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Wet Rock Cave (Smexy Bandit Project) WIP

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Wet Rock Cave

Smexy Bandit Project


This mod project will be a stand alone location, everything needed for it will be included.  However, its really intended to be an add on location for those using Paradise Halls and especially the Extension mod.


LINK Paradise Halls Extension thread and files


As some of you already know I'm involved in completely rebuilding the Felglow Slaver camp for PAHE, but since the new camp is taking longer than I expected I've been working on another little project and I'm far enough along to be comfortable giving out some info about it and open up for suggestions.


Ever wish there were prettier bandits and such to enslave?  Ever wish you could find a cave full of beautiful bandit babes that are prime targets for some shiny collars?  Well, me too.   So I decided to do something about it.  I call it the Smexy Bandit project.


For now I've created a single new location, Wet Rock Cave.  Inside is a small bandit camp consisting of four female leveled bandits that respawn over time, have loot, are hostile, and a few other goodies.  And they're just waiting for you to try to come enslave them; just remember, they're slippery when wet. :cool:


So far the cave location is completed and linked to the world (had fun doing that the spot I picked for the entrance just happened to be at the junction of four wilderness cells all of which I had to edit and partially remesh, then update in TES to get it all working properly).  The cave is a simple one room cave with a lot of water, a couple of silver nodes, some loot chests (which respawn) and a side room where the four bandits have made their camp.  I will admit, I cheated a bit and used the Brood Cave as a base and them modified it, adding a new side chamber for the bandit camp, but hey, the location ain't the important part of this mod so... :P  I did however spend a fair amount of time reworking it so that the new stuff blends in seamlessly and looks good.  As for the Smexy Bandits...


The plan is to have them all be leveled encounters that respawn, but rather than the typical bandits you encounter these are

  • always female
  • use nicer hair and body types
  • have customized faces
  • hopefully look really good
  • intially 10 body/face types which will be used for 5 different class types each (so 50 possible bandit types total), which will be used for just four randomly spawned bandits.

So why so many body types and class combo's if you only see 4?  Well because you only see 4 each time, but each time the cave resets and you raid it there will be four different bandits so over time you can collect a variety of new smexy slaves.


I'm also working to include some smexy new armor for them to wear based on some of the armor sets others have done (I'm not up to creating original new armors just yet).  Just to make them extra smexy.  The armor won't replace anything, but you can keep it in your inventory, give it back to them to wear or give it to another follower or just sell it; whatever you wish.


So far I've gotten started on the first body type, a breton female redhead (see attached screen shot).  My plans for this current project are to do 2 Breton body types, 2 Nord, 2 Imperial, 2 Redguard, 1 Wood Elf and 1 High elf... for a total of 10 body types.  These will then be used as the basis for a leveled 1H Tank, 2H beserker, missile, destruction mage and conjurer mage combat types for a total of 50 different possible leveled bandits.   Creating all 10 body types will take a bit of work and time but I think the results will be worth it.


So what kind of suggestions am I open to?


First off, suggestions on appearance.  Hair colors and styles, facial features, etc.  So far as body types I'm working on having just one because its not practical for me to have multiple body types (I initially wanted to do that but it turned out to be just waaaaaaaay too much work invovled to make the armors and everything else work right, so you're getting a custom body shape I made in BodySlide and that's gonna be it).  For the time being I'm not doing Khajiit or Argonians, mainly because I'm still learning to work with those.  Also, don't ask me for hermaphrodites either.   Partly because I have no interest in that, but mostly because I have no idea how to make them and no time to learn right now.  Skin tats is an option, though I'd planned to keep them clean and let you add tats with SlaveTats as you wish; but I'm open to suggestions.


Second, right now I'm looking at using a sexy hide armor I found (need to look up who made it and give them credit), and also a few others I've found (Savage Armor, Draugr Marauder Armor, and a few others).  However, if you've got a favorite armor you think would look good on some Smexy Bandits, let me know and I'll see if i can include it.  One of the things I'm hoping to do is randomize their armor so not only will you get a nice random mix of leveled bandits and appearances, but the armor will be a mash up as well.


