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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nybk-mpruVzXLNT5esEgKJKehOIMBoVj/view?usp=sharing 

    I put that modded costume on honoka and I have a problem with the bikini and pants, they are full of creases, how do I fit that costume in the picture on honoka's body (to put it on honoka I used your tool character transformation)? let me know

  2. i am new to this  community . i just wanted to say wow great work thanks . the breakable mods are great . i  love the option of shave version for Marie.

  3. Oh, I think I see what is happening now. If you are going through tmcmesh (Mr. Dotouku's tool set), then the vertex ordering and number might already be altered upon export. I will have to use my obj converter tool to export tmc as obj, make your edits and reimport the OBJ while checking "keep vertex order" or something like that in Blender.
  4. Hey, I saw your post on @SaafRats my Saafie's deviant art page. Sorry for the late response as I have not been active in this forum. The easiest and surest way to make sure vertex ordering and number are kept is to start by modifying one of the reference models. Make sure you do not add or delete any vertices and when exporting you also make sure to keep vertex ordering - in Blender there is an option to allow this.
  5. Wow, lots of progress has been made it seems, and it looks like my Saafie's angry dick is still raging on. @SaafRats Good work as always.
  6. Ah, I remember this one. I think I updated it at some point to make it "breakable" so her shirt gets rolled up and shorts rolled down a bit in combat. I will see what I can do
  7. Essentially to make your own reference, you have to make sure not to alter any of the vertex ordering and number. I think there is an option in Blender to keep the ordering in tact. I have never used it to modify OBJ file so I haven't a clue. Deleting and addition are no go for sure. I made Mai reference and her nude bodies in this manner. It's a painstaking process but hugely rewarding
  8. Oh wow long time Siframe! I remember your profound love for Genfu was one of my main drives to get creative with him.. JK LinkedIn invite!? Now I am hurt.. I've got no LinkedIn invite from my Saafie. Joking aside, it's good to see you all alive and well.
  9. LOL. It's been a long time Master of Perversion Good to see your angry dick is still alive and kicking! The curse is still powerful indeed!!
  10. KINKY OVERALLS OFFICIAL RELEASE Wow, it's been nearly a year since I posted anything. Time flies! I hope my Angry Dick buddies are all doing well. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to release this pack as it seems to be one of the more frequently requested sets. Please be warned that this pack represents very early work in my DOA5 modding career in early 2015 (!) and may contain rough edges. It also only includes a few characters, so please make use of my Character Transformer Tool to give it to other ladies if you so desire. I will release more
  11. In response to some people asking for mods that have not been published - I am actually thinking about bundling some of the unreleased mods and putting them all here on my mediafile share. Some of the more kinky stuff that I made a while ago is too wasteful to be kept private
  12. No problem! I had no idea that keep normal add-on could recalculate normal vectors as well. Now I see why you were having issues with the seams and had to resort to remove doubles to fix them since recalculated normals would mess up the seams and removing doubles (as you have already found out) is not a good solution. I hope the converter & post processing tool helped
  13. Have you tried running the transformed TMC through my Converter & Post Processing tool with "All Objects" selected and Smooth seam + recompute normal vectors? I think would most likely correct any weird shadow problems. Most of the time I just run the transformed model through my converter to make sure the normal vectors are correct since my Transformer tool actually "approximates" normal vectors for performance reasons which look right most of the time but can be screwy in some situations. I think in this case, the source TMC also exhibits the black spots. In any case, tha
  14. Keeping normal is a good stopgap solution, but if you change the mesh shape (like breast enlargement for example), the normal vectors should be re-calculated which is where my converter tool comes in. I wanted to drop by and say sorry for such slow response as I haven't had much time to browse the forums. I remember you asking if it would be okay to bundle my tools with your releases. I am totally fine with that as long as you note the tool's origin by providing a link to my topic here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/50997-doa5lr-timmys-private-stash-tips-tools-update121517-converter-v052
  15. Recompute normal vectors plus seam smoothing typically corrects most of shading issues that you see on models. I think some side effects of editing a model in Blender is that they lose accurate normal vectors. My converter tool allows you to put the correct normal vectors (that affects shadows and all sorts of things) back into the TMC. Check here and Harry's posing tool tutorial here for additional information. The lighting and shadow have subtle but powerful effect on a model and having correct values goes a long way to add realism.
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