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  1. Try talking to your follower? That's about all I can suggest, usually works for me.
  2. I was able to get it to work on the DCL Followers (Leon), so it's not necessarily default followers. But, I would try using the debug option to add a follower. You may need to reload your game in order for it to pop. Sometimes it takes a few hours. Otherwise you could try to re-install the mod after you recruit them.
  3. Did this mod used to have a feature where all food was removed from containers throughout the world? I thought it did, but now I'm missing that option. If i'm wrong, can you point me in the right direction?
  4. Love the mod. Thanks for adding an update. Just an idea, how hard would it be to add an enchant to the game that added durability via this mod?
  5. Thanks for the mod. is there any way we can increase the cost of an abortion?
  6. i'll try that out, thank you! Also, it seems that the Slave Collar from DD no longer triggers any shocking at all. too many conflicts maybe
  7. Love the mod, gonna keep it on my order now, but I think I have to disable to bomb collar, maybe someone can give suggestions. I had a scene from, I believe, Sex Harrassment mod that put on the Vault-Tech Disciplinary collar. which ended up being the bomb collar and it worked awesomely. However, I was able to easily remove it with a restraints key from DCW. But now I'm collar-free but still blowing up when I attempt to wear clothing. Please help!
  8. Sorry if this was covered already, but I couldn't find it. When I get Abducted, I get transfered to the abduction site, but I cannot move or attack. I can use my pipboy and equip,use,consume items, but I cannot move or enter combat. Is there a console command to help or something I'm missing. Skyrim had a few mods that enabled player control and reset basic weirdness sometimes.
  9. Devious World, yes, that was something I ran with in my last install. Good thinking!
  10. Ok awesome. DF doesn't usually start up naturally for me. If I want to use it I have to recruit a follower, than use the debug to flip them to a DF. I think maybe the scripts take a while to kick in, since they do sometimes flip to a DF after a day or two. My worry is that since I'm not seeing this dialog option on my potential followers, it may be having the same issue. Thank you for the suggestions, I will make sure to boost up my res and try more vanilla followers. As for the cages, it could also be SL Survival. Once, I went to Whiterun inn and Hulda wanted to charge 500g or
  11. Hello. I'm having a bit of an issue with this mod, hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction. I've decided not to use a follower this playthrough, but i keep this mod in my load incase I change my mind, but most importantly, I enjoy the resistance and willpower losses. Is this mod associated with the inn-sleeping cages? That's besides the point, actually. My real problem is that when I'm low on Willpower/Resistance, a guard will stop me ask me where my master is and then cuff me with these Slave Cuffs, and follow me around. I can't console remove them, and no ot
  12. love this mod so much. Here is an idea for the future. Turning into a VampireLord or Werewolf - wrecks the shit out of your stuff.
  13. No idea where this guy originates, but you did a fantastic job creating him!
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