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Marie Real Bunnysuit?


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Could anyone give momiji´s bunnysuit to marie rose?

I tried with the abc transforming tool.

but clearly I´m doing something wrong, the game crashes or the costume slot just does not appears in the game.


her bunny skirt is cute and all, but nothing beats the original bunnysuit.


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tried with that new tool,

first time it didn´t appear in-game.

now it´s playable but it´s all fucked up.

gonna keep trying.


I just open the program load the tmc and hit go right? or do I need to do anything else?


also is it normal that the costume you transformed dissapear for the original character?

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last question, do I need to add the new costume in a new dlc? or can I just put it inside one of the original dlc?

because I tried in original dlc and they don´t work,

it crashes or just appears distorted as fuck.

anyway seems like I will just keep that momiji costume and nothing else.

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Hum... Aside the head losing the "collision", I had no issues with this outfit (using Timmy's tool).

attachicon.gif2016-03-21 20-02-46.png


Can you provide more info?

Preferably with screenshots.


same issue for me. Bunny ears fall in the victory pose.


CANGT1 -> use lnkreshuffle to install theses files.




Which you guys are using, Timmy' or Riry's tool (with respective version)?

If Timmy, try to not change any option but "Replace Skin MtrCol". The Approximate Accessory Positions worked fine for me, though.


Btw, I'm using Archive_Tool.


*For some weird reason Lnk_Reshuffle stopped to work today. affs



Also, I would like to see the tmc's structure on Blender.

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