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Any Ancient Falmer Armor Thinner version for Males?


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Okay, so i was playing Dawnguard, finished the story for a 156th time, and i have to say, even though the Light Armor of Ancient Falmer is very good and sick, it's very displeasing with that big fatty tummy structure. So, i searched a little on the google, found this for the females, seemed surpisingly good, but there's nothing for males! I mean, yeah, females are different and women must have more care, but when we talk about Skyrim, the 89% of the mods are especially for females, males have only around 11% and 8% of them aren't good, and this is unfair.

TL;DR : Anyone knows where i can get a better thinner version of the Ancient Falmer Armor for Males? -NOT the retexture and done, please. It's still a fatty version. - 

^Don't take offense from the word fatty, no puns intended. 

^Don't hate the post, be good and let's keep it clean.

^We are all good people here, no need to be assholes. - we bang, ok?

Here is the link with the mod i've found. 


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It is perfectly fair with the old saying being that turnabout is fair play. The base game favors male characters heavily(to the point where at least 20% of the armor and clothing in the game either lacks a unique female mesh or they use a single mesh for an entire type of clothing where males have multiple subtle variants of them) so the modding community flipped that imbalance right around.

Bethesda Softworks,the developer who created the base game,is at fault here if anyone is, not the unpaid modders that adjusted the game to better match their preferences.


As far as a slimmer version of the male Ancient Falmer armor goes,the super skimpy version found in the Schlongs of Skyrim Dawnguard Male Armors set is about as good as it gets(you can't get slimmer than nearly non-existent,now can you?).

If you're not into all of the Heroic Nudity, then you need to add in the Exposed Armors-Armored Bikini set(these actually count as torso armor,so they might require some rejiggering in Creation Kit to occupy a different slot so they can be used simultaneously as the skimpy Ivory Armor),the SOS- Protective Undies or the SOS-Jock Straps.

There are no chainmail undershirt equivalents to bras out there,so you might have to just put up with the perpetually improperly shielded torsos.


Well,that,or install that mod that you link to in the original post,go into the Creation Kit then assign the female mesh from that mod to male characters.

It is fairly gender neutral,after all. You can even do so with the Less Sexy/More Practical Female Armors set(which also renders all female armor gender neutral) on the Nexus.

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