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Crash at certain locations.


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When I try to exit the sewer, it crashes.When I go near shady sam, it crashes.

Thats all the info on ctd since I'm not that far into the game

I use obse, the load order is correct, no issues(LOOT). I also have bashed patch.


Screenshot of load orderpost-813125-0-52294600-1434866317_thumb.png


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LOOT and Oblivion ????? NO  :exclamation:

Oblivion use BOSS.

Your Load oder (LOOT Order) is a mess.

These Lovers Mods always last in your load oder



Crashes: you use [MONSTER-GIRL] coc ( Crashes)

And you use all 4 old MONSTER-GIRL Mods ( all included in [MONSTER-GIRL] coc   = Mod conflict  = crashes)


No Lovers Mods in the Bashed Patch :exclamation:


Sort your Mods.

Tips and BOSS Link, read my yellow Link below.

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How does using monster girl cause crash? Because the coc is missing a lot of stuff, like suddnely seeing a random enemy holding a I'm missing a mesh sign, with the missing mesh pointing to a file missing in coc

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Yes bad coding, too many missing meshes at once, bad meshes(unclean) can cause crashes.


And two Mods that do the same ( the 4 old Monstergirl Mods and the new coc ) can cause crashes. Especially if Emily/Triratna copy the old IDs in the new Mod. And the old and the new Monster Girl Mod place creatures at the same Locations and change the same cells.


So best do not use all Monster Girl Mods , but if you want to use coc delete/deactivate all 4 old Mods.


So first sort your Mods and test your game without all Monstergirl Mods. If all is fine you can activate coc and test if you can play without crashes.

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If you love it that much, learn cs and Nifskope. Fix the buggy meshes you like (mostly just go to the ninode at the top, and crop to branch, emiLy always used remove instead of removebranch) and set them up as clothes in the cs, putting them on NPCs to fuck with another sex mod.


Really, take you a day at most to learn from absolutely nothing, and we can help.

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That depends if they actually contain any of the missing meshes or not they might be missing the same ones and would still require you to search for the mods that the texture and meshes came from. Me I just have COC in my game folder the .esp isn't active as I just took all meshes that I wanted and added them to a chest that made along with a .esp so when I want something from COC I just go to my chest and get it.


Many times cell crashing is caused by the monsters either from conflicting with existing creatures or ones from other mods if they are all altering the same cell. Some might be because they are missing meshes/textures.

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Back when I was reviewing Monster Girl - CoC, some of the missing meshes and or textures were actually from the older separate MODs. That and wrong file paths.


One way to potentially ease the pain of fixing all that is broke is to download TES4Files. The intended purpose is for compiling all resources into one project folder, based on the ESP(s) you select so you publish it as a MOD for others to use. It can also be used as a troubleshooting tool too.


Select the separate ESPs, I suggest one at a time, run it and it generates a nice report on both issues found (missing) and the expected file paths. Then do the same for the Monster Girl - CoC ESP and compare it to the separate ones. This would be considerably faster than going into CS/E and in-game to locate issues.


Other issues that I found were embedded skeletons in armor/clothing NIFs, which can conflict with your specific animation sets; the skeleton is not compatible with the animations, or visa versa. As a proponent of Oblivion optimization, I find this unacceptable and remove it when and where found. You can use a combination of NifSkope to remove the embedded skeleton (Spells | Optimize | Remove Bogus Nodes) and gerra6's tools to add the correct bone nodes.


The only time this embedded skeleton can work is when the correct set of animations is applied to that character type (i.e. a Lich), but it often limits them to working well with those animations and no others. Any Lovers based animations will more than likely have issues (odd in-game behaviors) with that character type, clothing or armor since it has that embedded skeleton, based on an older version and less compatible skeleton.


Based on memory, it looked like Emily/Triratna was doing that (NIF w/embedded skeleton matched to select animation sets) but it was incomplete and not 100% done correctly. Much like myuhinny I just make use of the resources from some of Emily's/Triratna's MODs and ditched the ESPs entirely.

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