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  1. question :s out of curiosity my rig win7x64 gtx1060-6gb 16gbram i5-7500-4x3.4 (seller fucked me over with cpu, coz i wanted some k at the end but nope he knows better) game run in pseudo dx 12 anyways im playing on all low, tex max, res scaling 70 and i have 20/30-40 fps my question is = if i add rtx2080 and new hard drive or sdd , also planning to install win 10 finally as 2nd os (my win 7 is all i need rite now but yeah whatever) if i add this stuff to my rig will i get any fps boost with my current cpu and ram ? hoping for advice
  2. i though it was official tools, my bad... cd project will release any tools in future ? i have hopes in this rather than cybey twerk shit and its sjw author ;/ unrelated but kewl ^
  3. u mean this https://github.com/WolvenKit/CP77Tools ?
  4. woah finally something for empress enthusiasts, time to get back to this game ;o
  5. spoilers could someone share save b4 panam shower scene ? cheers OuO
  6. i bet someone will made 2b mod but not a2 -_-
  7. nah this game and previous one was just quick cash grab (duhhh) so why have high expectation :s
  8. guess we have to wait few months, unless modders lose interest :] too bad 777 is on hiatus or somethin ;s
  9. i saw something like that on patreon somewhere but twas 50$ pledge
  10. best modders are usually from china or asia overall, but they never are eager to share thier stuff outside of sites like 3dm or ali, and forget u find anything in google about thier works ;/ even maliwei777 mods are scarce to find nowdays -__- edit i think its bcoz ppls takes thier work, like maliwei777 or others modders, change thier stuff slightly and charge $$$ as thier own on either patreon or wherever (like dr.slump), thank simple sim idiot john evans and dr.slump and others like them who charge cash for mods for this outcome, and no wonder zero interest in sharing
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