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Casanova play-through


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I am slowly assembling the list of the mods for the next Casanova play-through.

My current list includes:


-Devious Devices - Assets, Expansion, and Integration

-FunnyBizness Animations

-Amorous Adventures

-Beeing Female

-Scent of Sex (good for triggering custom events)


-Multi Marriage by Jamce


What other mods both adult and regular can one recommend for Casanova play-through?

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OSex might not be Sexlab Compatible just yet (if it ever will be) but it should fit the bill for Casanova Roleplaying. Vilja could also work if you want your protagonist to have a well developed significant other who can be romanced in addition to every other woman in the land (and one who expresses envy and distrust of one's female companions at times). She even has a Spouses Enhanced add-on.

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I'd say you need SLEN in that list, for romancy sex through dialogs and repeated attempts with increasing love-rewards, though if you're using Defeat and DD and Funnybizness' anims, I'm not sure.


Leito's SLAL or NSAP animations are more love-y which is what I would use for a casanova, and MasterMike has a few nice anims as well for SLAL



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