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  1. hi my friend hula dancers autolink pack 1 download how to download this game

  2. @Everyone: I'm sorry I have not been releasing weekly as planned. I've been dealing with some physical pain and that has been slowing me down, I will be going into surgery soon to fix it, it is a very common issue and nothing life-threatening, so nobody worry. I will be back to making Mods within a Month of this post, 2 Months if my healing is slow, but when I do get back expect 2 releases a week for a while to make up for it! Again I'm sorry I didn't keep up on it, see you all soon.
  3. Never, make a joke about quitting Modding, life will always bite you in the ass for it, SORRY everyone! To be fair I have been busy making a final release of my Nude Remix Here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/57690-complete-nude-remix-45/ And a final release of my Hula Dancers found Here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/77050-hula-dancers-25/ AAANNNDDD of my new Bikini Collection on-going project Here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/77303-bikini-collection-first-release-helena/ So its not like I totally stopped on you guys! Anyways without any more waiting the next in the We
  4. TL;DR Version - I will be releasing Bikini packs once every Month or Two until all Ladies are done, I may make a final big pack of extra Bikinis I skipped at the end. Long Version - Permissions Info: You Can use these in your own Mods, if you use these Meshes, Textures, or Both in your Mods please link back to my Mod here or Credit me and anyone I do for what you used (I will list with each Mod if there is anyone else to Credit). You Can post these on other sites I am not a member of, however you must link back to my Mod here or Credit me and anyone I do for what you used (I will list wi
  5. Hey Gamjo, wanted to say I love all the work your doing, and glad to see you posting here as well, keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks! here's a couple more... -and- (I plan to do all the girls of DOA, but not the guest characters)
  7. Really Amazing Work! Thank You! Reminds me of huchi001's works in quality but clearly its your own style, keep it up!
  8. So, I've been working on a Parody of the Poster from Dead or Alive 5's Advertising, anyone remember this? Well, I made these as a response to it -And-
  9. Version 2.5


    Meshes by: Harry Palmer, timmyC, kayakff Textures by: galhound, KasumiLovesMods, kayakff Additional help: timmyC, KasumiLovesMods _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hula Dancers AutoLink A full pack of all Ladies with bush on Costume Slot 01 and Shaved on Costume Slot 02 ready for drag-and-drop into your AutoLink folder! Hula Dancers DLCs This is the mostly outdated DLC Method, as of the date of this posting (game version 1.09) its confirmed to work, however with every update the Dev's make that may change, it contains all Ladies
  10. If you have to wait every time for "the next" , I suggest to wait for real , they'll release one DLC on 17th of every month until June at least. ROTFL This is why I was waiting, I managed to get my hands on a replacement to the old 3DM Hack, Cream_api will work with all future versions and some older ones too! enjoy guys. @ Everyone: I have also made updates to some items in my hard to find or old Tools Downloads, including adding Lnk_Reshuffle since some are claiming they can't access the site it is on.
  11. Just a quick post to let everyone know I updated this Mod again, so check the List of Updates to see what is different. The last two versions work just fine but this marks the finishing touches on this Project, I will update it so it can be used with later versions of the game as best I can, but other than fixing it when the Dev's game updates breaks it? its done, I am moving on to other Mods.
  12. I hear that, its far past due... But after the first round of stickies and finally giving us a sub-forum, the Staff here pretty much abandoned us so not that surprising. I think we should campaign for Timmy's Topic to get pinned, but that is just me.
  13. Actually, where you see "just jumping and rolling around" I see a complex set of commands that require anyone playing her to THINK ahead of the opponent, which I'm guessing is why you hate her so. Now if you want to talk about broken/cheap Characters, look in spoiler: Glad to see you again! and yes I'm back in a big way, I'm doing all base-game outfits plus a few old and new Packs, we'll see where I go from there. Anyways back to Topic everyone!... _______________________________________________________________________________________ In case you missed the SPOILER on
  14. You all want to know what sucks? I'll tell you... Working for hours, days, WEEKS even to get a Mod working only to have people come along and suggest it is a bad edit, or I didn't include enough, or I wasn't even really trying with it, only to repeat that process again with the next Mod. So y'know what? I'm done, I'm gone, seeya!... but before I go, have one last DL, my favorite of all Ayane's Costumes, whats different about it? NOTHING. why upload it then? BECAUSE I CAN. Preview, not in spoiler because I can't be bothered to. DL Here: Ayane's Butterfly With Nothing Changed At All.rar
  15. How did I miss this Topic until now?! Great work alixandrd, love these... upvoted and following Topic!
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