Third, how tough do you want me to make these Smexy Bandits?  The default bandits in world are level 1, 5, 9, 14, 19 & 25... so even at their toughest they're max level 25.  Is that good or do you guys want me to make them tougher?  And if so, how tough?


And just so you can see where I'm going with this here's a screen shot of the very first Smexy Bandit.  She's a breton, basic UNP body (still working on the final body I intend to use and converting the armors to it and everything) with very red hair (the hair is one of the Apachii hair models).  She's wearing the Sexy Hide Armor by FuriousReason which I've modified to be a stand alone armor available as an outfit option for Smexy Bandits.


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Do they all have to be named "Bandit" or can they get randomly assigned names somehow? 

Appearance is good.  I think a selection of standard type tats is good.  Warpaints and such.  Apachii is ok for hairs, but there are some other nice hair mods out there, like KS Hairdos too.  Lots of others.  Also I am personally ok with no Khajiits and Argonians.  Wouldn't mind Orcs tho.  Hard to find good Orc slave women.  :D

Armors, generally hide/leathers/Furs would be about normal for bandits.  Bandit leaders usually use the heavier stuff, so I think you are on the right track.

As for toughness I think that should be fine.  I wouldn't mind a little tougher, but that's just me.


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Regarding names,  if you are using PAHE (Paradise Halls Extenstion) to enslave them (and that's really why I started creating this mod), then when you enslave them it automatically assigns them a appropriate lore friendly name based on their race.  Pretty cool feature actually.  The names are random but it includes a feature to rename the slave as you wish.  For example in testing the first time I enslaved the redhead it named her Belladora.  But until she was enslaved she was just Bandit.  So no, I don't plan on giving them names, but I do very much suggest you use PAHE with this mod, as it is intended to be an add-on location for that mod.  You don't have to though, PAHE won't be a requirement, the only file requirements will be Skyrim.esm and Update.esm.  Everything else used in the mod will be included with it.


I'm open to using any sort of hair mod for which permission is available.  I've not tried out the KS styles yet but I have them downloaded.  So if there's something specific you'd like to see, post a link or something and I'll see what I can do.


Orcs I want to add later on, maybe in the next location in what I intend to be an ongoing project.  You're right, its hard to find a good looking orc babe.   I've tried making a "smexy orc" and well.... that's gonna be a challenge! :lol: (You don't want to see my first attempt, lets just say she was NOT smexy :dodgy: )  But I'm working on it.  I don't want to do like some have done and make elves and orcs that almost look like regular humans, I want to keep that racial distinctiveness.  


So far as toughness, like you I wouldn't mind seeing it upped a bit.  Maybe go up to level 40 as max level for mobs and level 50 as max for bosses, but I'm entirely open to suggestions.  I just don't want to make them too tough.  This mod is supposed to be for fun, not to frustrate anyone.  On the other hand, higher level slaves are worth more if you sell the, and fight better for you if you train them for combat... so...  :-/


In the future I'd like to do at least 4-6 different distinct appearance types for each race, possibly a few more for Nords, Bretons, and Imperials (maybe 10 each for those) since they're more common.  I've also got notes for the next location I want to do, which will be much larger and with a lot more bandits present but that's going to take awhile and right now I want to work on laying the foundations for it in this mod.

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PAHE?  really?  I don't think I have that then. Must find it.  I usually don't keep my slaves, I just sell them.

I've tried Jaxon's Renamer, but usually the NPCs become uninteractable.  Even with EFF's "Nickname" option.  Dunno why.

I hadn't even looked at PAHE.  I have to find that then.  

I looked at Real Names once before, but never tried it out.


Or is that Paradise Halls SLExtension you are referring to?  Because I have that.  It doesn't rename.  At least I haven't had it to.  Is there an option I missed?  Running 1g hotfix.

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Here's a handy link


PAHE forum thread


From what I understand that's a known bug with Jaxon's Renamer.  Its part of why Blabla created his own built into the mod.  To be honest I rarely rename my slaves with his mod though because the random name lists are pretty cool as they are.


