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  1. Drakemasta

    [CE] Conan Exiles Mod Wishlist

    hhhhhmmm i would like it if they just added dongs or tatas on the "inhuman" mobs but one of the big things i want is a better first person model when you look down at yourself weather ur a dude or chick. really balloons? or a sausage/golfball or two?
  2. would it be possible for you to do a female grim reaper outfit?

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    2. Drakemasta


      ah if it helps i know where to get a male version (origin store has one for free but sadly only male)

      if not thx anyways

    3. JoshQ



      Sorry, it’s not impossible but it would require a whole lot of time and patience, I have neither.

    4. Drakemasta
  3. Drakemasta

    [French Post] Luna Star Escort Girl

    any chance of english pics of the trait write up?
  4. Drakemasta

    Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    ok so there is still alot of merit in using okw if you want exhibition and beastiality
  5. Drakemasta

    Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    ok so the origional mod you took up only had one skill linked to it did you add more like okw has? like okw has exhibition, zoolover, woohoo and several traits that boost the effectiveness of the skills but the origional animated woohoo only has woohoo
  6. first off i love the mod. secondly can we get this body mesh applied to the sexy-armors mod on steam? (the one by feodor markovitch sadovnikov)
  7. Drakemasta


    any chance of pics?
  8. Drakemasta

    Dress Code | Custom Lot Trait

    there is a bug still tho in that your link to the base mod is no longer good...... the author moved it to his site so you need to update your links
  9. Drakemasta

    Mass Effect 3 - Sexy Squad.

    has anyone else noticed that people like to put pubes on the asari? they dont have hair on any of the visable parts of their bodies so what kind of sence does pubes make on them?
  10. good idea well implimented but sadly i would like to see it as a standalone mod seperate from the monsters mod because of the ctd bugs in it and the fact its no longer being worked on
  11. Drakemasta

    Cast Away Island

    *clicks download link....... loads steam page then clicks back* no thank you steam is the last place i will go to get mods for skyrim or any bethesda game.
  12. Drakemasta

    Accessory Body N02

    any reason its not offered in winter, or swimwear sections too?
  13. Drakemasta

    Boston Breeder

    why is danse's holotags, and elianora's junk yard atire required?
  14. ohh the leotard? i can't do that now because i made the mesh like it is now , so basically its a hole there. eh thats ok but it might be something to keep in mind for a later time.