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Sims woohooing on streets.

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I don't know if this can be disabled somehow.

But good idea for the Mod, by the way :smile: What if proper Sims will call police to arrest debauchery Sims? Like it's already done with rape in KinkyWorld. So if Sims have memory of arrest for public Woohoo, they will refuse to do it again, unless they are heavily drugged...

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If using AW from Nraas, there is a privacy setting. Found in the Woohooer section.


If using KW, the name implies a 'kinky world', but you can always go: Nraas/Master controller/Advanced/Skills - scroll down and lower the settings for exhibition to 0 so they refuse to do it in public. While this isn't ideal, it should work for the more 'free' spirits in your town.

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