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V 1.0.4 is now uploaded - Fixed barrel textures all having the red symbol on them for punishment barrel. Fixed Tpose bug. If you do get it then wear an article of clothing. Added new animation for barrel. Added new voice files for female on barrel.


Okay I would like to apologize for updating this so much but a bug was found that affected game play and I did not want y'all to go through the weekend with it. So here is SlaverMod 1.0.3


I am so sorry I think I deleted stuff on the forums here...never let me write on forums. Anyways here is the latest Mod that fixes stuff.

Here are the changes for SlaverMod 1.0.3

By the way i am sorry for another update but the weapon issue seemed like a major one to me so I fixed it and then figured I'd fix the other things people have mentioned. Anyways here we go. Oh and I'll try to find someone that knows what they are doing with forums to post things for me. Duh.

Fixed a major bug where weapons would not strike where you were aiming after using furniture or freemode. 


Removed Shift L as a taken control that did nothing but spit out what anim mode you were currently running. (This was left over from testing ...oops) This is why I am not a doctor. "Hey nurse where is my scalpel?" "I dunno last time I saw it we were closing up the patient".


Fixed penis non flopis ( penis not using physics ) after using either freemode or furniture. Let the penis flop in the breeze as the creators intended! By the way boobs now bounce afterwards also but who cares about boobs?

Tightened up the boob physics on all items and also added it to freemode. I spent the day basically programming a virtual bra. Don't laugh they were too saggy and if they still are lemme know I have a wrench I'll tighten them up more.



Thanks to 8BitKeion for bringing the weapon bug to my attention and to Suldra for testing her little fingers off. Thanks Tyra for listening to me rant.


Tyra - Today at 5:31 PM
You've done well, Young Skywalker.  The Modding Force is strong with you.




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Very nice mod, i love to see more cumming comming in the future! ;)


The only issues is the hardcoded controls for it, because it's a mess trying to run it with non-english layout, because switching it because of a single mod, it makes more problems as it should. :cry:


Is there no way to have a config file for the keys, or the ability to config them with the option menu?




and by the way, you didnt delete stuff in the forum, you just made a new thread.  the old one is here:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92306-slavermod/


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Thanks for adding the support for other keyboards. It works well (on the rug. freemode freezes as TBlues just wrote), but I can't switch roles. Nothing happens when pressing the -/+ key. (either the one on my keyboard, or where they are on a qwerty layout)

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Well after some testing, on my rig runs everything smooth, when I start with english(Uk) layout. If I start the game with german layout, I am not able to enter the dom-freemode. But some of the players having still the freezing bug no matter with wich layout they start the game. 


Oh wait, I deleted my first post after I saw that it runs on my pc. The problem is that some people on our server chaos altar start to freeze if they try to use the free mode. As I know everything else works fine.


best regards 





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I saw that bug but only in the male dom mode last night. What is happening is the animation instance is being saved when you activate the sub or dom mode or sit on the furniture. Sometimes it does not save the normal conan one fast enough and changes to the anim instance that will control the mod animations. This out of sync way of changing variables seems crazy to a programmer but it is what it is.


You can actually force it to mess up by hitting the plus key twice fast as was shown to me by a friend last night. To squish this bug I will change where I copy your normal animation instance when play begins and use that as the restore point to get you back to conan animations. This way i won't be trying to gather that information right when the key is pressed. Look for that fix in the next update.


Also ALL barrels got the red dot texture...oops. I will restore the normal texture for barrels and this time create a copy of the barrel material and apply it to the discipline barrel. I had changed the texture in the discipline barrel material but did not realize I was changing it for all barrels. 3 wacks on the barrel for me!


One other thing is I have an HTC Vive VR headset and am buying the markers for full body mocap. As the markers are 100 bucks a piece and I really need 6 of them it will take months. I will use this system to create my own motion capture especially the guy animations which really need more work. Thanks for using the mod everyone sorry about any bugs I'm very active in squishing them as i become aware of them.



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I tried the mod today with a female character, while i am dom. I got following issue. Female was sitting on invisible chair and i hat animations. But the player on other side got both avatars in animation. We play on coop-mode. Our other mods are. Pippi, Pythagoras, Horticulture, World Assets, Make-up fix and SlaverMod

Could you please help me?


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