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Facial Idles -- sexout + FAFF


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Sorry to ressurect old subject from this topic:



I was wondering if anyone found an easier way of adding facials to animations like was possible like oblivion ??


There was this topic too:



But i never got an answer when i asked like the time.


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nifskope + implement them inside every animation would be the best way to go.


For npcs, it would be possible to use different animgroups (which would allow you to sum a facial animation to the current special idle which is playing, and even switch them from time to time), but this can't work on the player due to the known limits.


There's a "glitch" that allows to trigger a facial animation before triggering a special idle, and then it will remain even if you play the special idle.


So... well, these are the only solutions so far.


EDIT: I've read your message in that topic.

It's different than oblivion, the textdatas to add facial animations don't work on FO. In FO you must add a NiVisController on nifskope, so it requires <some time>.

But if you want to take that path, you could decide to spend half hour instead than 10 minutes and I'll give you few clues to make it appear better.

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It is working, HOW? adding textdatas as in Oblivion, or using the tutorial that Labrat explains, with NiVisControllers?




so i can just recyle those

I didn't read this. Yeah I guess you added those NiVisControllers inside your animation file. Most animation mods around use that tecnique, from animated chems to Amra animations to my animations

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