PAHE adds a lot of new features with more on the way, its a fairly extensive rework of Paradise Halls.  Among other things you can now have up to 50 slaves instead of the old limit of 15.   There are new training options with more being added.  As I mentioned, I'm also working on a complete rebuild of the Fellglow Camp interior that is larger, easier to navigate and will have a number of new features but I've had to stop work on that for now until Blabla and Clifton get back from vacation.

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Here's a handy link


PAHE forum thread


From what I understand that's a known bug with Jaxon's Renamer.  Its part of why Blabla created his own built into the mod.  To be honest I rarely rename my slaves with his mod though because the random name lists are pretty cool as they are.


PAHE adds a lot of new features with more on the way, its a fairly extensive rework of Paradise Halls.  Among other things you can now have up to 50 slaves instead of the old limit of 15.   There are new training options with more being added.  As I mentioned, I'm also working on a complete rebuild of the Fellglow Camp interior that is larger, easier to navigate and will have a number of new features but I've had to stop work on that for now until Blabla and Clifton get back from vacation.


Yeah.  Running the extension.  But not getting any renaming of slaves.  :/


Odd.  OK.  Gonna try going up to the newer versions.  *shrug*


Installing 1h RC 0.5 now.  Will see what happens.  Never knew that was a feature.  I never saw anything about it.  Oh well.  Sorting load order and heading back in now.




That was it.  1g doesn't have that option.  :D  All better now.

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It may only be in the H version, its a bit confusing right now as its all still very alpha but what they have runs stable for me.  I only recently got involved (cause I only recently found the thread myself :dodgy: ) but up until the Holidays, there was pretty rapid development it seemed like.


IIRC, this is the current version and the only one you actually need to install.


paradise_halls sl extension repack release h_rc0.5.7z


Once Blabla and Clifton get back they can better answer your questions, they're the ones who have done all the development on that.  I'm just a location builder really.

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Yeah.  That's the one I installed.  Just FYI, tho, any slaves you had before, the names don't apply.  Have to go find new slaves for it to apply I think.  Which is fine.  I don't mind.

Hah.  Yep.  I alt tabbed out to post that, and went back in, just to see a witch jump me as I was headed into the slaver camp.  I enslaved her and it autorenamed her.

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Awesome, enjoy.  I'm about to go test the Smexy Hide Armor conversion on the new body, and if all goes well, I'll have my first bandit body template done and my first armor conversion done... rolling right along!


Oh an on the front page of that thread there's also a link to an update to the slaver camp I did.  Nothing major I just moved the entrance to make it easier to get in and out.  Installing it won't affect your saved games.  The update is not to be confused with the Rebuild which I haven't released yet.



Got the conversion of the Sexy Hide Armor done and I think it turned out pretty well.  Still need to do some more armors.  Also have 2 Bretons and 1 Nord done,  Screenshots below and a a bonus one of the camp area.  Hoping to get the rest of the base bodies/faces done by tomorrow and then move on to setting up some more armors for them.  Once that's done I can focus on building the encounter lists.




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I like the idea very much, and look forward to seeing what you can achieve!


Can I add something for your consideration?


I'm not certain, but PAH's enslaving NPCs from some mods which respawned characters did seem to pose some problems, in that they might vanish on:


1 - moving them over cell boundaries, or


2 - 'keeping' them past the respawn, or should that here be 'use by'? ;) , date


Not certain of the mechanics, but it would be good if you can be certain that either PAHE now stops those things happening, or that your's don't emulate those quirks


Hope that's of help

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So far as I know and in my own testing of PAHE (the extension) it does indeed solve the problem you mention with random leveled encounters disappearing.  In my current save game I've got a basement full of captured bandits, one vampire assassin (random spawn), one high level wood elf bounty hunter (another random spawn), and a former vigilant of stendarr (who was hunting a vampire and got her ass kicked, I killed the vampire and then enslaved the vigilant cause.... apparently I'm an asshole.  :lol: ).  I've had them all for weeks and none of them have disappeared or anything.  So to Blabla and Clifton's credit they seem to have sorted that out.


