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Help with CTD?


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Hi there. I'm running Skyrim with 162 plugins active and it won't stay open long enough for me to even install Sexlab before it CTDs. It's usually more stable than this so I'm guessing it's a load order problem. I've attached the txt file for the load order, could someone please help me rearrange it so that it works correctly? If you could find a way to make some devious devices stuff work correctly in there too, that would be great - I currently don't have it installed as I've never managed to have a stable game with it previously but ideally I just want devious regulations, captured dreams and the requirements. Thanks in advance.

today load order.txt

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Will need a little more detail here. Does the game crash before loading the main menu or right after you load a saved game? If the crashes happen before the game even loads the main menu, then you're missing a mod that requires one of your other mods to work. The easiest way to check is through the mod manager of your choice. They usually display the mod requirements.

You can also try the built-in load order organizer in your mod manager of choice. That's all I got, unfortunately.

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Try LOOT and NMM first. LOOT is the Load Order Optimisation Tool so it is what will sort your load order. LOOT will also tell you if you are missing any dependencies.

No point in getting involved with MO and the learning curve involved if you don't have to. Entirely possible to have a rock-solid install using NMM.


Have you tried following the S.T.E.P. guide? I would guess not as you don't use LOOT. If you are CTD-ing that early it could could be a dodgy ini setting.

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a few notes on your load order that may be helpful


Hearthfires.ESM should be before Dragonborn.ESM


i would personally move Sexlab.ESM to before CreatureFramework.ESM and SchlongofSkyrim - Core.ESM


other mods that it puts alphabetically tend to put Dragonborn stuff before Dawnguard stuff (GeneralDisplays for example) i would personally make sure those are

   in the right order (may not be needed but tends to work better i find).


i did not see a bashed patch (made with Wyerbash/WyreSmash).  you  might want to consider making one, if for no other reason than during the process it will

give you a "missing master warning" for actual missing or just misplaced master files.


that is all i see off-hand.  i hope this information is helpful (at least somewhat).



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