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Anyone play Frostfall as a nudist?


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It might be doable... in Falkreath, if you're lucky enough to string together a few sunny days and stay inside the moment the sun isn't out. 

But of course, it's Falkreath. Good luck being there for more than 5 minutes without rain. 


And don't expect any progress whatsoever. 

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It should be doable. You can use portable campfire from a mod "Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger". Throw it on the ground and activate it while sneaking. Boom, instant and unlimited source of heat. It won't help that much during a blizzard though.

If you don't have any mods that nerf skooma then chug a few bottles and you'll break the speed of sound. You'll be like a fucking thunderbolt. Fly through Skyrim and camp in nearby caves or forts if you're freezing.

Clothes? Pfft.

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I have a feral bosmer ( no clothes, just a bow, spear and a satchel) and it is quite tough to do. I do have Ff turned down to .1, but it still doesn't take much time to get cold in the western Forsworn land area. This was with Ff 2.6. 3 does have some endurance perks that may help a bit, but most require all 4 armor slots to be occupied.


Ooo, just had an idea. If I had the knowhow, one could take some jewelry or like the "leather bindings" and convert them to "clothing". Wrist and ankle bindings could be gauntlets and boots. Some kind of necklace could be body, a circlet could be a helm, though some armor mods already have like leather circles so this is already done.


Anyway, just an idea if you are ok using the CK.

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I tried it once with FF set to .3 (which is what I normally use as 1.0 is CRAZY). Note that most nudism mods don't count shoes or gloves against you, so I would wear fur shoes and fur gauntlets. Between those and going inside for the night, it was quite doable. Note that Windhelm or Winterhold will require frequent stops to warm up even in the day. Also, if you have too much trouble traveling, use Touring Carriages as it adds more carts and more places carts go. Take a cart and then run for a heat source! Another hint - Nords have a certain amount of cold resistance; playing as one will be easier than other races.



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