIBLE load guide for making the game as pretty and smooth as possible!  Step by step instructions, down to load order, optional suggested mods, when to over-wright and when not to, step by step for things like SKSE and FNIS, etc.  Anyone know of anything on par for Skyrim?  Considering the site I'm asking this on, I think we'd all probably prefer ones that have a slight (or not so slight) emphasis on making things sexier (IE, making the ladies and dudes and hot as possible, possible skimpy armors, maybe even a dip into Sexlab).  I'd also be totally fine with just the regular old guide, and tackle those bits later on my own. :smile:  So, anyone here used these sorts of guides before, and do you have a good recommendation?

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if you wish to make things sexier there are 2 guides that will help


for basic start up but you will want the latest versions of FNIS and Sexlab - the 1.62 for Skyrim Legendary Edition (oldrim) or the 1.63 beta for SSE



this one is for Legendary Edition and will help more also (you can skip the parts yu do not want, but should still read the whole thing).



hope this is helpful


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