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Sex through conversation

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Prostitution mods for FO4 you initiate sex through conversation, the only difference is that the sex acts themselves (animations) are not included in these mods.

however, I am sure that the authour could do it if they wished.

  Then again Skyrim has so many sex mods, it would be hard to find which ones did not have the sex initiated through conversation.

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On 12/14/2017 at 9:40 PM, Ladders said:

Is there any mods that allow you to have sex through conversation with anyone, a la SmallerTalk for New Vegas?

SexLab Defeat's function for surrendering to enemies also lets you ask for sex from any NPCs if you're not in combat & aim your cursor directly at the NPC you want sex from. Maria Eden lets you ask people for sex too but its very script heavy & game changing mod so I'd be cautious with that. Flower Girls & AP Prostitution work too but require a persuasion check or special item/spell to be used & are limited in what animations they can use. Then SexLab Solutions let you offer sex or be rewarded sex in place of certain quest & side quest events (example: In Riverwood, Sven & Faendal want you to deliver fake letters to Camilla. Instead you can either offer sex to one of them or show Camilla both letters & accept her offer of sex as thanks.)

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Scent of sex would probably be overkill if that's all you want (bit more complicated but wayyy more options), but Follow me for sex and aSexyMod Deutsch with the english translation would be the first few that come to my mind for sex via dialogue with anybody & if you don't want prostitution. With prostitution my first choice for random sex would be TDF, approach them or dance to get approached while radiant prostitution adds some quests too.

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