The one bug I do know of is that now some bandits (and hunters, vampires and other random leveled spawns) show up naked.  But I'm not sure whether to call that a bug or a feature!  :D


Interestingly, so far that bug has not seemed to affect my Smexy Bandits, but its way too early in testing to say for sure.


One other update.  After giving some thought to where I want to go with this project in the future I've decided to split the Smexy Bandits into their own mod file.  The reason is pretty simple.  First, it will make it easy for me to maintain that as a growing database of smexy bandit encounters.  I can update just that file and any location using them automatically gets updated as well, so I don't have to go back and re-edit and re-release each location.   I do want to do several more locations using Smexy Bandits.  I'm thinking the next project might be a small bandit camp with a mine, maybe something kind of similar to Halted Stream.  Eventually I want to do a large location... sort of Ye Ole Hidden Valley of Amazon Babes kind of deal, but that's way down the road.  There's another reason to make Smexy Bandits its own esp / esm file, it could then be a resource others could use for their own projects and I think I'd enjoy seeing what others might come up with.  Besides, who wouldn't enjoy seeing more Smexy Bandits in the world?


Also, so far as the file requirements for using Smexy Bandits / Wet Rock; the body type I'm using for the bandits has all the breast, butt and belly nodes so you'll need the a recent version of Groove's skeleton.  I'm guessing most probably already have that so won't be much of an issue.  An yeah, that means you can (if you have the mods for it installed) knock up your enslaved smexy bandits, milk em, etc.   Hey, its all in good fun, right.

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LOL, well that's a thought and one that hadn't occurred to me.  I did change the default name from Bandit to Outlaw just to differentiate them from the typical bandits; not that you can't tell the difference at a glance anyway.  Hmm, so sort of make them their own bandit tribe aye?  I'll give that some thought, it's certainly and idea.


Kind of fits with the "ultimate" location I eventually want to do, which is basically a tribe of women living in isolation.  Probably trying to get away from horny men who want to enslave them and such.  Not that that'll likely work out well for them in the end but, hey, can't blame em for trying.  Yup, might have to come up with some sort of fun tribal/faction name or something.


Meanwhile, as of this morning the bandits I had done have been moved to their own Smexy Bandits esp file along with their custom bodies and armor.  I've got a few more things to tweak, like skin textures, eye brow textures, and such but that shouldn't take long.  I've also added a 2nd Nord and two Imperial base templates (the base template has all their appearance built in, such as facial data, hair style, etc then I'll build my encounter types off that by adjusting the level, combat style, perks, loot tables, etc.).  Should be able to get the 2 Redguard, the High Elf and the Wood Elf done today as well.


I started converting a 2nd armor from one of Keo's sets but I buggered it up some how and will have to start over.  But I'm hoping to add 4-5 custom armor sets from his kit; mainly some fur armor, maybe a skimpy iron armor and a skimpy steel armor.  Once I get those converted and set up I can start setting up the outfit lists.  I want the outfit selection to be random so that that changes a bit for variety.  Pretty sure I can do that by setting up a loot list and linking that into a custom outfit.


Lots to do but making steady progress.  This is my first mod so I'm learning a lot as I go but fortunately there are plenty of tutorials out there.


Meanwhile, if you're wondering where Wet Rock Cave is, here ya go...

(That's Swindler's Den just to the West btw)







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Few more screen shots, got all 10 of the initial base body types done.  They weren't entirely cooperative about their screen shots (couple of them just would NOT look at me for a screen shot) and I didn't spend a lot of time on the lighting (its just a quick test cell I set up) :dodgy:  But hopefully gives you an idea where things are going.  The wood elf has green hair but I think I got it a bit too dark, so might tweak that a bit.  Tried to keep the elves looking like elves and still pretty them up, I think they turned out okay but comments are welcome (eventually I intend to add 3-5 more high elf bodies and 3-5 more wood elf bodies so I'll keep notes of suggestions and work in what I can).


