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Looking for a suitable player home where there's snow..

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I thought I'd ask around.  What I want is a player home mod that's situated in a snowy area - well away from any major cities or towns - forest/mountains highly preferred.  Done in the Whiterun/Hjerim Nord style.  Must have a huge underwater bath - preferably steam spring fed just like Iceland.  And beds for followers and kids.  Cozy, but not too large. 


Anyone know of a player home mod that fits all of my specifications? 


Oh and a dungeon with cages is a bonus. 

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Fimbulvetr Retreat - Player Home Mod



Christmas Themed Player Home



Pale Marsh Manor - A Unique Player Home



Snow Elf Palace



there are a lot, but the requirements in your list (accessories), are probably not guaranteed! :classic_wink:



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