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  1. Thank you.....the animations have been created by me. Ladysmoks is correct in saying that the help I need is to route to and use the object.
  2. I have enlisted Twilightstorms help and have also been in contact with Onikikay. Working really hard to get this accomplished. The idea of change of clothes has already been accomplished. Again, thank you for your support and encouragement. Cheers
  3. Hello All, To those of you who have inquired about updates, I will be releasing a revised set of default animations which will allow you to place your sim mom on the bed during childbirth. You will need to use the "moveobjectson" cheat for now because I am still working on routing and object use. Anyone out there that can provide relevant help, please let me know. Be on the look out for the new defaults within the next day or two. Thanks!!! Happy Simming
  4. Yes, LadySmoks....I understand that you are joking!!! Thanks for the encouragement!
  5. Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for your interest in my project.....life happened and put a temporary pause on these. I am still here and work is still in progress. As of now I have the mod working with animations but you will have to use the "moveobjectson" cheat to place Sim mom on the bed. If you guys are ok with this, I will release it for use and continue working on the "route to" and "use objects" to perfect it. Please let me know...your votes and replies will help me determine if I should release it as is or wait until perfection!!!
  6. I appreciate the support...it goes along way. You can join my donator support group at Ko-fi/s3lynnmods. There you will find the latest updates on my work!!
  7. Go check out my YouTube page (search S3lynnMods) or Ko-fi/s3lynnmods for updates. I will be posting here but you can find current details on my Ko-fi Thanks for your support!!
  8. Thank you Storm...yes I have a handle on the jazz script and as I said the entire mod is working great with the exception of actually using the item that the sim routes to such as (getting in the bed to lay down prior to animating) and I have not yet perfected the "synchronized couple" coding. **I used the notes that you sent to me but my sim is still stomping and cussing before actually "using" the item.** I'm working on this right now in order to release the first stage. Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated!!
  9. THANK YOU .....TO EVERYONE that has dared to make the Sims3 more realistic for us gamers!!!! Now, back to our regularly scheduled program........:-) Happy Simming!!!!!
  10. Oh Nooooooooooo TwilightStorm please don't go......To all my fellow Simmers (especially Sims 3) Please be kind to all who are "donating" their time for us to have bonuses in our game. I learned animating on my own and am having to figuring out what I'm doing in C# because there is no help, literally! At least not a great deal of current free help and after doing this for about 2-3 years I COMPLETELY understand what goes into modding and I appreciate those who again "donate" their time. Can we STOP pissing off and running away those who are sincerely attempting to help us??? So they may not have the "perfect" answer. None of us......I repeat NONE OF US work for EA therefore NONE OF US will always have the perfect answer. I'm just saying please be nice and keep your thoughts about another persons disposition to yourself. That is not why we are here....RIGHT???? Happy Simming!!!
  11. Thank you TwilightStorm! And again it's GREAT to have you back!!!
  12. Please advise me as to where I can locate the PassionCustomTVChannels. My game always says there are no custom channels found.
  13. https://ko-fi.com/s3lynnmods I would greatly appreciate a tip, you can click the link above. This was hard work but I'm enjoying every minute of it and any assistance will make it possible for me to continue and dedicate more time to projects such as these!! Cheers!!!
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