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Cutout Bodysuit. Exhibitionist bodysuit with cutout lower area for easy access. All genders. Available as Tops and Gloves.

Custom shadow, specular, and normal map.

Custom Thumbnails.



  • Citrontart (http://citrontart.tumblr.com/) for the colours.
  • Joanne Bernice (http://joannebernice.tumblr.com/) for the pose used in the custom thumbnail.
  • EA/Maxis, for the original textures.


Texture is not 3D, so any details like 3D nipples in this post are the gloves version over a nude top which does have those details.


I will not answer any further wcif's or questions about what CC is used in these pictures. 


5a1112393edf3_11-19-17_3-30-42PM.thumb.png.0772e9fdd952645b68cc3d433060ad1a.png 5a1112889d939_11-19-17_3-15-59PM.thumb.png.8c582ec2cd842ddc55c020640114c47d.png


  • TOU - Minimal. Don't profit off this, and if you make derivative works like recolours, credit me. (You don't need permission and can include the mesh. The "mesh")


Making content to suit both frames doubles my workload, as I have to make the same item twice to fit both frames. I do it because I want Sims of all genders to enjoy cute, sexy clothing. If you appreciate that, or anything else I do, consider leaving a donation. https://ko-fi.com/hbaabw


More bodysuits to come..?

11-19-17_3-41-00 PM.png


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