These are the only body types I intend to include for now.  Its a bit of work doing the faces, converting the armors and so forth and but I'm getting quicker with it the more I do it.  I may have enough time today to work some more on converting some more armor outfits.  That's my next priority and then after that I'll set up the leveled encounters and that should have it pretty close to being ready for an alpha release.  I hope... :cool:


Will admit, I'm having fun working on this.  Some of this stuff is the first time I've tried it in Skyrim and its been interesting learning and seeing things come together.









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LOL, noted.


Hoping to get back to work on the project tomorrow, been a feeling a bit under the weather.  I've got to go back and re-edit the body types a bit, did a few things wrong but once I fix it they should look even better.  Also got several tutorials on using Bodyslide and Outfit Studio open, got a lot to learn there about converting outfits over.  But on the upside I'm hoping to include the reference files (once I figure out how to properly create them) so that if someone wants to give the bandits a different body type they can use Bodyslide to adjust the armors to match.  May seem like a lot to do for this mod, but I'm doing it also as practice to teach myself how to do these things.


So far as naming the bandits, here's what I'm thinking I could do.  For each location I think it should be possible to add a custom marker that alters the "name" to something like "Wet Slot Gang" or "One Tusk Horker Riders" or whatever.  The custom marker would just point back to the "Smexy Bandit" marker that would normally be used so it wouldn't be a major change.  At least I think that will work, haven't had time to try it yet.

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I wanted to post a sort of update on the project; where its currently at and where I'm thinking of going with it.


Right now the project is temporarily on hold.  If you've been reading over in the PAHE thread you already know I'm very focused right now on getting the rebuild of the Fellglow Slaver Camp to the point I can make an alpha release.  Once I get that to that point it'll give me more free time to focus on Smexy Bandits


As of right now I've been going through how the leveled bandit encounters in Skyrim work and how it "builds" them.  I've actually got a flow chart sitting on my desk right now that I've put together that follows from the basic bandit template to the final leveled marker that actually gets put on the map.  I think I understand it pretty well which has been an important step towards actually building usable, leveled Smexy Bandits.


For now I want focus just on bandits and making a core resource file.  Once that's done it will be easy to drop the leveled markers into the Wet Rock Cave, which btw, is already finished except for having those leveled encounter markers.  Getting that much done and released will be the next step.


So what about after that?


I'd like to continue building the Smexy Bandits encounter tables so that there's a broad variety of them.  As I do that and release an update of the core resource esm, anything using the leveled markers will automatically be updated.  That means you'll see more variety in Wet Rock without it needing to be changed or updated.  It also means if you use the core esm in your own project and those will be updated without actually changing anything in your project files.


I'd also like to release a patch file that updates the regular bandit camps to include Smexy Bandits.  There are a couple of different ways I think I could do that and I'm still pondering what the best approach would be.   Part of the complication is I need to make sure I've looked at every type of bandit marker there is and how they all work so that I connect everything correctly.  But once I get the process sorted out further updates should be a breeze.


As for the Smexy Bandits themselves, there are some things I intend to do with them and some things I absolutely won't do:

  • I want to make the Smexy Bandits more challenging, but not overpowered.
  • I intend to make use of the leveled encounters, meaning some Smexy Bandits will be tougher than others, and bosses toughest of all.  That means they'll cover a range of levels, some will be easy to beat and some will be tough.
  • They'll be level capped, so at some point they just won't get any tougher.  They're bandits after all, they shouldn't ever be powerful enough to take over Skyrim.
  • If there is any one type of Smexy Bandits I might make really tough, it will be the boss types.
  • Other than being sexy and sexy armors, I want to keep the bandits lore friendly.  That means racial types will look like what they're supposed to be (just sexier, still figuring out how you make an orc sexy LOL  But hey its a fun challenge)
  • That also means their weapons, combat perks, and magic will remain lore friendly.
  • Any new spells, enchantments, potions, etc. they have, will also become available to the player in some form.  Again, other than being sexy, they're still just bandits and anything they can do the Dragonborn should be able to do.
  • Make them a resource others can use for their own projects.

