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Ok, coming off of a fresh install of skyrim with all DLC.
The issue is everything seems to work. I can talk to an NPC and I get the dialog, all the way through but the actor never strips their clothing off nor do I mine and I no animations they just walk off.


I attached some screen shots of my load order, It also says my creature pack is either not installed or working and it is installed. It shows that via NMM, I am only using MOD ORGANIZER because everyone was insisting that I use it to avoid errors. This is my first time using the organizer I went through the tutorial. I have LOOT but I have not used that yet. Any Ideas or suggestions. More information you may want to see to better help me. I have used other mods in the past like ASX.


I have done this without other mods installed and I get the same issue. Maybe I am missing something....


I also have


SEX LAB ROMANCE it failed to show up bc I accidentally clicked to disable it but its installed. too.


I mainly followed this but i didn't follow his instructions at the end, I selected all of the mods that he had listed on this video, I wanted to make sure I got the right files.

the below is the title of the video I watched.

How to Install SEX LAB Extended NOOB Xrated Edition by Hardcore ! Sexy ! Mods


any help would be much appreciated. THANKS





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You have a few warnings from "SexLab Nude Creatures". But these should not pose a problems on animations.


Did you installed correctly FNIS (directly in the Skyrim/Data folder)?

Did you added FNIS as application managed by MO?

Did you receive any error when running FNIS directly from MO?


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I have gotten no errors from FNIS. I did install FNIS correctly I used NMM.


I tried again after I reinstalled a fresh skyrim.


I installed Sexlab the latest version of framwork using NMM. I didnt install anything other than what was recommended. all through NMM.




mia's lair and hair addon as well as piercings.

aroused redux



xp32 max skeleton


All I get is people standing there making noise or they walk away. I get nothing else. I got rid of all that creatures stuff. as I do not think I needed it in the first place.


I would just like to make it work lol.


Anyone have a list of mods and install order that they would be willing to share that works. That would be nice. Maybe I just need a book how to install mods for dummies.


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About MO: the biggest advantage of MO imho is that it tells you what overwrites what and has an usually usefull function to change the install order in case of problems. So if you install your mods via NMM, there is actually not much reason to use MO... if you want to use it, don't use NMM.

These red warnings at the creature part tell you something about (most probably) missing masters, since they don't have much requirements, that might be a problem for sexlab either.


And you have to configure FNIS in MO, just the same way you did with SKSE, and run it there. It will create an overwrite folder at the bottom of the left side, with right click->create mod you can save this folder. Some mods like Defeat or Scent of Sex have options to save configuration, these files and any presets from racemenu will be stored in the overwrite folder as well.

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