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Sexy Vanilla Female Armor UUNP & CBBE Bodyslide HDT

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Yep here it is , as you can see it's a CBBE & UUNP Conversion For Sexy Vanilla Female Armor ,


sort of a work in progress it's still incomplete all the Armors Are Converted (i think !!) but not the Gloves & Boots


they aren't done yet , The Original Mod is Required for sure ;




Requirements :
Seriously !!


Installations :
Really ??!!!


Credit this Guy =========> Crosscrusade go ahead and give him some Kudos

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    Sexy Vanilla Female Armor - Obviously
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as someone new to UUNP is there a good resource for installing and getting the bodies and HDT working. I can get HDT on regular bodies but not the armour


I know I am dumb. please forgive me.


 check this mod http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2476-all-in-one-uunp-hdt-animated-pussy/ ithave everything that you are searching for : 


Does this include clothes and Jarl outfits and stuff?


The original Mod change only the Vanilla armor , so nop no jarl outfit  :unsure:

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Thanks for your work on this conversion, its really good!


But I have a small bug report: The elven heavy armor, WTF Sexy Elven CBBE, looks broken(?) when opening the nif, it compiles th armor and works in game, but It can't be edited it with nif scope. I'd don't really know how to work with these files so I cant help provide a fix for it. : /

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If you don;t mind me asking then can you plz also upload the replaceable armors (non bodyslide) for cbbe the ones (body and armors preset) in the images on nexus?



and if its too much to ask then plz give the bodyslide preset files you made for the images.


I will be very grateful

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Cant get this working. I've downloaded the "Sexy Vanilla Female Armor" both standalone and replacer, and i have tried with both your standalone and replacer and for some reason it wont work either way. 

Im still a noob when it comes to armors, and the installation guide isnt really any help at all.. So if a kind soul could tell me how to do it propperly, i would be very grateful.

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