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LoversLab(sex) mods that allow you to play as male

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Im looking for some mods that would allow you to be male and still enjoy the mod. There are a lot of mods that require you to play as female to be a slave or anything like that. But are there any mods like that where you place as male and can be a slave but no gay actions.
I know there are mods like enslavement you can be a male and enslave but im looking for more

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  • Amorous Adventures is mainly meant for straight male PCs and is built with that point of view in mind, so it should be what you are looking for. For the record it does include two optional male (gay) romance options, but you can opt out of those (there is a specific option for that).
  • SexLab Solutions was built for female characters but also has several options with female NPCs that would suit a male PC just fine.
  • SL Eager NPCs has support for PCs of both genders, and you can choose to simply not use the dialogue option on male NPCs and use it only on females. The events (dragon soul absorb orgy and the wake up/location cleared ones) may not have a gender-pairing filter, but from my experience it always tries to pair up the PC with at least one NPC of the opposite gender when possible.
  • Something like Spouses Enhanced should work just fine for a male PC with a female spouse, and with gender-appropiate dialogue too. IIRC it was even originally built for male PCs, since the "wardrobe" mechanic and its use in the events is mostly suited for a female spouse.

Those are the ones from the top of my head. There's probably more, though.

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