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The Only Way to Opt Out from Mod Picker

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Based on this post from TerrorFox1234,



Hi everyone,
We have written two documents responding to legal and ethical concerns, as well as our opt-out policy.
Regarding Opt-Out
Legal Status and Concerns
In regards to speculation about our moderation abilities and the idea that Mod Picker promotes anti-author behavior:
- Our terms of service and community guidelines will expressly forbid users from any outward or obvious anti-author behavior.
- Our moderation team will enforce strict guidelines which will not allow such behavior.
- Speculation about our ability to achieve these goals serves no purpose. You can make statements supported by evidence about our ability to create a community to your liking once our platform has launched.
The Mod Picker Team


it appears that the Mod Picker team blatantly disrespects and disregards the rights of all Mod Authors, and the only way to protect our content from being scraped, then added to their site against our explicit wishes is to hide all of our mods here, on the Nexus. I've already done the same. Who's with me?

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You can get Aurlyn here. Take a look:


For those who wish to download Aurlyn even after I've hidden the mod page in protest of Mod Picker, you can find all of the relevant information below. All links here are current, unless otherwise stated. Description and credits located in the Aurlyn ReadMe odt file, found in the Aurlyn Info folder, in the Main File. Thanks!


Main File:


http://www.mediafire...awnstone 2-3.7z


Optional Files:




http://www.mediafire...ce 2-66160-.zip




http://www.mediafire...rd 2-66160-.zip


http://www.mediafire...ate Sword 3.zip


http://www.mediafire...ate Sword 4.zip


http://www.mediafire...ate Sword 5.zip


http://www.mediafire...ate Sword 6.zip


http://www.mediafire...ate Sword 7.zip


http://www.mediafire...ate Sword 8.zip


http://www.mediafire...issal Patch.zip




http://www.mediafire...ts 1-66160-.zip


http://www.mediafire...Aurlyn Voice.7z

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