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Sexlab Animations not playing.

Black Jackal

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hey again, this is basically what i do, first i start a new game, i load the least mods one at a time to test, then just playthrough a bit until i feel comfortable, then ill enable them little by little to try to pinpoint when i will ctd at, i check the last loading script in the papyrus, im no pro at it, but i just use common sense i suppose, like in your papyrus i notice it said something along the lines of sex attacks are disabled at the bottom of you papyrus, so i'm assuming its something to do with that. i hope that helps you in the right direction as someone else maybe able to help you further there. best of luck. 

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Run Generate FNIS for Users and post the output if there are any warnings or errors.


If FNIS is normal go to SexLab MCM -> Rebuild & Clean, click on Clean System and follow the instructions.


thanks, that seemed to fix it. idk why i completely forgot to do that. sorry i wasted your time. No issues with FNIS btw.

Did you try Matchmaker? It seems that you were bound/in devices, does animations work if you aren't? If animations work there, it's not a problem of sexlab but the mod that should trigger them. Maybe just a wrong config.


part of the issue was that when one event triggered, i was stripped of all restraints and belts but no animations played still.

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