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[Sims 4] [WIP] Desireee's animations for WickedWhims

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I was really inspired by some great animators from the WickedWhims community so I made some animations too. I needed more male fapping animations in my game so I made some handjob animations for myself.


I thought of making animations for most of the locations in the game that is why I came up with my very own project which is to make animations of male sims fapping in different locations. I don't want to keep it to myself so I decided to contribute to the community by sharing my creations. I think that by sharing it, I can learn more about animating.


Below are some animations for male sims.



Solo Animations



Fap on floor








Fap on sofa ( compatible with loveseats )








Fap in shower









M to M Animations



Handjob in shower






Counter Blowjob








More to come!




Let me know if there are any problems!  :)


I am open for suggestions and criticism. I am still new to this kind of business so I apologize if my animations are crappy and soundless. 


Current Animations:




  • Fap on floor 1
  • Fap on floor 2
  • Fap on floor 3
  • Fap on floor Climax


  • Fap on sofa 1
  • Fap on sofa 2
  • Fap on sofa 3
  • Fap on sofa 4
  • Fap on sofa Climax


  • Fap in shower 1
  • Fap in shower 2
  • Fap in shower 3
  • Fap in shower Climax
  • Handjob in shower


  • Counter Blowjob


  • Fap on bed





  • This requires WickedWhims.
  • Download only the latest file and extract the contents in the Mods folder of the game.


Download below:



WW_Desireee_Animations 05-19-17.zip


Old Files: 






  • Added 1 Animation (Fap on bed).



  • Added 2 Animations (Handjob in shower and Counter Blowjob).



  • Fixed the issue of the game crashing in the Fap in shower sequence.


  • Increased animation length of all existing animations.
  • Made small changes to Fap on floor Climax animation (experimental). 


  • Added 4 Male Solo Handjob animations for showers


  • Added 5 Solo Male Handjob animations for loveseats and sofas.


  • Initial Release with 3 Solo Male Handjob animations for floors.


Special Thanks to:

TURBODRIVER and the animators who inspired me.

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Guest zheur

Not a bad attempt so far, I like them and thanks.



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Guest Redabyss

Thanks for the good work! :)

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I am writing a weird sci-fi porno and I need my male character some self pleasure time - thank you for these :D

ps - may i thank you and share my appreciation at your Asian model ? ;) he's adorable ^^


anyway - thank you for these :D <3 can't wait to try them myself :D

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Guest Redabyss

Hey man! Since you updated two times, I think you might want to do an announcement every time, since it's hard to keep track of updates this way XD

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  • Added 2 Animations (Handjob in shower and Counter Blowjob).





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Guest zheur

Love this! Thanks again.

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FINALLY! Do you realize how bloody hard it is just to find some gay animations for this game? Hardly anything here that doesnt involve a vagina, definitely gonna keep a close eye on this!

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Thank you!! I was waiting for more M/M animations for this awesome mod!

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Thanks for the great work, they look amazing and hot.

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