I'll also at some probably put together a PDF included with the release that explains how Smexy Bandits works and what it does as part of a resource for other modders that might want to use it in their own projects.


Some things I won't do...

  • Smexy Bandits will never be super powered, I'm not interested in seeing if I can build bandits that can kill the Dragonborn.  The simple answer is I could but what would be the point.  I could make them daedra bandits but it'd be stupid and silly and it would pretty much trash game balance (which is already fragile in Skyrim) and make playing the main story line almost impossible.  Again, what would be the point.  If you want stupidly powerful sexy bandits there are already other mods that do that.
  • I won't make them naked by default.  They're bandits darn it, they need what little armor they get to wear!   :lol:   Doesn't mean I won't make some locations where they get naked and go skinny dipping or something, but they'll get dressed again for combat.
  • I won't individually name them.  Smexy Bandits is intended to be an add on for PAHE, which has its own renaming feature.  If you're just fighting them then names don't really matter (do you really need to know if that was Jill or Jaleen you just slaughtered?), if you capture and collar them, PAHE will automatically give them an individual name.  What I can do is alter the spawn markers in unique locations (like Wet Rock) so that it gives them a "clan/tribe" name.  So you could have the Wet Slot Gang or the One Tusk Rider Clan or something, but that would be a group name and once you collar them that disappears and they become Sally or Jane or whatever PAHE renames them.   I don't want to create any conflicts with what PAHE does.


So what about the future, well if I can make Smexy Bandits then I can probably make Smexy Guards, Smexy Thalmor, Smexy Warlocks, Smexy Vampires and whatever else I'm forgetting (you guys will remind me, right?  thought so! :P )   But a lot of the above will still apply, no super powered anything, keep it lore friendly and for the most part anything they can do you can at least learn to do (course in the case of vampires you might have to be a vampire yourself to gain those new powers but so it goes).   Those would be added to the core resource esm, and then patches to update just the guards or just the warlocks or whatever would be added.  If I can figure out how, I might do one update file that has MCM control options so you can just check off which things in the game you want updated to include Smexy versions.   But, all that is gonna be a long road of development.  Getting the bandits done is the first important step because that will be the template for everything else, once I have them done, expanding and adding other types will be much easier.


But for now its mostly on hold while I work on Fellglow Slaver Camp.   Soon as I have an alpha release of that I intend to switch my attention back to Smexy Bandits.  Meanwhile, if you have questions, comments or suggestions feel free to post I'll be watching the thread and am happy to discuss. 

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Short Update:


Now that I've got an alpha release of Fellglow Slaver Camp Rebuilt out, I'm hoping to find time to work on this project some more this week.  I've got some other things biting into my free time (gotta pay those bills after all), but hopefully will have time to work a bit more. 

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this looks like its going to be a good mod.


armors   hmmm  could probably just use your versions of sexy stuff or if using standard there are quite a few conversions of regular stuff already

(lots of skimpy replacers are already out there), but a thought is the Latex Corset from Nexus (think its by Nakrulz on nexus) not sure if that's the look you want


and for those who want them harder they can check nexus for Immersive wenches series (deadly/hateful/forgotten) which can increase the difficulty of female

humaniod types in the game.


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The bandits I'm creating have their own body type and when I say "convert" the armors that includes custom fitting them to that body type so that everything looks the way it should.  However, I know some will probably prefer to use their own body shapes, so I'm setting the bandits up so they're all keyed to one mesh file and texture set to make it fairly easy for someone to swap the body out for a different one if they wish.  Any armor conversions I do, I'll probably include the slider presets so that they could be more easily refitted to another body type if someone wants as well, and without having to do the extra work I'm doing.


Originally, I had intended to include the hair models with this so that nothing external would be needed.  Just install Smexy Bandits and go, plug n play.  However, after sitting down and doing the math that's not going to be practical and so I'm going to have to rely on an external hair mod.   Most likely KS Hair Renewal since that offers the most variety.


