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[REQUEST] Turning Vilja into a high elf?

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I'm roleplaying as a non-dragonborn thalmor mage, whose objective is  (well, in short) to accompany the dragonborn. Vilja is my follower of choice for this role due to how extensive the mod is and how many features she has. The problem is; she's a Nord, and I'm not too much into betraying friends (so spying on the dragonborn as a thalmor doesn't appeal to me).


I could easily do this with NPC Visual Transfer Tool or Alternate Actors, but the latter doesn't work (the game freezes when trying to change to Vilja, maybe because of her custom race), and the former seems to be ineffective. I know NPC Visual Transfer works, since I have used it on the past, but I didn't have Requiem and Vilja's Requiem patch, which may or may not change her look back to default despite having her appearance changed to, for example, Minerva's.

I'd be thankful if someone could replace her looks to an acceptable looking elf females and send the file to me (which should be compatible with Requiem and the patch), or explain how can I do that myself.

Thank you in advance. :smile: Have a nice day.


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