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THE SIMS 3:  I've just recently installed Kinkyworlds and I'm absolutely loving the cannabis plant actions! <3 I came across an article a couple days ago about being able to sell items, including cannabis, joints, weed, etc, from your inventory and for the life of me, I can't find the article that told you which mod from NRAAS that allows you to sell from your personal inventory... does anyone know which mod that is???

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On 31/12/2017 at 23:20, queenievee said:

THE SIMS 3: Acabei de instalar o Kinkyworlds e estou absolutamente adorando as ações das plantas de cannabis! ❤️ Eu encontrei um artigo há alguns dias sobre ser capaz de vender itens, incluindo cannabis, baseados, maconha, etc, de seu inventário e, para a minha vida, não consigo encontrar o artigo que dizia qual mod de NRAAS que permite que você venda de seu estoque pessoal ... alguém sabe qual mod é esse ???

Hello, could you pass this marijuana mod?
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1. Just install OnikiKay's Kinky Mod. The free version's on this site, more recent ones on Onikikay's Patreon.

2. Get your sims to level 7 gardening (either by grinding, or using MasterController Cheats).

2. Keep checking seed spawn locations ("unknown seeds") in your town until you find cannabis seeds. Or use mobile phone -> online shopping for a horrible quality seed.
3. Plant the seed
Then ... 

4. If I remember right there were some strange bugs with Onikikay's weed, I can't remember too well though. I think if a collectable cannabis item appears on the plant base you should not pick it up. Or seeds disappear on loading, something harmless but annoying like that.

5. The harvested weed will be too wet to smoke or sell, just keep it in the inventory or a container

6. once it's dry you can sell it for huge amounts at the alchemy and consigment places, or use "funny" -> "dare to" "smoke joint" on sims, or approach sims and "offer shady deal".

If I remember right it just gives you a minor mood boost when high and a mood debuff when no longer high; and I think I remember that the smoking animation takes forever :)







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7 hours ago, Yotix said:

I think if a collectable cannabis item appears on the plant base you should not pick it up. Or seeds disappear on loading, something harmless but annoying like that


The only thing I can confirm about this in my experience - is the strange fact that KW cannabis which isn't harvested within an ? amount of time will indeed leave it's harvest-able on the ground near the plant base. I never had an issue picking it up, and used to do so regularly when visiting lot's I used to play which had growing plants. I said strange because default EA plants leave their harvest-ables on the 'vine' till picked.


7 hours ago, Yotix said:

you can sell it for huge amounts at the alchemy and consigment places


I'll look at this again, hoping I overlooked something as I've had discussions with other Sims players (you can find those with a search) in trying to be self employed as a drug dealer. While one can drag weed to the inventory sell box easily enough, making it an in game interaction is much more difficult while being much more immersive. Trying to get other Sims 'hooked' on a drug in order to sell it to them is a painfully long mini-game (I never knew many 'drug dealers' I would/could call friend), while being able to simply make it available for sale by using a selling stand, requires a change in some of the files XML's. Many players have an issue just getting to sell drugs to the criminal warehouse.


As I mentioned, I myself will look at this again concerning using the default EA consignment feature to see if it recognizes 'KW cannabis'. I have a 'Breaking Bad' save series and located a consignment store near by and have it operated by the NPC Gus Fring, but don't remember there being an option to offer Blue Sky for consignment...  In fact, Blue Sky wasn't available in the list of 'chemistry table' drugs sell-able to the criminal warehouse (which sparked a series of discussions on KW drugs and put 'that' save series on hold).


There may have been changes to KW since then (build 375) but I've seen nothing in the changelogs to reflect this. Still, if true and cannabis is recognized by the consignment list then at least there may be other options for weed growers.


Shame I can't find a bong 'use/animation/object' combination mod - joints are okay, but you can't 'pass' them. They already have the 'bubble blower - Hookah' in game. Plus KW cannabis has varying levels of quality - which affect nothing.







>>>>> @bellakris



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I think using NRaas Consigner will let you sell Cannabis at the consignment store. I haven't played with KW in a while, but I always used to have my sims sell harvested Cannabis through the consignment store, for a huge markup over the amount you get when selling form inventory.


Pro tip: buy 300-400 tomatoes from the grocery store and sell as many as you can through the consignment store when you first start playing your sim. This will very quickly raise your reputation with the store to the max, and give you the huge bonuses for sales and the discount on the commissions.

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