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Hey everyone

Trying to find a mod i used about a year ago. From what i remember, it didn't have it's own page, just a DL link someone pasted in their comment on a forum here on LL. The ESP name of the mod in my load order was 'Direnni Tail' or something along those lines. As the name suggests, it added a HDT tail to the game. Does anyone know of the mod i'm speaking of, and can perhaps point me in the right direction? Thanks

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The mod is in the skyrim section, but I just had a lock and the file and it's actually oblivion and it doesn't even come with textures ^^.

I remember using it in the past, I think there was a skyrim version somewhere, but I'm not sure. 

It should be possible to convert this to skyrim.


Edit: Have a look at this one:


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1 hour ago, zilvradrow said:

Thank you very much. I'll try this one.

Du gibst dir so viel mühe mit mir. :classic_blush:

the only one and good one for succubus i use without issu

is bones tail from hdt tails in nexus you need only make texture black and i use bones wings with black texture

is 10x good the all others i tested and have no isuu at all and hdt is perfect

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Wow, didn't have notifications on and didn't see any of your replies, sorry everyone! But yes, thanks to Etherwindas that is indeed the file i was after. Thanks for everyone elses responses as well. As another note, i'm on the look out for a blindfold mod for a new follower I've been working on, and need something fancy looking. Tried blindfolds of Skyrim, but wasn't quite right. Anyone know of something decent? Cheers again :smile:

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