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I need some help picking out dicks


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If you are planning on using the LAPF then you just install Roberts male body and pick your body size and the dicks come with it.  Roberts male body and the LAPF are based on a dick similar to slof's.  You can also use Lovers Lab's very own Setbody and also get cocks with it.

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You forgot to specify if you wanted them for men or women(?). If you also want them for more questionable genders you might use one of these:







Set-body also has several options too.

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I'm the wrong person to explain it....I never figured out how it works...and I don't use it.

But you must not know how it works if you use SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition. ( hope that's right )


I use SetBody 2ch-Edition_TSpec

http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39966/?  ! If you use Lovers/LAPF  delete the SetBody Skeleton files before install.


But if you only wants a male Body for Player and all NPCs ( to replace the male Body in meshes\characters\_male ) you can download SetBody_Reloaded_Blockhead_Edition_1_45_Data.7z ( contains most male Body Versions ) and copy (and rename) the Body you like and paste it in meshes\characters\_male

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You need to put some effort to make full use of blockhead, but as fejeena stated, basically you don't need to know anything about it when using setbody.


By the way, when you have no idea of what does a certain mod do, I'd recommend googling it first. Google will get you either here or Nexus anyway.

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