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More muscular giants/bigger giants

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Hello does anyone know if exist mod that would make giants more muscular i wanna make them really giant and i have them at basic 20 setscale, i can even setscale them to 200 but i only have vanilla textures or texture with "giants with penises" or do you know if exist mod or anyone here could do mod which would allow me to setscale them to 500 (with basic 50) i have like 10 mods which changes height of giants but the biggest one i could do was 20 at basic. Thank you for your help and have a nice day



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Muscle's with skyrim bodies are done through the use of texture files to make the body look like they actually have muscle's but in fact they don't the body is still the same old flat smooth body. With giant's you might be able to do that as well to give them muscle's or you'll have to know a 3d tool as you have to make the body in one of them.

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