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[DOA5LR] Harry Palmer's Tools and Tips

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[uPDATE] Skeleton Patcher was Removed.

[uPDATE] Reset Object Rotation was Removed.

[uPDATE] Replace Skin MtrCol is updated.

[uPDATE] TMC-OBJ Converter is updated.

[uPDATE] TMC-OBJ Converter bug fixed. (ID system change was not working.)


▼ Download Link


Password : doa5lr




I made some modding tools for various usage.


[ TMC-OBJ Converter ]

With this tool, you can convert TMC files into OBJ files.

After you move or re-scale objects in OBJ file with 3D programs, you can re-inject x,y,z data into TMC file.

But with this tool, you cannot delete or add vertices. Just simple vertex editing will be allowed.


There's recommended OBJ import & export settings inside with image.

Beware of [Keep Vertex Order] setting if you are using Blender for editing.



[ Pose Fix]

This is a tool for fixing model as a custom maid pose.

Here're tutorials for that.




[ Replace Skin MtrCol ]

You can easily change Skin MtrCol settings with this tool (for girl characters only.)

With textures I released before, you can change skin settings more perfectly in a simple click.


FEMALE CHARACTER TEXTURE SET - https://mega.nz/#F!C08QiTTa!uzYUg-QMXfPRVBDgw7b56g

About Textures - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/53532-doa5lr-harry-palmers-tools-and-tips/?p=1346141

Help - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/53532-doa5lr-harry-palmers-tools-and-tips/?p=1346047



[ TMC MetaData Viewer ]

This will show you Hex address information for manual editing.

This can help you If you  are doing some advanced editing by your own hands.


[ Vertex Data Matcher ]

This tool can transfer massive vertex data for editing detailed parts.

You need to get vertex ID to indicate each vertices.

To get vertex ID, you need to use [TMC-OBJ Converter] to get OBJ files. (Noesis OBJ exporter will not work with this)

You can get vertex ID from OBJ file using max & python scripts inside.


This tool is usually used for refining Weight and Vertex Normals in roughly connected meshes.





Drag and Drop is available for all tools.


Simple tutorials are included inside.

More detailed example usages can be uploaded afterward.


Neck Connecting Tutorial



SKeleton Patcher Tutorial








Special thanks to

mariokart64n, b0ny, lilstormcloud, Protocolx27, suke


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Thank you Harry.   Modders such as yourself that fully understand both front and back ends are rare gems.   Very few modders can claim that they know what's going on behind the scenes.


Your tools along with indispensable resources from folks at Xentax have been such great inspiration for me to write my own suite of tools.     To me, the fun in modding is understanding the "to the metal" part, and that's what has kept me going.   Thanks again for all your help!

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Welcome back to the 'Lab Harry. Just because I couldn't make mods if my life depended on it doesn't mean I'm not grateful to you for sharing the stuff that the more talented folk here can use to make pretty stuff for us all. Thanks. You're a hero!

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This tool can't do that. Skeleton are virtual bones of 3D object that can be animated. Each body type has different skeletons and this tool fix that, to get natural animation.


To perfect neck seam you need the correct mesh and then fix material with [ Replace Skin MtrCol ]


I'm not an expert and english not my language. Someone can explain you better.

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Neck Connecting Tutorial


Basically, swapping body is recommended between characters which share same skeleton shape.

Some characters have taller bones, and some characters have smaller ones and some character has unique bone size.


[small] : Kasumi, Ayane, Phase4

[Medium] :  Kokoro, Hitomi, Momiji, Mila, Pai, Nyotengu(has bones in wings), Leifang(bones are same but has different vertices on the neck)

[Large] : Tina, Lisa, Rachel, Helena

[Tall] : Christie, Sarah

[unique] : Marie Rose

[unique'] : Honoka


You can change bone size with [Skeleton Patcher.exe] tool, but you'll need additional process for better fit

,and some stuffs may not work perfectly as you want. (clothing, hair physics and collisions)

So swapping costume will be easy between same skeletal types.



There can be several ways to do this, but I'm going to explain based on my tools here.

Let's start.





I'm going to give this Leifang's dress to Hitomi.






With a simple swap, and without any modification, it looks like this.

It's kind of unusable yet.

Two characters have same bones, but Leifang has thicker and shorter neck.

Vertices need to be handled.






I'm going to edit vertices through OBJ file.

With [TMC-OBJ converter], I created OBJ file of Leifang's Dress, and Hitomi's jean costume for reference.