Initially for a first release I'm only planning to do about 4 nords, 2 bretons, 2 imperials, 2 wood elves, 2 high elves, and 2 dark elves.  That not a lot, but by the time I actually get this mod finished those numbers will probably balloon to around 60 nord archtypes, 40-50 bretons, 50 imperials, 30-40 wood elves, 40 high elves, 40 dark elves and 20 orcs; or about 300 archtypes which will be used to generate hundreds of different bandits, warlocks, thalmor, guards, etc.  And that doesn't include vampires if I add those at a later date (which I'm considering).  With that many archtypes I'd pretty much just have to include the whole KS hair pack and I won't do that, it would be pointless and impractical and it would bloat the file size too much.  Its going to take awhile to reach that point, because making each one of those archtypes takes between 30 min to 1hr working in CK and Racemenu.  Then once I make them I have to plug them into my bandit tables and create the basic encounter types used in the leveled encounters (another 15-30 min work each) so I'm looking at maybe 600 hrs of work ahead of me to fully realize this mod (or about 8 months working 20 hrs a week).


But first, some humbler beginnings and a single location.  I'll do update releases that expand the content as I go cause obviously this mod is going to take quite an investment of time to complete.

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I've been working on several things for Smexy Bandits in my spare time which I've had little of lately.  One has been learning to tweak the combat AI and spells so that NPCs will use heal spells more intelligently and effectively.  I've been experimenting with a custom follower I made for myself and she's doing quite well.  So I'm happy to say that among other things Smexy Bandits will be able to use heal spells fairly well.


I'm still practicing at getting the facial sculpts the way I want and I still have an eye reflection problem to solve.  It keeps popping up despite several fixes that were supposed to resolve the problem.


Meanwhile, at the suggestion of a friend I've started working on an interim project, Prettier Bandits.   Prettier Bandits will be standard bandits with Apachii hair and that's about it.  I'll clean up the face dirt a bit, but for the most part I'm leaving their appearance as it already was, just a bit cleaner and nicer hair.  I've already got a full set of bandits done and tested.  I still have the warlock encounter tables to do, thalmor, forsworn, stormcloaks, guards, roadside thieves, and hostile travellers I'd like to do as well.  I'm hoping to have this finished up and out in a few weeks.  Its pretty basic but it gives those using PAH some nicer looking bandits and so forth to drag off to the slave market and will work as a temporary "upgrade" until I can get Smexy Bandits done.

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Prettier Bandits WIP


The first build is complete and now in testing.  The good news is it updates most if not all female bandits, warlocks, witches, the roadside thief, hostile adventurers (those random people who attack your for no reason and are always a bit higher level, also known as hostile travelers... well the females got a make over) and Thalmor.   It doesn't change anything other than their appearance however.


The bad news, the mod compressed is 409Mb in size.  All those facegeom data sets eat up a lot of disk space and there are over 300 NPC that have been edited.  It will require you to have Apachii Hair and Apachii Hair for Females installed as well.  I'm currently looking for options to host the file as I'm not really keen on splitting it into 5 archives so I can upload it here.  It'll have to be free hosting since I'm not willing to pay for space.  Suggestions on that welcome.


Meanwhile I'm continuing to work on developing Smexy Bandits.  I've run into a snag developing the template system the way I wanted due to a limitation in the way CK will let me place multiple leveled lists in a single hierarchy.  What I need to be able to do is create a base template, plug a LOT of those into a leveled list, then plug that into a series of templates that end in a set of 6 leveled templates that get plugged into another leveled list which gets plugged into the leveled map encounter marker.  But for reasons I don't understand Bethesda placed a restriction in CK that doesn't allow this.  So I've got to find an alternate method of doing what I need to do to make Smexy Bandits work the way it needs to and not end up being 10Gbs in size.


Anyway, soon as this first build of Prettier Bandits has had a bit of testing and final tweaking, and I can find a place to host the file, I'll post an Beta file for you guys to play with. 

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