It looks like this in 3DS MAX.

If you are using blender, never forget [Keep Vertex Order] option when you import and export. It's very important.






After stacking them in a position, I matched Leifang's neck to Hitomi's neck "roughly" but "enoughly".








After injecting OBJ file back to TMC, it'll look like this in game.

Of course it's not enough yet.






With the [Vertex Data Matcher.exe] you can match those vertices with reference model exactly.

You can get vertex ID with scripts I packed with it.


You can input reference vertex ID on Group B, but in this case, you can scan all vertices with 'scan all' option.

Your computer will work more, but it's easy to use.


Vertex Normal is a direction of vertex.

Even if you matched vertex x,y,z exactly, something could look different if you didn't matched Vertex Normal. Something like direction of reflection)

(In this case, you don't need to copy 'Weight'. You can't and all character's share same Weight around the neck.)






After that, it will look like this.

it's pretty close.

Now I need to handle texture and material.








I replaced skin texture with my Hitomi's Naked texture. You may lose some shadows on the body in this case.

Original texture had shadows on body texture. (Forget about it if you don't care for that.)

Anyway, you need to choose a texture having same color around the neck what ever it is.


And I replaced skin MtrCol data with [MtrCol Replacer.exe]. (This supports girls only.)


And it's done.






Now the neck is connected flawlessly and we got another perfect costume for Hitomi.






※ If you are using several tools at a time, be careful about the order.

When you are using tool, stuffs will be processed based on the time when you opened the file.

So if you use tools here and there without care, some process can be lost and reset by another tool.

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About Textures



Original body textures are not made for nude modes, even if you can get one of those with clean body texture without any shadow paintings over, they can have some unfinished parts usually on where the meshed are covered with clothings.


So I recommend you to use textures I made for naked models I handled.

I repainted some detailed parts where they didn't finished it enough.


Previous version I uploaded on GVZ still had some unfinished parts also, so I hope you use

texture I uploaded here and it will be good to use all dirt and sweat and normal maps together for better quality.

Especially the normal map.(V4)

And if you use it with [MtrCol Replacer.exe], it will give you perfect color matching with the face.


My name on it is not important.

I wrote it to distinguish the textures from another for myself.

You can erase or replace or write something together with it as you want.

It's made by team ninja anyway.


If you want to paint something on the body or want another nipple color,

I think it'll provide you good quality if you start with the PSD format I uploaded. (not with the old one extracted dds from old ones)

There's enough layers in it, you can turn something on or off depends on your need.



In short, it's about quality I intended.

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Hello Harry and thank you for this tutorial. I would like to know how do you edit Rachel's body to look like Kasumi's ? I'm a bit lost for that part. And also i have an error message when i resize an obj in blender and want to export it back in TMC with Obj-converter tool.


Another question: Is there a way to transfer not only bones structure but also animation from a TMC to another ? I'm trying to make Honoka Secret Agent costume but i can't have the shiny effect on her tmc. So i would like to transfert her body struture and animation on nyotengu. I need the animation for the glove, actually.


Thank you ^^

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Resizing is totally depends on your skills at 3D software you use whatever it is.

Try another one if blender doesn't accept it.


And TMC doesn't include animations. There are no known ways to do it.




Well, I think I know what you mean about glove and animation. and it's not possible until now.

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@Harry :i want to report some problem ,thanks :

1. i want to report that RAIDOU_FACE.TMC and  JACKY_FACE.TMC has an unhandle exception problem when converting to OBJ ,"Index was outside the bounds of the array." ,even when i have used reset object rotation for it


2. reset object rotation has a problem with KASUMI_DLCU_002,
after using it, the hat flying above her head about an metre
this only happens in game, in noesis it looks normal


3.may i ask for choosing the object i want to rotate (instead of rotate all) when using this tool ?
(i tried with KASUMI_DLCU_002 reset object rotation says 6 object rotated,while tmcpolygon tool says only 4 object)



4. is it possible to make TMC obj converter support "edge rotation" (flip edge of 2 triangles) ?

like this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11613737/flip-edge-of-two-triangles



i rotate the edge in the obj file (by using Mesh => Faces => Rotate Edges in blender) but after converting into the tmc file, that edge still remains direction (not rotated)


for more clearly ,i add some example about "flip triangle ege"



Here 's several examples :

i think this is the easiest to see,i mean "flip edge" like this (the direction of yellow edge change) ,


another examples :


another one


Thanks alot :)

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